Blue Cube Baths Review

complete sense for its price - blue cube baths

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Blue Cube Baths Review

BlueCube is one of the top manufacturers of cold tubs in the market. It has an ever-expanding fanbase, which includes Joe Rogan. The world’s most famous podcaster, mixed martial artist, and the voice of the UFC has praised the brand and uses a tub customized for him. In this article we take a closer look at the Blue Cube Baths.

Rogan loves to talk about cold exposure therapy, and on an episode of the JRE, he praised his Malibu ice bath for its water circulation system. Rogan said that it made it seem like he was in a “stream, ” making the ice bath experience more challenging and advantageous. 

That being said, the following takes a look at Blue Cube Baths and what they have to offer: 

complete sense for its price - blue cube baths

Commercial Grade Cold Plunge in Residential Packaging

Commercial-grade cold tubs are the pinnacle of cold exposure solutions. This is because they provide more cooling power than your regular ice bath tub, plus a wider range of temperatures to choose from. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, they’ll get the job done regardless. 

With Blue Cube Baths, you’ll be able to bring this high-end experience to the comfort of your own home. The company designs its tubs to bring you the ice bath experience of a lifetime, all without having to worry about a lack of performance or reliability. 

The brand’s website states that each of its tub options can be used for all sorts of settings such as “individual, family, group use, or professional,”. Because they use high-quality parts and maintenance and cleaning are easy, you can comfortably use them across a variety of different settings — including professional facilities. 

BlueCube Baths

BlueCube Baths

There are many cold therapy options today but BlueCube ice baths take the cake for several reasons.

Pros of BlueCube Baths

1) High Flow Rate and Circulation

For one, they offer arguably the world’s highest flow rate of cold water, which means that there’s better circulation to help you experience the true temperature. The high flow rate and the constant circulation will make the process a bigger challenge. This is because you won’t be able to escape the cold and regulate your body’s temperature so easily. 

2) Brilliant Design and Accessibility

Then comes the ergonomic design which provides you with proper back support and enough room to not resort to the fetal position. There’s plenty of exposure offered to the water in the tub and most users will be able to submerge themselves completely. 

Getting in and out is also easy as the setup is built for easy accessibility. In fact, the Malibu 56 series (owned by Rogan) can fit people up to 6’5″ tall, and weighing more than 350 pounds. Hence, people of all shapes and sizes can take a dip and embark on a healthy lifestyle.

3) Fully Assembled

The setup is also pretty easy since the ice bath tub arrives completely assembled. According to BlueCube Baths, all you have to do is “fill it up, plug it in, set temp, [and] plunge”. You won’t have to spend hours figuring out everything and setting it up with your own ice. 

4) Easy to Clean

It is also easy to use thanks to its fast temperature drops and the bottom drain valve that allows you to drain the water after usage in a quick fashion. Note that all the company’s ice bath tub options are easy to clean.

5) Personalization Offered

A cool feature is that you can customize the tub unit by having “your business, favorite team, family crest, [or] favorite slogan” engraved on it. 


Other than that, the brand gives you goodies such as 24/7 operational abilities and a lot of efficiency. The aftersales is great as well since you get a 5-year great warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

BlueCube Baths beautiful scenery

Cons of BlueCube Baths

1) High Ticket Price

The price of a Bluecube does make it a bit inaccessible to most people. The cheapest model that is available is roughly $16,000. There are financing options available for this cold plunge device and it seems to start as low at  $429/month. This tub is great for both residential use and commercial use but because the price is so steep we almost think that only people who are going to be running a business should buy it.

Unless you are willing and able to buy this cold plunge outright or have the means to finance it, you may be out of the market. It is no question that BlueCube is the best high-grade cold plunging device we have reviewed to date, it is just reserved for a specific group of people.

2) Lead time

Lead times for receiving your cold plunge are always long and it seems that BlueCube is no different.

Why I Turned to Cold Exposure

There are many reasons why cold exposure therapy is making the rounds. A major one is that it has spread on social media like wildfire, plus there are many A-list celebrities and influencers (Joe Rogan included), along with media articles actively endorsing it. 

Due to this, many have gone on to read the science-backed benefits of cold plunging. The whole cold plunge process looks difficult but it has countless benefits that improve your overall and mental health, reducing stress. This is why it was a no-brainer for me to opt for it.

Zero Downtime, Easy Maintenance, and Serviceability

A big advantage of the world’s best ice baths is how seamless the ice bath experience is. Take BlueCube for example; there’s a lack of downtime thanks to the reliability and durability offered by the company.

This is one of the reasons why its baths can be used in professional facilities. Even spas are now seeing the rise of cold exposure therapy solutions. They are considered to be the perfect complement to saunas.

Simple maintenance is required for Blue Cube ice baths to function properly. The company recommends that you “replace filters once per month” and the cold water “at least once per month”, if you use the tub individually, daily. 

If you use it in a commercial setting, you’ll have to “replace filters 2-3 times per week”, and drain the water around ”twice per week”. Remember, the cleaner the users are, the lesser the need to replace the filters and water regularly. 

Along with the replacement of filters and water, BlueCube recommends that you “rub down [the] deck and exterior of the ice bath in tung oil” every six months. This is because of the upscale wood that’s used on the cold tub unit – this act helps keep it in mint condition. 

why you should cold plunge

List of Cold Plunging Benefits

The following is a group of the various benefits offered by cold plunging:

1) Increased Energy

It is known that like saunas found in spas, cold exposure therapy has many benefits, whether you’re a professional athlete or not. For example, it helps you become more energetic and increases focus thanks to the additional secretion of the norepinephrine hormone. 

2) Improved Muscle Recovery

Furthermore, taking cold plunges constricts your blood vessels, which dilate after you’re done. This improves the flow of oxygenated blood (helps alleviate muscle soreness and pain), and your cardiovascular system. This makes cold plunging ideal after a strenuous workout (but recent studies show that it is even better before workouts). 

3) Enhanced Immunity and Metabolism

Ice baths also enhance the working of your immune system by improving the blood and plasma concentrations – helping you fend off diseases better. They also improve your metabolism so that you digest your food better and lose fat as well. 

4) Added Resilience

Cold plunges also make your body more resilient with time thanks to hormesis. Take them regularly, and your body will be used to cold temperatures. The BlueCube ice baths are even better in this regard thanks to the extra high flow rate of water.

5) Better Stress Management

You can also expect cold exposure to make you more calm and help you sleep better. It can be used as a form of treatment for insomnia. This is a website that embraces themselves the hard things in life and uses them to make us better people. Jiu-jitsu and cold plunging share this trait in common. We believe that all that embrace the lessons from martial arts outside of their life in things like cold plunging only make themselves more of a weapon to the outside world!

Ice Baths in Mainstream Media: A Hype or Renaissance?

Ice baths have received quite a bit of coverage from the world’s top media outlets. This has usually been positive with the media sources detailing its wide range of benefits. Discussions regarding ice baths have been going on for a couple of years now. 

If we are to rely on mainstream media, we can consider ice baths to be a part of the Renaissance for therapy. You can check out this decade-old article in the NY Times and more discussing the pros of ice baths and how athletes use them – backed by science of course. 

Thanks to the growing trend of cold exposure therapy on social media such as Tiktok, we’ve seen even more extensive coverage of the therapy by big media outlets. These include pieces from PBS, Financial Times, etc.

Pretty much every story written agrees with its benefits as they’re backed by science. As a result, we could see cold plunges become more popular like the sauna.

Bluecube dot com
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There are numerous questions asked online regarding cold plunges. The following answers some of the most frequently asked ones: 

Q: What does an ice bathtub do?

As you’d expect, an ice bathtub is full of cold water, waiting for you to jump into it. You’ll immerse your body in it and experience the low-temperature water. Due to this, you’ll build up quite a bit of resilience and some of your body’s systems will improve. 

The ice bath will also help your muscles recover quicker and fight against any sort of body pain or inflammation. Its other advantages include but aren’t limited to weight loss, mood relaxation, and countering insomnia and anxiety. 

Q: How cold is an ice bathtub?

Ice baths are usually in the range of 50-60 Fahrenheit. There are several ranges given by experts about the recommended temperature of the water in a cold tub. Most of them say that it should be 50-60°F, while some believe that 45-52°F is a better set of numbers for it. 

In the case of BlueCube Ice Baths, the operating temperature lies in the range of 36- 60°F. When you turn on the system, it cools at a rate of 11-13°F degrees per hour. The company claims that the cooling system uses “less [energy] than a small refrigerator”. 

Q: Does the cold plunge tub improve my immunity?

Yes, cold plunges help improve your body’s immune system. These stimulate it, making it work better and this has been observed in studies – those who take cold plunges are less prone to bacterial infections — improving their wellness. 

The reason is that cold water helps stimulate the leukocytes (white blood cells) – these are effective in countering diseases and sicknesses. It also helps detox the body and improve the concentrations of blood and plasma – both of which benefit the immune system as well. 

Q: How low should my ice bathtub temperature be?

A tub full of cold water should be able to stimulate your body and bring about all the benefits – muscle recovery, relaxation, increased resilience, and more – without freezing completely. The freezing point of water is 32°F, which should be the absolute minimum temperature. 

Meanwhile, the maximum temperature should be around 60°F, at which the cold water still has its advantages. Most tubs offer a range of 36-60°F, meaning that you can easily pick the optimal temperature for the tub unit. 

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