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Best Wrestling Shoes in 2023

best wrestling shoes

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Welcome to our guide on finding the best wrestling shoes for this coming wrestling season. As the fall approaches, we want to help you find the best gear to rock during this season! Here are some of our top choices!

Short on Time?

Asics Agressor 5

best wrestling shoes


Adidas Tech Fall

best wrestling shoes

Asics Matflex 6

best wrestling shoes

Designed for All Performance Levels

This is why shoes are the most important part of a wrestler’s gear. A proper set of wrestling shoes can make a lot of difference on the mat. There are several important characteristics that need to be considered when you’re buying shoes for the mat. These include grip, durability, weight, support, stability, comfort, and style.

Whether you are in high school or wresting at your local jiu-jitsu academy, having the right pair of wrestling shoes needs to cater to your output. We all know that wrestling is a very intense sport, to begin with and having a good pair of shoes makes all the difference.

What should you look for when choosing wrestling shoes?

Finding the right wrestling shoes for yourself is essential to get the best performance on the wrestling mat. The right pair of these shoes will help you get traction, flexibility, and comfort. At the same time, they’re also a huge factor in preventing injuries during contests.

But then the question arises, how does one pick the ideal wrestling shoes for themselves? Well, there are several factors that you need to look for here. While there are no perfect wrestling shoes, you can get the ones most suited to you by knowing the following:

Top 7 Wrestling Shoes On The Market

1. Asics Agressor 5

Wrestling is a battle against yourself. Asics has you pretty, such covered with all your wresting shoe needs. They have so many options to choose from and options that are suitable for both men and women.

The top wresting shoe on our list for those year is the Agressor 5.

wresting shoes

2. Adidas Tech Fall 2.0 – The Best Wrestling Shoes Right Now

The first wrestling shoe on our list is Adidas’s mighty Tech Fall 2.0. It is a successor to the original Tech Fall that debuted at the 2016 Summer Olympics. It became acclaimed for its light weight, high performance, and superb comfort. The Tech Fall 2.0 takes it all up a notch.

This new version may just be the perfect wrestling shoe on the market. Its highlights include its balance and stability when you’re on the wrestling mat. The Tech Fall 2.0 is made from high-quality materials, giving it immense durability and grip.

Like the original model, it has a mesh design that increases ventilation and breathability. This allows wrestlers to train and compete for hours. Another selling point of this shoe is that it is designed for all types of wrestlers – from beginner to advanced.

best wrestling shoes

3. Asics Matflex 6

ASICS makes Japan’s finest shoes for athletes which include wrestlers. Its Matflex 6 model is more than just a well-priced option in the world of wrestling shoes. It has superb build quality and breathability, along with a multitude of different features.

It is one of the best choices for the wrestling mat as far as grip is concerned. This is due to its comparatively thin EVA sole that allows you to get a better feel of the mat when you wrestle. You’ll get a lot of traction that’ll prevent slippage.

The latest ASICS Matflex is also very comfortable and is great at absorbing shocks. At the same time, this shoe is also easy to clean because of its removable sock liner. Like several other wrestling shoes on this list, it has a lacing garage to hide the aglets of your shoe laces for safety.

best wrestling shoes

4. Adidas Combat Speed V

The second entry from Adidas is its Combat Speed V wrestling shoe. This may have an old-school look but it is one of the most modern wrestling shoes today. Those looking for high quality under a tight budget – aka high school or collegiate wrestlers – tend to choose it.

The previous Adidas Combat Speed model received acclaim for providing wrestlers with high performance. This new model is a step up from it in terms of durability and material quality. It is light and it provides ample ankle support, being designed for quick movements.

You can count on the Combat Speed V to help you compete well even if you have flat fleet.

best wrestling shoes

5. Adidas Mat Hog 2.0

The second-generation Adidas Mat Hog is an absolute banger with lots of features. It is easily the most versatile wrestling shoe on this list. Many choose it due to the numerous customization options available on it; there are many colors, designs, sizes, etc.

It comes with a whole range of lacing options, which allows wrestlers to loosen it up to create more room or tighten it for more ankle support. You also get a mesh design that adds breathability and prevents sweating. A lacing garage is offered here as well.

best wrestling shoes

6. Asics Men’s Aggressor 4

The Aggressor 4 is another pair of wrestling shoes from ASICS that deserves a mention here. This shoe is arguably the best-looking one on this list, but there’s a lot more to it than its aesthetic design.

The Aggressor 4 is a great choice if you’re a wrestling athelete, but your feet are too wide for most other wrestling shoes. The shoe is durable and thick, but it still manages to remain lightweight. A lace garage is also included to prevent you from scratching up your opponent and prevent tripping.

7. Nike Speed Sweep VII

We also have an entry from Nike in the form of the Speed Sweep VII. This ticks all the boxes of what a wrestling shoe should be. It is lightweight, so it allows wrestlers to move quicker. It has a lot of grip and traction so that you don’t slip on the wrestling mat.

As expected from Nike, the shoe has been designed and built superbly. The quality of the materials used is astounding and so are the aesthetics. It is also comfortable and has a reasonable price tag. A lacing garage further separates it from most other wrestling shoes.


One of the main reasons you’d want a pair of dedicated wrestling shoes is the increased ankle support they provide. This is due to their high-top design that covers and hence supports the ankle. They help make the wrestler more stable and balanced.

Wrestling puts a lot of strain on your ankles and due to these shoes, the chances of spraining or twisting your ankle are massively reduced. But of course, every athlete needs a different level of support and so there are different shoes catering to that.


Also, remember that the best wrestling shoes must be designed for all levels of performance on the mat. This means that they should cater to all levels of the game – beginner or advanced. This is as the basic requirements of grip, flexibility, durability, and support remain the same.

There are specialized wrestling shoes that can be more useful to the more skilled wrestlers. These offer add-ons in terms of customization options, improved breathability, and reinforced shoe soles. Hence they’re the right choice for higher performance and support for higher levels.

Naturally, these shoes are pricier and so beginners may not be able to afford them. However, one just needs to find the shoes that come with the right combination of the quirks above in their budget. Remember, not all of the aforementioned upgrades are necessary for your level.


Choosing the best wrestling shoes is essential to perform at your best and prevent injuries. You need to consider several attributes before making the purchase. A major one is grip, so you don’t slip on the mat. Ankle support and flexibility are also key attributes as they provide you with more stability and a good range of motion respectively.

There should be no compromises on durability and shoe-material quality as they allow your shoes to survive wear and tear, and last long. Furthermore, the shoes’ breathability helps you compete for longer and prevents your feet from sweating. Lastly, versatility and style are also considered important by many.

Thankfully, the shoes mentioned on this list contain the very best features that wrestlers look for today. We’ve done the research for you so pick one of them over the many other wrestling shoes should be a no-brainer.

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