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inergize health review, cold plunge tubs are the future by grapplers graveyard

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Cold water therapy is a growing practice around the world. It almost seems like each day, more and more people are waking up to the benefits of taking a few minutes to dip into some cold water. Whether you are just taking cold showers or want to make cold water immersion a more serious daily habit, you need to do your research. At this point, we have reviewed some of the best cold plunge devices in the world and have been using our knowledge to pass it on to you, our audience. We want to keep you extremely informed about everything the topic has to offer since we have been doing this practice since high school (over 8 years). In this article, we have reviewed a newcomer in the market, welcome to our review on Inergize Health Cold Plunge tubs!

inergize health review, cold plunge tubs are the future by grapplers graveyard

Inergize Health Portable Ice Bath Review

Cold water immersion therapy is all the rave right now and Grapplers Graveyard has you covered in making a decision on which tub is going to be best for you! Other cold plunge tubs are falling behind the curve when compared to Inergize Health.

We have now looked at almost every cold plunge device on the market and to our surprise, Inergize is right up there with the best of the best!

We love the fact that they are the only portable cold plunge device that has a high-powered cooling system with a 3/4 HP machine! Some of the best models on the market do not even offer that and they do it while making their device only 25 lbs.

Let’s take a closer look at what Inergize can offer you if you decide to move forward with the device!

what are the pros and cons of inergize health, inergize health review


  • High-powered cooling system

  • Portable and easy to move around (if needed)

  • Water can cool down to 37°

  • No need to get ice

  • Controllable through your phone

  • Low maintenance

  • The cooling system is quiet


  • Having to refill the tub every time you take it down to move

  • Shorter than we would like to see with no option for a larger size

  • $5,000 is the starting point with no other options to choose from


  • Cools to 37F

  • Clean water 24/7 with filtration

  • 15-min inflatable setup

  • App controlled

  • Tub rolls into a duffle bag

  • Super comfortable

  • Deep 30″ Design

  • Indoor or outdoor use


  • Tub Outer Dimensions LWH: 48” x 27” x 30”

  • Tub Interior Dimensions LWH: 42” x 20.5” x 30”

  • Tub Weight: 25 lbs. empty and 600-700 lbs. full of water

  • Chiller Weight: 60 lbs

  • Noise Level: 50dB

  • Volume 60-70 gallons

Inergize health
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what are the benefits of cold plunging and ice baths in a cold plunge tub

Benefits of Ice Baths

We are going to just go ahead and list the benefits of getting cold exposure below. We have a large number of articles on our website already talking about this subject so if you are interested in reading more about the benefits you can check those out (source).

Benefits of an Ice Bath

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Boost recovery

  • Relieves muscle soreness

  • Mental resilience

  • Supports immunity

  • (more)

Best Cold Plunges Video Review

Inergize Cold Plunge Tub

Cold Plunge


Inergize VS PLUNGE

When looking at cold plunge devices you have to do your research on the one you are planning on purchasing. We have come to believe (after reviewing most tubs on the market) that the Plunge is the best overall option to go with. The design and features put it above the cheaper models but it still lacks in comparison to the more expensive and luxurious brands that are out there.

Let’s look at how the portable cold plunge device from Inergize Health compares to our favorite model on the market, The Plunge.

This is a no-brainer the Inergize tub is portable and much easier to move around. The portability for Inergize blows Plunge out of the water.

cold plunge tub vs the inergize health portable tub, inergize health review

Something surprising to us is that the standard model Cold Plunge has a lower horsepower chiller than the Inergize Model. Inergize is up there with some of the more luxurious models sitting at 3/4 HP.

While it is not a make-or-break feature for us, the ability o control the chiller with your phone is there for the Inergize tub versus the Cold Plunge. The two devices do sit right around the same price at the end of the day at about $5,000. Both can be financed which is a huge plus.

One thing that we do not like about Inergize is the fact that the tub itself is only 51″ in length. While it is super portable and weighs a fraction of what the Plunge tub weighs, we are still a bit on the taller side and want to have room while enjoying the experience. weighs

Who Is Inergize Health?

Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is more portable, more powerful, and 2 degrees colder than other cold plunges at higher price points. It combines the best features of all of these categories to make a cold plunge that’s portable, powerful, and affordable.

Inergize Cold Plunge Tub is a portable, ultra-comfortable, drop-stitch inflatable tub that has a modular design for easy installation and breakdown. It instills a game-changing habit for top performers to reset their bodies and mind using cold, clean water.

who is inergize health, cold water therapy

Inergize Health Ice Bath: Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Inergize Health Cold Plunge Tubs are the real deal, especially since it is more portable and has just as good a cooling system as some of the most expensive tubs on the market.

If you are more into the mobility aspect we believe that the Inergize cold plunge tub is a great option for you. Here at the Grapplers Graveyard, we have reviewed all of the top cold plunge devices on the market and continue to try and better our knowledge about cold water immersion.

The Most Powerful Chiller Keeps Water Cold

The 3/4HP chiller maintains cold temperatures in almost any environment as it cools the water from 65°F to 37°F in about 4-5 hours. Most tubs on the market will get you at most a 1/4 HP cooling system for a model that costs about $3,000. In the case of Plunge, you are getting a $5,000 device for the same horsepower.

Not with Inergize.

best portable cold plunge devices, inergize health

Best portable Cold Plunge Tub: Inergize Health Cold Tub

It is no question that the best portable cold plunge we have reviewed to date it going to be the one that Inergize Health is offering. Yes, they are more expensive than some of the other options but the cooling system mixed with its portability is something that is not being matched on the market at the moment.

Here is the list of the best portable Cold Plunge Devices in order:

  • Best Overall: Inergize Health Cold Plunge (Latest Pricing) Code ‘GRAPPLER’ for $150 off

  • Best Budget: Nurcover Cold Plunge (Latest Pricing) Code ‘grappler’ for 20% off

  • Best Bargain: Polar Monkeys Inflatable Tub (Latest Pricing)

  • Best For Small Spaces: Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit (Latest Pricing)

Conclusion on Inergize Ice Bath Tub

Our final thoughts on the cold plunge device offered by Inergize is positive, we like the device and what it has to offer to people. Something we would like to see (across the board) from companies is talking about the flow rate of their tubs. Flow rates are really important for reaping the most benefits of cold plunging since it helps break the thermal layer that is formed and makes the experience more intense.

If you are in the market for a more portable cold plunge device and are a normal-sized human (not over 6’2″) this device is a great buy!

grapplers graveyard favorite cold plunges, inergize health review

A few of our fave cold plunge tubs

Honestly, a new favorite of ours is the cold plunge device from Inergize Health. They not only compete with some of the biggest players in respect to their cooling device but they also made it portable for those that want to be a little more on the go with their practice. Here is our current list of favorite cold plunge devices:

  1. BlueCube (Review)

  2. Odin Plunge (Review)

  3. Plunge (Review)

  4. Inergize Cold Plunge (Latest Pricing) Code ‘GRAPPLER’ for $150 off

  5. Polar Monkeys (Review)

  6. Redwood Outdoors

  7. Ice Barrel (Review)

  8. Nurecover (Latest Pricing) 20% off using code ‘grappler’

Inergize Health Alternatives

Best Cold Plunge Devices
Grapplers Graveyard Best Cold Plunge Devices and exclusive discounts for the top companies!

How to Pick the Best Cold Plunge Tub for You

Finding the best cold plunge for you is a process, it takes time and research to find exactly what you are looking for. We have an article on 7 Things you should know before buying a tub (here) but we do believe that we should leave you with a list of questions to answer while you are on your journey.

quesyions to ask before buying a cold plunge

Questions of Answer:

  1. What is my budget?

  2. Will I be plunging indoors or outdoors?

  3. Am I more focused on getting the best benefits out of the new habit or just doing something that makes me uncomfortable?

  4. Realistically, how often will I use the device?

  5. What key features do I care most about?

  6. Is my cold plunge tub a high-flow rate tub or a low-flow rate tub?

Benefits of having a cold plunge tub

Well, the biggest benefit of having your own cold plunge tub is that you get to reap the benefits of getting cold water exposure right from home, that is like a no-brainer. You and your family (or friends) get to experience something that puts you (and them) outside their comfort zone.

Ultimately, this is a great thing for everyone, no matter their age.

If you are a gym owner or have aspirations of starting your own health salon, a cold plunge device can be a whole new revenue source for you. Many people want to cold plunge but do not have the means to buy something that will actually get the job done. If you finance one of these devices out you could easily cover your costs if you have a recurring customer base.


What is the Best Cold Plunge Tub Splurge: Blue Cube Ice Bath

By far the best cold plunge tub we have reviewed has been those from Blue Cube (review). It just so happens that this tub is also the most expensive one you could buy on the market next to Renu and Morozko.

The top-of-the-line cold plunge devices are the way they are for several reasons but the reason why Blue Cube sets itself apart is because of their variety, specs, high flow rate, and high powered device.

This is our order for the best splurge cold plunge tub:

  1. Blue Cube Ice Baths (Latest Pricing)

  2. Morozko Forge (Latest Pricing)

  3. Renu Therapy (Latest Pricing)

What is the Best Cold Plunge for Taller People?

The best cold plunge device for taller people has got to be the Cold Plunge XL (Plunge) or The Malibu 66 (Blue Cube). From all the cold plunges we have reviewed at this point, those two are the longest options for those that want to lie down and experience cold water exposure.

The Cold Plunge XL has a length of 73″ while the Malibu 66 has an option to go 72″. The issue with both of these tubs is that they are much more expensive than something you will get with Inergize Health, Redwood Outdoors, Polar Monkeys, or even Odin. The XL Plunge will be close to $6,000 and the Malibu will be $24,000.

For most people under 6’2″ we would recommend the Odin Plunge Original because it fits most people that size pretty comfortably (review) but if you are over 6’2″ the Odin XL would also be a great option. That would still cost you around $9,000.

What is the Best Portable Cold Plunge?

The idea of portable plunging has been growing on us lately. When you look at most of the tubs that we have reviewed most of them are very heavy devices even without water, having something that sits around 25 lbs just makes it easier to move the device around if you needed to. Here are the best Portable Cold Plunges on the Market Today:

  • Best Overall Portable Cold Plunge: Inergize Health Cold Plunge (Latest Pricing) Code ‘GRAPPLER’ for $150 off

  • Best Budget Portable Cold Plunge: Nurcover Cold Plunge (Latest Pricing) Code ‘grappler’ for 20% off

  • Best Bargain Portable Cold Plunge: Polar Monkeys Inflatable Tub (Latest Pricing)

  • Best Small Spaces Portable Cold Plunge: Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge Kit (Latest Pricing)

Best Portable Cold Plunge For Small Spaces

We wanted to take a second to dedicate a small paragraph to this cold plunge because we do think it is a bit underrated. Inergize Health is the best overall based on the ability that its color brings to the table, the weight, and its standard of quality but Redwood Outdoors Yukon Cold Plunge should not be overlooked.

The cooler on this device is just as powerful as Inergizes Cold Plunge sitting at 3/4 HP and cools down to 37° just like Inergize (and most other tubs at that). Since it is portable like most other plunges on this list, the installation is very easy and takes little to no time to accomplish.

The Yukon Standard model is 59″ in length while the Inergize Health Cold Plunge is only 51″ so if you are floating between the two when it comes to a decision and are a bit on the taller side (or just like a little more room) the Yukon might just be a better option for you.

This cold plunge tub will cost you $3,500 which is also cheaper than what Inergize is offering.

How do cold plunge tubs work?

Cold Plunges use electricity to cool down water and by submerging proven our bodies in this water we can reap health benefits that have been proven to come from cold exposure. Many people at this point question the legitimacy of cold plunging “science” but from someone that has done the practice hundreds of times, you do feel different after doing them.

Cold Plunging is a hard activity that forces your body to face something that is ultimately uncomfortable. When you overcome hard things and challenges in life you become a more mentally resilient person who is capable of reaching more. This is what we believe is the biggest benefit of cold plunging.

Most people do not do things in their daily life that push them in this type of way. It is a safe, “easy”, and effective way to get that type of mental training. We are a bit of a nut case and take it a step further by jumping on the jiu-jitsu mats!

Are ice baths good for you?

Yes, there is plenty of research that shows the benefits of getting cold exposure (source).

How Much Do Cold Plunges Cost?

Most cold plunges (that are worth the investment) will be anywhere between $1,200 – $15,000. Picking the right one is the hard part. Many things separate cold plunge tubs that start at $1,200 vs ones that start at $15,000. The best place to is figuring out the right questions to ask and figuring out what you are trying to accomplish by incorporating the practice!

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