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best bjj shorts

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Best BJJ Shorts

Whether you are a seasoned Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner or just starting out on your journey on the mats, having the right gear is essential to enhance your experience. In the world of BJJ, every move and technique counts, investing in high-quality gear that is designed specifically for Jiu-jitsu is a game changer. Join us as we dive deeper into the best BJJ shorts on the market!

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Best No Gi BJJ Shorts Product Guide

There is a large market for BJJ shorts, and therefore many options for different tastes and different shapes and sizes of bodies. One should do their research before investing in gear for a specific sport as gear that fits ones criteria can prove to have big advantage. Below are the best BJJ shorts with reasons for you should or should not buy them.

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Future Kimonos

A high-quality pair of grappling shorts for comfort, style, and performance.

Future Kimonos is a New Zealand-based BJJ equipment supplier that is known for its high-quality BJJ shorts along with rash guards and Gis. The brand delivers all kinds of superior competition gear, specifically equipment for BJJ and other Martial arts. The business is well-rehearsed amongst customers for its customizable equipment.

However, It does have some downsides. For US customers it takes 5-7 business days to deliver. On the other hand, customers have reviewed receiving their orders in over a month for regions like Australia. Moreover, Future Kimonos are slightly on the expensive side with training shorts which could prove to be a turn-off for beginner BJJ athletes. Here at Grapplers Graveyard if you use our code you can save 15% off your next order!

Pros of Future Kimonos

    • High-quality and competition-spec gear

    • Custom gear available for personalization

    • Breathable

    • Highly Stretchy

    • Our personal favorite brand right now

Cons of Future Kimonos

  • On the expensive side

  • Longer delivery times outside of the US

Our Pick
Best Overall BJJ Shorts – Future Kimonos

Worn in the harshest of competition environments by the absolute best in the business, our gear is proven to withstand the ultimate in training and competition use. Use code 'GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD' to save 15% on your entire purchase

  • Quality Material
  • Grade-A Designs
  • Comfortable Fitting with Long Shelf Life
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best bjj shorts, no gi bjj shorts, gold bjj shorts, jiu jitsu

xMartial Shorts

xMartial is a Canadian brand that focuses on Brazilian jiu-jitsu equipment. They are well known for their funky designs that more of are released regularly. The firm is also recognized for its high-quality shorts that tick all the boxes of a pair of high quality BJJ shorts.

A major feature is its anti-slip flexible waistband that keeps the shorts at bay. The shorts have decent stretch and inner thigh stretch panels to keep them highly durable. There are slits on both sides of the legs to ensure the range of motion is not compromised.

As for the negatives about these shorts, there are really very few with the most common being the slightly shorter-than-usual inseams. Customers have reported getting scratched on their upper thighs due to the short length. Here at Grapplers Graveyard if you use our code you can save 10% off your next order!

Pros of xMartial

  • Funky and Unique Designs

  • Anti Slip Flexible Waistband

  • Slightly stretchy with Inner thigh stretch panels

  • Side slits on both sides of the legs

Cons of xMartial

  • Short inseams with limited knee-length options

  • Not for those who prefer knee-length inseams

Best Designs

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best bjj shorts, no gi bjj shorts, gold bjj shorts, jiu jitsu

Phalanx BJJ No-Gi Shorts

Phalanx Athletics is an authentic BJJ equipment brand based in the USA. They are famous for their options on Brazilian jiu-jitsu equipment. Their shorts have many reviews in their favor because of their comfort, perfect fit, and also for how lightweight they are.

All in all a very promising high-quality brand to shop from for anything BJJ related. Phalanx products however are considered to be premium options, which may demotivate an aspiring athlete. Also, the aftersales is great and you get good customer support. Here at Grapplers Graveyard if you use our code you can save $5 off your next order!

Pros of Phalanx


  • Amazing Comfort

  • Perfect fitting for all body shapes and sizes

  • Superior and highly cooperative customer support

Cons of Phalanx

  • Priced Slightly higher than competitors

Phalanx Athletics I #1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brand, BJJ Gi & Rash Guards

Crafted with high-quality materials, these shorts are designed for durability and comfort, making them ideal for intense jiu-jitsu sessions and perfect for a wide range of everyday sports and exercise activities. Use code 'GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD' for 15% off your entire order

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best bjj shorts, no gi bjj shorts, gold bjj, fight shorts

Gold BJJ No-Gi Fight Shorts:

Gold BJJ has been around for a long time and over the years has racked up many excellent reviews on numerous different retailers like Amazon. They are a mid-budget brand mostly famous for their high-quality Gis but manufacture all the BJJ equipment you could ever need that too of the highest standard.

Aside from being budget-friendly, their shorts are very stretchy and breathable. They are comfortable and don’t limit the range of motion on the ground and are also very lightweight. The most important pro is that Gold BJJ shorts and equipment is IBJJF legal.

However, the shorts are made of very thin material, and it feels as if they would easily tear after prolonged periods of intense training or if tugged hard. The shorts also don’t have any anti-slip technology on the waistband.

Pros of Gold BJJ

  • Mid-budget therefore not too expensive

  • Very stretchy and highly breathable

  • very lightweight

  • IBJJF approved

Cons of Gold BJJ

  • No Anti slip Waistbands

  • Very Thin material that could be torn easily

  • Not very many options to choose from
Pacific Shorts: No-Gi Jiu Jitsu Fight Shorts | Gold BJJ

Board short inspired, IBJJF legal fight shorts for No-Gi training. Made with a bit less stretch than their Classic Fight Shorts, the brand new Pacific Shorts will be your new daily go-to pair.

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best bjj shorts, gold bjj, fight shorts

Elite Sports BJJ No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Shorts:

BJJ shorts by Elite Sports prove that good quality does not always have to be expensive. These fight shorts are some of the most budget-friendly boxing shorts now available in the market However don’t let the tiny price tag fool you, because quality is not at all compromised.

Elite sports fight shorts use a 100% microfiber fabric to manufacture these shorts creating an excellent fit that is very comfortable and slightly stretchy. The shorts have inner thigh stretch panels and also a thick waistband to ensure that they stay secure. To further add to the deal, these shorts are IBBJF legal.

However, Elite Sports offer little to no designs on their grappling shorts so you are out of luck if you want funky or interesting designs.

Pros of Elite Sports

  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Excellent fitting with a slight stretch

  • Inner thigh stretch panels make sure the range of motion is not compromised on

  • IBJJF legal
  • Thick waistband

Cons of Elite Sports

  • Lack of designs

  • No anti-slip technology

Elite Sports BJJ & MMA Shorts

Why do you need high-quality, comfortable and classy BJJ shorts? Because when you’re on the mat, you’re in your second home, your battlefield and your safe haven. You want to always be prepared for what is going to be thrown at you and any and every hindrance in your way can result in your defeat. 

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Hayabusa Shorts:

Hayabusa is arguably one of the most renowned combat sports brand that produces some of the best equipment in the game. The Icon Fight shorts strengthen this view by being one of the best-selling BJJ shorts on multiple retailers like Amazon.

These grappling shorts are of the utmost quality possible, manufactured with a strong polyester fabric and combined with reinforced stitching, these shorts are untearable. Although they do not stretch they have inner thigh stretch panels that make sure movement is not compromised at all.

The shorts have a comfortable anti-slip silicone waistband with a well-hidden velcro waistband if you need it tighter. They fit as they are advertised and are also legal for IBJJF competitions.

However, due to the shorts having a non-stretch fabric, the side slits are placed quite high to make sure the range of motion is not at risk. Due to this one may have to wear sports underwear or tights under the shorts.

Pros of Hayabusa

  • Highest quality in the market

  • Extreme durability with nonstretch fabric

  • comfortable waistband with anti-slip silicone

  • IBJJF Legal

  • Well-hidden velcro waistband

  • Fit very well

Cons of Hayabusa

  • Higher priced than the competition

  • Athletes may have to wear tights or sports underwear

Hayabusa Fight Wear Fight Shorts

Stay cool and comfortable with Hayabusa's MMA fight and athletic shorts. Perfect for everyday training and even pro fights, Hayabusa workout shorts are built to last with virtually indestructible fabric and a silicone waistband to keep them locked in place. 

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Sanabul Essential BJJ Shorts:

Over the years Sanabul has been deemed as the best budget BJJ shorts manufacturer. They provide decent quality for the low prices they sell at and also pack a reasonable punch. They are durable, lightweight, and also quite comfortable. They also have side slits that help with movement to not limit movement.

However, being a budget pair of shorts, the designs available are extremely bland and plain, also these shorts have a stiff elastic waistband that might be uncomfortable to some. If that’s not your piece of cake, steer away into more expensive options, but for a beginner looking to learn, Sanabul gets the job done! Here at Grapplers Graveyard if you use our code you can save 10% off your next order!

Pros of Sanabul

  • Budget-friendly

  • Decent quality

  • Lightweight

  • Side slits

Cons of Sanabul

  • Boring Designs

  • Not durable enough for prolonged intense training

  • Stiff waistband

Sanabul | Ultimate Combat Training Shorts

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Hawk Sports MMA shorts

Hawk Sports is another big name in the low-budget market for MMA gear. their budget-friendly shorts are no different. For the unbelievable price, customers get a true-to-size, comfortable and ultralight pair of true value to money.

The shorts contain double stitching which makes them durable and also have a small hidden compartment to keep a mouthguard handy.

However, the shorts do not have an antislip waistband and instead have a hook-and-loop system with a rope drawstring that is not very secure.

Pros of Hawk Sports

  • Very budget friendly

  • decent durability

  • Breathable and ultralight

  • hidden compartment for a mouthguard

Cons of Hawk Sports

  • No anti-slip technology in the waistband

  • Relatively unknown brand 
Hawk Sports Athletic Shorts for Men and Women
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fuji baseline grappling shorts, fuji baseline grappling shorts

Fuji Grappling Shorts:

Fuji baseline grappling shorts are another great competitor in the budget MMA shorts industry and they definitely provide a bang for your buck as they have thousands of positive reviews on retailers like Amazon.

The shorts are ultra-lightweight and very breathable, it has a 4-way stretch performance fabric that allows for complete movement on the ground. The pair also have 360-degree stretch flex panels and saddle gusset.

The high quality paired with the superior customer service allows for quick delivery all around the world, however, these shorts have a velcro waistband enclosure which is not the most secure and can be noisy at times on such a lightweight pair of board shorts..


  • Budget friendly

  • Ultralightweight and breathable

  • Made of 4-way stretch performance fabric

  • 360 stretch panel and saddle gusset

  • Quick delivery in under a week


  • Velcro waistband which is not secure

  • No anti slip technology waistband

  • Large amounts of velcro are noisy

FUJI Grappling shorts
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MMA and BJJ shorts have many similarities like both being made of breathable material and stretch panels that allow for a full range of motion. However, there are some minor differences also. So, how are purpose-designed BJJ training shorts better than other MMA shorts?

Well, the quality and type of material used make the difference. Polyester, spandex, and lightweight microfiber fabric are used for professional BJJ shorts. These allow them to conform to every possible movement. They do not limit the athlete’s flexibility and movement.

On the other hand, MMA shorts are designed for versatility as they are for mixed martial arts, which is a combination of several different combat shorts that include BJJ. MMA shorts feature longer inseams to protect the legs from direct striking.


Like with any other sport, having the right gear can put you above many others just with the overall gain from it. For BJJ, having a superior pair of shorts for training can better your performance during training and make the sport far more enjoyable.

BJJ is essentially a grappling sport which means the clothes you have on may affect your performance significantly as they are constantly pulled and tugged against. One looking to excel in it should wear tight, breathable, and athletic-cut shorts.

A good pair of BJJ shorts have a shorter inseam than other MMA shorts, which ensures greater flexibility and movement on the floor. BJJ shorts also have either a velcro waistband enclosure or a drawstring waistband; both of which serve the purpose of keeping a secure fit during training or competition.

Another important characteristic is that BJJ shorts are to some extent compression shorts. The stretchy material and reinforced stitching these shorts feature is to make sure they cannot be tugged on or gripped during matches.

Moreover, Brazilian jiu-jitsu shorts feature no pockets or zips to make sure no injury is caused by full-contact training, as it is common for athletes to get cuts and slits on their bodies from zips.


For BJJ shorts also known as grappling shorts or fight shorts, wearing the right size is crucial as it varies from athlete to athlete. There are a few different variations available with all kinds of pros and cons. Therefore athletes must find what is suitable for them as well as for their training institute; some training centers allow only certain types of shorts.

There are a few things one should look out for like the material and length of the inseam. grappling shorts feature shorter inseams which allow for better stretch and flexibility. When buying training shorts it is recommended to try on multiple types and materials to choose the one that best fits the body type and does not limit the range of motion.

Another aspect of these shorts that should be pondered is the waistband of the shorts. A person should try on multiple levels of tightness and should choose the one in which they can move and breathe comfortably. In other words, it should not be too tight such that range of motion becomes limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most important questions asked regarding jiu-jitsu shorts:

Do I Need Training Shorts for BJJ?

With any sport, the highest quality professional gear is not obligatory for beginners looking to learn. However for those aspiring to be athletes and those who dream of being professional Brazilian jiu-jitsu grapplers, it is recommended to get good quality gear as it helps amp up your training sessions and competitions.

How Long Should BJJ Shorts Be?

Essentially BJJ shorts should lie between mid-thigh and slightly below the knee. This usually depends on personal preference as most athletes prefer shorts that lie around mid-thigh as it does not limit the range of motion. Most athletes agree that shorts that go below the knee slightly restrict movement and are thus discouraged.

What Shorts Should I Wear To BJJ?

Grappling shorts are the best kind of shorts one can wear to train BJJ as it is a grappling sport that has a large involvement of legs. Therefore it is essential to make sure that the legs do not have a limited range of motion.

The best BJJ shorts do just that as they are specially designed to increase flexibility and movement on the ground. By wearing these,one can grapple and wrestle to their full potential.

Why Use Compression Shorts for BJJ?

Compression shorts are made of very lightweight and stretchy material which is exactly what you need for a sport like BJJ that involves a lot of grappling. These shorts are tight and do not limit the range of motion.

Over the years, they have become increasingly common in MMA and BJJ training sessions. Compression shorts also aid in recovery and thus one of the reasons why they are superior as compared to other types of shorts.

How Should No-Gi Shorts Fit?

No-gi shorts or fight shorts should have a snug fit that is not too tight. In BJJ the importance of fitting is a matter of win or loss whether during training or during competitions, the reason for this being that BJJ and other martial arts are all about movement.

You should make sure that the shorts do not limit any sort of movement in the legs. They should be too loose or too tight. If they are, either this could result in serious disadvantage as the opponent could easily grip your shorts if they are too loose. Similarly your range of motion would be limited in the case of your shorts being too tight which is also a severe setback.

There is a standard criterion for shorts to be legal in the IBJJF. The several characteristics are no pockets, buttons, zippers, exposed drawstrings, plastic, and metal. Moreover, the shorts must be long enough to cover midway down the thigh but not past the knee to be eligible. Women have the same requirements, except they can wear skin-tight compression shorts.

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