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How to Build a Happy Life

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Life throws so many things at us and sometimes it is challenging to pick and choose what is important and what is not. Building a happy life you can look back on and be proud of will be a long, worthwhile journey. What really matters to you?

If are here and read this I know that you are a highly motivated individual looking to go out and conquer your personal world. You are not like other people.

I would sit here and put money on the fact that most of you reading are on your way to being a dominant forth of nature. Building a life worth standing on is no easy feat and there have always been four components that continuously play a massive role in each one of our lives. We refer to them as The Four Pillars.

These four foundational pillars to life play out as the “rulers” of our lives. The Four Pillars continue to guide us each day whether you are aware of them or not. When you take on something new you must ask yourself: is this aligned with my principles?

“Do I even have principles?”

“Where does this fit in the story of my life?”


the four pillar - health, wealth, love, happiness

Health – Physical and mental well-being

Wealth – Financial achievements and security (Digital Whale Club)

Love – Companionship with others or loved ones

Happiness – Personal happiness in everyday life

Four Foundation Pillars To Build a Life Worth Living

If you take care of these four things your life is headed in the right direction 100% of the time. Congratulations, you’re on your way to winning at this game called life!

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Pursue a Meaningful Life

Every person lives their own life. Sometimes he finds it more enjoyable to serve others than others when he enjoys pursuing his interests. Most of us find happiness as a mix of things. Your happiness depends upon what’s relevant to you. If you want to be happiest you need a life that has meaning and a life worth living.

Finding meaning is probably the number one thing that you could do as an individual. Personally, we found it through sports and lifting (or it at least gave us the clarity to discover it). When you find this feeling you will know and feel happier knowing that you put the work in to get to this point. Its is not easy to discover, and that is why so many people go off searching for it.

Spending time with yourself and developing a sense of self-awareness will lead you to being a happy person. True happiness comes when you are satisfied in the present moment and not passing judgment on yourself for where you are at. You have goals and dreams just like everyone else, patience is required on your end to see everything through to the end.

Living a Healthier Life

We believe that everything related to happiness starts with taking care of your health. When you are eating a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, and leaping out your comfort zone consistently you will have a hard time not being happy and feeling like your life is meaningful.

It starts with us. The person in the mirror is the only one that can control this. It take practice to build up the self-confidence to believe in yourself and not beat yourself up with negative self-talk but if one person can do it, so can you.

Living a healthier life starts with building good habits that promote this lifestyle. Building habits that are catered around physical and mental health create a space for you your to flourish in the environment that you are actively creating. Your personal well-being is something to take seriously because no one will care about it but you.

Interact With Positive People

Positive social relationships help you enjoy life. Having a positive circle of people helps to increase the sense of positive feelings and overall well-being.

We love spending time at our jiu-jitsu gym because we feel a deep sense of community within the four walls that we train in. We are able to create those meaningful relationships that everyone longs for with people who are into the same things we are. In many ways, finding the BJJ community has made us a much happier person who takes their physical health, mental health, and overall life satisfaction very seriously.

Choosing a Happy Community

This goes into the point that we just spoke about.

We cannot stress this enough, find your people!!! Digital communities pop up left and right every day helping people connect with all kinds of things that they are interested in and guess what? If you can’t find a community that likes what you like, you can just build it!

Pursue Your Interests

You need to be trying new things out and really put yourself out there to find the happiness that you are looking for. It will not just walk up into your life and you will not just magically “manifest” this in your life. The truth here is that you have to work for it. When things come easy, everyone has it, and guess what? Not everyone is a happy person.

Happiness in most cases is a fleeting feeling. It comes and goes like the wind. What you are really looking for is purpose and meaning, those two things are much more concrete than happiness. You can have a purpose in your life and not be the happiest in pursuit of it but chances are if you find this already difficult thing to find (purpose and meaning) you will lean towards the happier side of the spectrum than unhappy.

Spend time learning new things and being a student of life. It will have a significant impact on your life. the only reason we were able to find this sense of purpose or feeling is that we tried ad failed so many times along the way. Was it fun all the time? No, absolutely not. Was it worth it? YES!

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Take time to reflect

We could probably do a better job at this ourselves in all honesty. We recently started going to therapy to help with this concept and we are slowly learning the importance reflection has on our overall happiness. We were always scared that this action was going to make us complacent and not push us to new heights but we were wrong.

Building your self-esteem and personal confidence is a result of reflecting back on the things that we have done right. Spend time thinking back on that moment. If you do not have them, it is time to start moving in a direction to create them.

The decisions you make today will lead you down a path and to a specific destination, good or bad. the choice is yours. What direction would you like to head in?

Happy Life

This a blog about the sport of jiu-jitsu so assuming you are here as a hobbyist or a full-time athlete, your health is very important to you. We take time out of our days to go and beat up our teammates and learn new things about ourselves, but how are you doing in the other areas that clearly play a pivotal role in living a fulfilling life?

Not many people in this world will care about you or the things you care about, it’s human nature. We are all naturally selfish, which is okay. Our goal here will always be to have you leave our site a better human than when you came. Take some time to assess the other aspects of your life that matter.

Take Full Responsibility

Are you a younger person struggling with relationships with other people? Maybe you want a girlfriend or boyfriend. You are probably already fit or working on getting there, now let’s try to start learning about how to effectively communicate with the opposite gender.

Are you someone who is not the most responsible with money or maybe want to find avenues to make more of it? Then it is time to start learning about investing or finding new ways to bring in more dough.

Maybe you want to lose or gain a little more weight. Start taking that diet you’ve been putting off more seriously.

We don’t know what you aspire to do but we are here to keep you sharp and ready to take on those aspects of your life. No one is going to force you to start taking these things seriously, literally no one. It is an odd phenomenon in the world to shame people that “take life too serious”… you only get one shot at this, so you might as well pursue living a happy life.

You deserve to live a life that is everything you’ve ever imagined but we must take personal responsibility to most those needles forward. No one is going to do it for you. Create the happy life you know you desire to have.