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What is the Graveyard Scale?

The Graveyard Scale is Grapplers Graveyard measurement of products that we review. The scale is a 1 to 10-point scale. In each review, we will highlight the things we look at and compare things like price, style, and feel.

We look at a handful of metrics and because each product is so different listing off all criteria would be a large list.

We buy and test each product and talk about the things we notice, how it feels when we train in the gear, the longevity of products, and whether they are good purchases for people.

Grapplers Graveyard will never be bought to say good things about any company. We give honest reviews.

Sports and athletics have been our lifeblood since childhood. We (and most of our staff) train combat sports on a regular basis.

Please get in contact with our founder at the email grappler @ grapplersgraveyard dot com.

Please note that we always have the right to deny review requests and sending us products (or money) does not equate to a positive review. 

Grapplers Graveyard Methodology

To accurately and objectively rate and review products, gear, and exercise tools, we identify and categorize each product into similar rating systems. For example, Gi’s and sandbags have different scoring systems since both types products are very different.

After purchasing the product we are looking to review, we rate ethis product on a scale of 1 – 10. We have several metrics that we look at to come to a final score, some examples would be look, feel, sturdiness, and product specs.

Typically we test a product for about a week before writing and filming a proper review.

We value accuracy, transparency, and objectivity, which is why we developed our Grapplers Graveyard Score system. With this scoring system, we are helping you make informed, educated decisions while venturing into the wellness space.

The Graveyard Promise

We’re committed to helping you get smart about your purchases. Some articles feature products from partners who compensate us, but opinions are always our own.

What we Look For

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Here are the metrics we use to rate this kind of gear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Mobility/Sturdiness/Feel, Looks, Does it Shrink, Weight, Breathability

Rash Guards

Here are the metrics we use to rate this kind of gear

Rash Guards

Looks, Feel/Quality, Breathability

Grappling/Combat Shorts

Here are the metrics we use to rate this kind of gear

Grappling/Combat Shorts

Mobility and Looks

Boxing/MMA Gloves

Quality/Feel, Protection, Hand Coverage, Weight

Boxing/MMA Gloves

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Here are the metrics we use to rate this kind of gear


Protection and Quality/Material

Training/Recovery Equipment/Supplements

Here are the metrics we use to rate this kind of gear

Training/Recovery Equipment

Specs, Usability, Price Comparisons

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