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First off, What is a Cold Plunge?

Cold plunges can be better known as ice baths. Many of you have done some sort of cold water immersion and may have not even known it! The actor a cold plunge involves submerging your body in cold temperatures that induce physical and mental health benefits.

Many of the best cold tubs are great for either indoor or outdoor use! For most people that do not have access to a wellness center with a standard cold plunge tub the next best option is to either create your own or buy one and bring the practice right to your home!

Experienced cold plungers know the value of time and how much it saves to just go off and buy your own. But if you would like to go the DIY Route, we can tell you what you need to do!

Things to Know About Cold Plunges

There are so many cold plunges to pick from on the marketplace at this time but it is important to know what differentiated them so your can 1) spot a good one and buy it or 2) build your own. 

Let’s start off with two VERY important things that make the whole cold plunging experience possible, horsepower for chillers and flow rates.

Chillers Matter

The chilling unit that you have powering your cold plunge device matters. The more horsepower it has the more energy it may use but it always works way more efficiently to keep the water cold. Depending on if you are going to be the only one cold plunging in the tub or if you have a family, business, or community to adhere to, you want to go for a higher horsepower chilling unit.

Imagine being able to set times right from your phone when the chilling unit will kick on and start to cool the water so first thing in the morning all you have to do is roll out of the bed. Sounds nice right? Well, its all possible.

Don’t waste your time (and money) on a cold plunge device that is cheap or has no chiller. You’re not going to get the full benefits from throwing your ice tray inside the water 30 minutes before you plunge!

What are Flow Rates?

Flow rates have to do with the way the water moves within the tub. The more the water flows (like a river) the better (and more intense) the cold plunging experience will be.

You do not want to be cold plunging in still water. there are literally no benefits outside the initial shock because the thermal layer that your body creates is not being broken.

Filtration Systems

Look at the filters that either come with the cold plunge you are going to buy or the one you plan on building.

The smaller the micron on the filter the better it is at catching particles.

This is mainly important for those that want to keep their plunge tub clean, those that want to keep the water from getting gross, and those that may be providing a service to others in the form of a wellness business.

Keep your cold plunge clean by adding the right non-chemical-based solutions to the water. The best on the market right now are the products offered by Sirona!

cold plunge at home

Benefits of Cold Plunging

Many people use cold therapy to improve their health, body, and wellbeing. Here are some of the great reasons you should take the plunge!

Overall Health

  • Increase blood flow and immune system support to help reduce chronic pain
  • Boost your metabolism 
  • Get better sleep
  • Feel recharged
  • Burn Fat
  • Decrease Physical Recovery Time
  • Great Mood Enhancement


Cold plunging can lower inflammation, reduce soreness, and help increase performance!

  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Boost performance 

Mental health and Toughness

Cold plunging is a meditative process! Get your mind right first thing in the morning!

  • Do something challenging to start the day
  • Incorporate discipline into your life
  • Increase your stress resilience
  • Boost mental alertness
The Cold Plunge Store

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How To Cold Plunge

Find all the ways to cold plunge and much more information of the following posts!

Find Top-Rated Cold Plunges

Cold Plunge

Out of all the cold plunge tubs listed on this page by far our favorite is one created by Cold Plunge. This tub is an all-around winner and we believe the most well-rounded machine. It is designed well and gets the job done!

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Polar Monkeys

Polar monkeys cold plunge is the best option for those who do not want to spend the big bucks but still want a tub they can lay in. Polar Monkeys has three options for all people serious about diving into cold therapy!

Ice Barrel

The ice barrel is a uniquely designed tub built to mimic a barrel. Fill the cold plunge up with a couple of bags or ice and some water and you are good to go! Use the code ‘CHILL95’ for a cool $95 discount on your purchase!

ice barrel
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The Cold Plunge Store

Tired of sifting through the countless number of options out there for your next cold plunge? The Cold Plunge Store has you covered with over 30 options to choose from and an insane lineup of high-powered cold plunge chillers to choose from.