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Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats For Gyms & Home Garage

best jiu jitsu mats

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Looking for ways to transform your home space to find ways to get more mat time? We have you covered! In this article, we will go over the best jiu-jitsu mats you can consider purchasing for your garage, extra room, or basement. Let’s look further into the buying guide for BJJ mats!

(Short on Time) Best BJJ Mats

Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats

There are many great options for mats on the market for home gym use and also commercial gym use. Some of the best jiu-jitsu mats are made by brands like Zebra Athletics, Fuji, StedyX, and also Pro Fight.

zebra athletics, home mats, best jiu jitsu mats

Zebra Athletics

Based in the USA, Zebra Athletics is one of the most reputed brands for its high-quality mats and other MMA equipment.

Zebra Home/Garage Mats

For only a few hundred dollars you can get a 10×10 foot roll-out mat from Zebra Home, it is lightweight, portable, and great for safely practicing BJJ at home. However, it is not as thick as commercial mats so it might be that safe for heavy takedowns and slams.

Zebra Gym Mats

Gym mats by Zebra made specifically for commercial use come in 1.5 and 2 inches thick which is perfect for training of all intensities. These mats are very high quality and are safe for heavy takedowns and slams from higher heights. They are also easy to clean because of the material used. You can buy home mats directly from Zebra Athletics website but if you plan on building out an entire gym it is probably best to request a quote on the facility!

Zebra MMA Cages

Zebra makes the highest quality cages in the market by a long shot; their no-bolt design allows for easy assembling and quick disassembling. The cages are made from high-quality steel and have the best padding installed inside. These aspects make them the safest and strongest cages available on the market.

Important note

The main thing here is that when shopping with Zebra Athletics you need to know a couple of things.

  1. The importance of thickness for mats
  2. Which martial art are you (or others) going to training most often
  3. Whether you are going to go with puzzle mats or smooth mats

Home Roll Out Mats

1" Mats

1.5" Mats

2" Mats

The home roll-out mats by Zebra are super easy to install. If you are going for something easy, that won’t break the bank, and is high quality, this option is probably best for you. They are 1.5″ in thickness meaning they are ideal for grappling. 

1 inch mats offer a stable, reliable option, and are ideal for standing martial arts like Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and MMA.

Ideal for a wide variety of combat sports and martial arts disciplines—including Brazilian jiu jitsu, Taekwondo, and MMA. 1.5-inch training mats offer the perfect combination of stability and cushioning, making them ideal for any martial arts discipline.

2-Inch Zebra Mats are the pinnacle of protection. Zebra 2-Inch Mats are ideal for a wide variety of combat sports and martial arts disciplines—including Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and MMA. They are the preferred flooring for professional MMA and combat sports training centers, Jiu-Jitsu academies, and Law Enforcement training centers

Latest Pricing
Request a quote today from Zebra Athletics

fuji mats, best jiu jitsu mats, home mats

Fuji Mats

Fuji is another top contender in the USA mats market that produces some of the best equipment for all types of martial arts. Fuji offers the following types of mats:

Tatami Home Roll Outs

Who are these for: The tatami mats are what you will see in most dojos today. They are the most safe, durable, and professional mat on the market. 

Main Differences: These mats come in various thicknesses. The thinnest ones are best for stand-up martial arts, medium thickness for BJJ & grappling, and the thickest for high caliber athletes.

Smooth Series Mats

Who are these for: These mats are ideal for BJJ, MMA, Wrestling, and no-gi grappling. They are made with a high-quality non-slip surface which helps reduce mat burns and makes cleaning the mats easy. Best for gym owners or people who plan on rolling often at home.

Main Differences: They come in two sets of thickness. The thicker the pads the more professional the mats are.

Roll Outs Mats

Who are these for: These mats are for people who require a quick and easy way to set-up and break down. They are an affordable solution for your home, dojo, or tournament.

Main Differences: They will take 12-20 weeks to ship out depending on which model you get. There is a super awesome ADCC Roll Out mat available at their store that ships in as little as three weeks!

Features (Tatami)

  • #1 Rated Mat Worldwide for Martial Arts Training
  • Safe, Shock Absorbent, and Longest Lasting Product Available (Best ROI)
  • Industry Best, 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Tatami texture provides non-slip traction for pivots, throws, and takedowns

Features (Smooth Series)

  • #1 Rated Mat Worldwide for Martial Arts Training
  • Safe, Shock Absorbent, and Longest Lasting Product Available (Best ROI)
  • Industry Best, 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • FUJI’s non-slip, Smooth Series eliminates Mat Burn & is Easy-to-Clean

Features (Roll Out)

  • Used By Professional Grapplers Worldwide
  • Perfect for At Home or Small Space Training
  • Smooth Surface
  • Easily Rolls To Store
  • Perfect for NOGI Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Yoga & More!
Fuji Mats
Find the best All-Around BJJ Mats at Fuji! Use code 'GRAVEYARD' at checkout for a 5% checkout!

Fuji Home/Garage Mats

Fuji home roll-out mats are a great choice for those just beginning their journey, the mats are of great quality and have many reviews in their praise. However, the home roll-out mats are not suitable for intense wrestling as they are not that thick. Most of the mats that could fill up the space in your garage can be bought directly through Fuji’s website. If you plan on buying just a couple of mats buying directly from them will be an affordable route to go down.

Fuji’s mats come in at a price of $135 and come in various colors to choose from! It is also good to note that anything here can be financed out.

Fuji Gym Mats

The fuji smooth mats are ideal for all MMA use, they are made of anti-slip high-quality materials that ensure long-term durability. Even the likes of Joe Rogan use Fuji equipment in his home gym, declaring it a great choice for commercial gyms. Speak with an expert today and request a quote!

Fuji Cages & Panels

Fuji makes high-quality professional-level cages and panels that have great reviews. These are made with the best steel and padding materials the market has to offer making them a great choice for your gym needs.

Important note

We really want to make this clear. If you plan on starting a gym, Fuji Mats and Zebra Mats are the two best options that you will have on the market. 

They are high quality and create a layer of professionalism that other mats don’t. We have trained in gyms with puzzle mats, smooth mats, hard/stiff mats, zebra mats, and fuji mats at this point.

The two options listed above blow everything else out the water.

Now, with that being said, if you plan on creating a space at home we believe that puzzle mats may be a better option if you plan on 1) not rolling that much (because they get gross) 2) if you are looking to save a buck.

We won’t act like Fuji or Zebra are cheap mats to purchase but we also won’t act like the other options are viable to replace them. Our personal point of view for things that involve health or the customization of our home, we would rather spend a little more for better quality.




StedyX is also a brand that produces high-quality MMA equipment, it is based in the Czech Republic and has a notable following from its great reviews.

StedyX Wall Pads

Wall pads are a great way of protecting yourself during training, especially if you do not have a large area to train in. The ones made by StedyX provide great padding, are also washable, and come with a 2-year warranty.

StedyX MMA Cages

Cages are a great way of understanding the feeling of fighting in a professional match, StedyX makes top-notch quality MMA cages that keep the athlete protected inside with extensive padding and safety features.

You can find both excellent choices for jiu-jitsu mats and MMA cages direct at their site. If you are a gym owner weighing your options be sure to consider StedyX. They are one of the larger manufacturers who makes good quality products.

pro fight shop rings and cages

Pro Fight Shop

Pro Fight which is based in the USA is a well-known manufacturer of combat sports equipment. The equipment you can buy from here are heavy bags, boxing rings, MMA cages, and wall mats.

Pro Fight Wall Pads

These are great for those looking to practice their striking skills. These allow you to practice pad work without having a sparring partner. The wall pads are highly durable and are made to withstand some serious power.

Pro Fight MMA Cages

If there had to be one cage that any athlete or gym would choose, it would be by Pro fight shop. These are the Roll Royce of MMA cages and offer by far the most premium quality out there made for professionals.

Buying Guide

Buying Jiu-jitsu mats is not a very tedious task however there are a few things you should take into consideration before buying a durable mat which includes:

The thickness of the mat surface and the mats needed: The thickness of the mats you should buy depends on the type of combat sport you need for it. For striking sports like Karate and Muay Thai, 1-inch thick judo mats are preferred. As for martial arts that involve more groundwork, 2-inch thick mats are recommended.

Type of mats needed: There are many different types of mats available, each serving a different purpose. Some great mats are for more advanced training of a higher intensity and others are for more casual training.

Puzzle Mats vs. Smooth Mats

Different types of mats support different levels of intensity, dedication, convenience, and budget. The most common types of mats in gyms are puzzle mats and smooth mats both of which have their pros and cons.

Puzzle mats are rectangular mats with interlocking foam tiles used in traditional martial art gyms.

Pros for Puzzle Mats

  • Less expensive and easy installation
  • Highly customizable

  • Good for striking martial arts or more standing based practices
  • Good for home gyms

Cons For Puzzle Mats

  • Not highly durable, need to be replaced in a few years
  • Not hygiene friendly as germs can get in between crevices


dollamur, best jiu jitsu Mats

Smooth mats also known as roll-out mats are the most commonly used type of martial arts mats as they can cover both small and large areas in one piece.

Pros of Roll-Out Mats

  • Due to their materials, they are less expensive than standard rectangular flat mats.
  • The vinyl surface covering makes cleaning the mats easy
  • They can be rolled up and moved out of the way for other activities

Cons of Roll-Out Mats

  • Roll-out mats offer a firm surface with little give for cushioning takedowns
  • The size of the mats makes them difficult for one person to handle alone
  • Mats in a larger area must be taped together
  • The large vinyl surface is often slippery when sweated on

Mat Quality

MMA mats must be able to withstand demanding training sessions which have constant impacts from takedowns, strikes, and throws. You should look for mats made out of Eva foam with cross-linked cell structures. Only these tatami mats are durable enough to withstand these demanding training sessions.

An Important Note On Mat Hygiene

Keeping your mats clean is an essential part of increasing the longevity of your MMA career. It is very important that you join a gym that prioritizes hygiene and cleans its mat every day through vacuuming and also through chemical disinfectants.

Training on dirty mats can lead to significant problems like skin infections like athletes’ foot and also ringworm. These can hinder your progress as you must stop training for the safety of other athletes in the training space as these infections are easily contagious.

puzzle mats, best jiu jitsu mats

Building a Martial Arts/MMA Home Gym

Choosing the Right Space

Choosing the right space for building your home gym is an important factor in how efficient your training will be, you should look for the best place possible within your budget and time available. You can build your gym in the garage, basement, or any extra room you have all of which have their pros and cons.

Building in the Garage

The garage is one of the most popular options for making a gym and it has its pros and cons


  • Out-of-the-way space
  • Fewer disturbances to those inside the house
  • Well-ventilated (great for summer)
  • Appropriate size for a decent gym


  • Garages usually are not heated which makes winter training hard
  • Storage space is lost for cars and other idle items.


Building in The Basement

The basement is also a great option for a home gym and it has its pros and cons


  • Out-of-the-way space
  • Fewer disturbances to those inside the house
  • Appropriate size for a decent gym


  • Usually less ventilated, because of which breathing might become hard
  • Potential storage space lost
  • Expensive to finish and insulate
  • Some areas have flooding and water issue

Building in an Extra Room

Another good option is using an extra room for your home gym, this also has its pros and cons. 


  • Already finished
  • Ventilated with air conditioning
  • Good lighting if it has windows


  • The room might be too small
  • Might make a lot of noise especially if on the second floor
  • You might need the room for something else later on
  • The room could get stuffy after training in there for some time



Room Size and Dimensions

A room that could potentially be transformed into a home martial arts gym must be at least 10×10 feet. This is enough size for practicing grappling, wrestling, and other groundwork while still being able to train in other ways for strength and endurance.

Ask yourself a few questions:

How many people will be using the gym?

Usually in the case of a home gym, not more than a few people actually use it, including the occasional guest. Your home martial arts gym should be able to accommodate 2-4 people for decent efficiency.

Do you need mat space for sparring?

If you plan to train in a type of combat sport that requires groundwork like BJJ, then a mat space is a must need for training in your training space. However, the good thing is that when not in use, mat space does not take up unnecessary space like weights or bags.

Are you planning on doing bag training?

For most combat sports, bag training is very important, and therefore having a decent-sized and durable bag is a good addition to practice striking. Moreover, if you are willing to spend a little more you can get bags that can be moved aside to clear space for other training routines.

Will you be lifting?

Training for strength once or twice a week is a great way to boost your progress in martial arts off the mats. The beauty of strength training is that you do not need excessive amounts of equipment, some dumbbells, a barbell, and a bench will take you a long way.

Choosing the Right Mats

The type of mats you choose for your home gym is very important for your training. There are three main types of flooring which are roll-out mats, puzzle mats, and flat mats. The type that fits your situation best depends on your budget, the convenience you want, and the type of training you will be using them for.

Design Your Home Gym with the Right Training Equipment

Essentially you do not need much equipment to train in martial arts as far as grappling and groundwork are concerned. All you will need is a partner and a training space with martial arts mats.

As for increasing your strength, you will need weights like dumbells, barbells, a bench, and also a pull-up bar. For weight training that is more closely related to martial arts, you can get a weighted vest, medicine balls, and also kettlebells.

Proper Care and Installation

The only piece of equipment that takes time to install for martial arts are the mats and bags, both of which are not hard to do especially if you invest in puzzle mats which are easily assembled on the ground. If you choose to get roll-out mats you simply unroll them to your desired space.


What is the best solution to clean Jiu-Jitsu mats?

Having clean mats is detrimental to ensuring you do not catch any skin infections from your own training area or space. There are numerous ways of maintaining hygiene regarding Jiu-jitsu mats. These include:

Vacuuming your mats is one of the easiest ways of keeping your mats clean. It is as straightforward as it sounds, athletes leave a lot of dead skin cells, pieces of broken nails, hair, and whatnot right onto the pad. If not cleaned, these can become a serious hygiene hazard.

Gyms should aim to vacuum their whole training spaces after every group training session, however for busier gyms this is not as feasible, so they should try to vacuum at least once a day. A pro that vacuuming has over other ways of disinfecting using chemicals is that it completely removes the layer of grime from the mats, therefore, making it a great choice.

Another way of cleaning your mats is by using chemical disinfectant solutions. There are different ways of doing this which depend on your budget. You should use commercial-grade cleaners, however, you can mix your solutions.

There are some things one should note when using chemicals for cleaning like the concentration/strength of chemicals, if you use a chemical that is too strong, it can discolor the mats. Moreover, you should make sure that the cleaner used does not leave any residue of harsh chemicals on the mats that could be harmful to the skin.

How much do jiu-jitsu mats typically weigh?

Grappling mats are usually thicker mats as compared to other mats as the safety of the athlete is more ensured with thick foam tiles. These are made from dense materials, because of which they weigh slightly more than other mats.

On average one tile of 3.25×3.25 feet is 1.5 inches thick and weighs around 9 pounds. This specific type is great for grappling studios as they are made from quality materials making them durable for intense training.

How do I get better at BJJ off the mat?

BJJ being a grappling sport poses a lower risk of injury compared to other combat sports, however from intense training, there can still be immense strain put on muscles and joints which can cause injuries. Luckily there are many easy fixes you can make to easily optimize your training and minimize the risk of injuring yourself.

The first major way to get better at BJJ off the mats is by practicing yoga and stretching. Stretching and having a good warm-up routine has shown to have three major benefits. The first is that stretching after training can help with quicker recovery in between sessions. Secondly, through extensive flexibility training, you can get better at maneuvering around uncomfortable positions and get better at different advanced techniques.

Another way of improving your overall BJJ is by implementing a few strength workouts throughout the week. Although technique beats strength, if it comes to two equally matched athletes the stronger will usually win.

Sleep is also an important aspect of improving BJJ, having good quality sleep is essential for recovery. There are different ways one can improve the quality of sleep which include:


    • Avoid screens an hour before bed

    • Try and sleep early or before midnight

    • Try and wake up every day at the same time

    • Don’t drink caffeine after 1 P.M.

Does the thickness of the mat impact anything?

Getting the right thickness for martial arts mats is very important for any practice space. The reason for this is that different types of training require different quality mats. Training on hard surfaces could potentially lead to injuries in beginners.

It should be noted before buying mats that different sports require different thicknesses of martial arts mats as the wrong type could hinder the performance of the person, but the right type could better their performance.

The most commonly used bjj mats are 1-inch thick and 2 inches thick folding mats. One-inch thick mats are usually more beneficial for combat sports that involve more striking rather than grappling like Karate and Muay Thai. For striking sports, the 1-inch thick mats are ideal for most light falls and striking techniques as they are still quite firm.

For sports that involve a lot more groundwork like BJJ and other MMA, 2-inch thick mats are the way to go. They provide more cushion needed for higher, stronger falls and slams that ensure the safety of the athlete. One should also take into consideration the high density used of foam tiles depending on the intensity of training sessions. Find the best jiu jitsu mats here!

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