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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding the best cold plunge tub to investigate and take your health to the next level. Cold Plunging is all the rage right now. Whether you are seeking optimal recovery or you are an individual looking to enhance your well-being, a cold plunge tub offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience like no other.

There has been a lot of science looking into the benefits of cold exposure over the past couple of years and it seems to aid minimal amounts in overall speed of recovery. One thing that is a fact about exposing our bodies to the cold is that it is challenging. And when we purposefully put ourselves through challenging tasks we always come out the other side a better human. Here is our list of the best Cold Plunge Tubs you can find on the market today!

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Deeper look at Top Rated Cold Plunges

best cold plunge tub - plunge

1) The Cold Plunge

Despite its rather generic name, the Cold Plunge by PLUNGE is one of the best cold plunge pools today. There are several reasons for this, with the primary one being the premium offerings that make it high value for money. 

This is because it is a well-priced cold plunge bath that provides you with cold temperatures, as low as 39F. It is built for indoor and outdoor use and is fully insulated to prevent condensation. It requires very low maintenance as well. 

There is ozone sanitation to maintain the quality of water, along with a 20-micron filter to get rid of any water contaminants, e.g.; hair, skin cells, etc. The company claims “water can last up to 6 months without changing it with proper maintenance.”

If you plan on buying this tub, you get to choose between the Standard and XL sizes. You can also choose between the regular cold tub or a model that offers cold and hot tub facilities. Furthermore, you pick between two cooling speeds, plus residential and commercial options. 

But no matter what you order, you don’t need a degree in rocket science to set it up. All you have to do is fill it up with a hose and plug it in. It is a durable setup that PLUNGE says will “last you a lifetime.” You also get a 1-year residential warranty and an under light. 

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the main one is that there are other options on the market which can cool down to lower temperatures. Also, the tub is large so it may take more space than some might have (our review). 


  • Premium and high-tech cold tub with decent pricing 

  • Works for indoor or outdoor use 

  • User-friendly 

  • Low maintenance required 

  • Cold and hot water options offered

  • XL size available for taller and larger people

  • Spa light included

  • 1-year warranty


  • Rivals can cool down to lower water temperature

  • Cheaper options available

  • Better options for tight spaces 

PLUNGE | A Revolutionary Cold Plunge Ice Bath

The Plunge cold plunge tub uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you perfectly chilled, clean water whenever you want it—no ice needed. The Plunge is designed for indoor or outdoor use, and we've made installation a breeze. Just fill your Plunge with a hose, set your temp (as low as 39°F), and get ready to change your life.

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best cold plunge tub - odin plunge

2) Odin Plunge

Odin Plunge (our review) is known for making some of the best-looking ice bathtubs, hot tubs, and more. We’ll be talking about their premium ice bathtub options which are made from top-notch materials, are handmade instead of being mass-produced, and are durable. 

The salient features of these cold plunge tubs include cooling capabilities all the way down to 32F, high-tech sanitization, and low maintenance and cleaning needs. Also, this is the only plug-in cedar ice bath available in the market today, offering immense exclusivity. 

Versatility is one of the key selling points of Odin ice bathtubs. The company offers six types of cold plunge tubs which include regular and high-powered tubs – offered in two sizes – plus, standard and commercial setups. Dual-person setups are also on the menu. 

Apart from UV sanitation being an optional extra, there are no downsides associated with this luxury ice tub – if you can afford one. One thing that can upset some is the long delivery time of at least 10 weeks. It is handmade from “a huge coil of steel and a pile of wood” after all (our review). 


  • Best cooling capabilities today

  • Highly sophisticated and exclusive 

  • Many options are available – including a dual-person setup

  • Durable ice tub

  • Low maintenance 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Small-space friendly 

  • 1-year warranty


  • Premium pricing 

  • Long delivery time 

  • UV sanitation is not standard 

Odin Plunge
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3) The Ice Barrel

The Ice Barrel is pretty much what it sounds like – it is an ice bathtub that’s shaped like a barrel. It is made out of recycled material and comes with a UV protective cover, and can hold up to 105 gallons of ice-cold water.

This is an easy solution for minimalists who want to experience cold water therapy, those who lack space, or those who are on a very strict budget. To use the Ice Barrel, you just fill it up with icy water, and climb into it with the help of the step stool – offered standard. 

It may not have an oversized drain plug but drainage is pretty simple. Also, due to the simplicity of the setup, it is probably the most durable ice tub on this list. This is also why you get a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, a portion of the profits go to physical and mental health awareness. 

That being said, the Ice Barrel is an option for those who can make their own ice water from another source as it doesn’t have an electric cooling system – there’s no filtration either. Also, some tall people may have trouble fitting into it, and some short ones; climbing into it (our review). 

Furthermore, the setup can get really heavy when you fill it up. This means that it isn’t as portable as you might expect for the simplicity that it offers. Also, many feel that could be cheaper.


  • Very compact

  • Inexpensive 

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Most durable ice bath

  • Step stool for easy access

  • Lifetime coverage 

  • Some sale proceeds go to charity


  • No built-in cooling system 

  • Tall and short people may be troubled

  • Weekly water changes needed

  • Heavy 

Ice Barrel | Cold Therapy Devices

Ready to experience the positive benefits from cold plunging? Take your health and wellness to the next level with Ice Barrel Cold Therapy Devices.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
ice bath tub polar monkeys - cold exposure

4) Polar Monkeys

Polar Monkeys offers four of the best ice bath tubs in the market. The first is The Portal, aka the budget option; it is a simple steel tub with a built-in cooling system. Then you have Brainpod; a more luxurious and stylish offering that can work as a cold and hot tub. 

Next we have the Inflatable (The Portal Limited) option, which is the only inflatable cold plunge tub on this piece. It comes with a more powerful motor and heating is also available. Last we have the ultra-high-end Star Treatment tub, featuring niceties like cedar wood construction. 

The ice bath tubs from Polar Monkeys can provide great cooling, achieving cold temperatures as low as 36F. The tubs are also very aesthetic and you can customize them even further. Some allow you to upgrade to more powerful cooling, while The Portal also offers multiple sizes.

As far as flaws are concerned, it is hard to point out any with the Polar Monkeys tubs. You could say that they offer limited sizes and aren’t preferred for commercial usage.  


  • Something for every price range 

  • Heating offered

  • More powerful systems are optional

  • Eye-catching – personalization available 

  • Great cooling capabilities 

  • 1-year warranty 


  • More sizes could be offered

  • Better options for commercial use

Polar Monkeys | Powerful Cold Plunge

Experience the future of cold plunging with the Brainpod 2.0. This state-of-the-art fully insulated plunge tub redefines your chilling experience, harnessing robust cooling, filtration, and sanitation mechanisms to provide crystal-clear, ice-free, and perfectly chilled water at your convenience. Versatile for indoor and outdoor settings and embark on a life-transforming journey. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
ice bath tub - renu therapy - cold exposure

5) Renu Cold Plunge Tub

The Renu Cold Plunge Tub is another user-friendly cold plunge bath tub that provides you with constant cold water exposure. The company offers three revolutionary cold plunge tubs – Cold Stoic, Cold Stoic 2.0, and Siberian Cold Plunge. All of them cool the water down to 36F. 

The 2.0 model is larger, has an additional thermal insulation system, and is more durable. The Siberian is even larger and tougher. All the models come in several customizable designs for personalization. Also, very little maintenance is required and there’s a 5-year warranty. 

The downsides include that this is one of the priciest tubs in the market, and despite this, the company hasn’t included a spa light – it is an optional extra. Also, because its products are handmade, the delivery times are relatively longer. 


  • Highly customizable 

  • Versatile and great for tall people 

  • Superb cooling capabilities 

  • Requires less maintenance 

  • Handmade 

  • Best warranty on this list – 5 years


  • No spa light 

  • Long delivery times

\best cold plunge tub - bluecube - premium ice bath tub

6) Joe Rogan’s Cold Plunge Tub – BlueCube Baths

The custom In-Line Malibu 56 from BlueCube Baths (Our Review) is better known as the cold water exposure solution endorsed by Joe Rogan. It is one of the two ice bathtubs owned by the king of podcasting. Rogan is a martial artist and says that it offers many mental and physical benefits. 

It offers quirks such as cooling down to 36F with its high-powered system, that’s also quite efficient. The reliability is there and the build quality is solid. One of the highlights of this ice bath tub is its water circulation, which ensures that the water doesn’t heat up on prolonged usage. 

The cold water is also kept clean thanks to the 20-micron filter and ozone sanitation, both standard offerings. You should know that BlueCube offers other ice bath tub options as well – CoreChill, Mini-Me, and more. Also, there’s a great warranty of 5 years offered. 

While some reviewers will tell you that the BlueCube products aren’t suitable for outdoor use in rough weather, the main issue with them is their hefty price tags. They’re the most expensive cold plunge tubs on the market today. 


    • Best circulation 

    • Excellent cooling 

    • Superb filtration – low maintenance needs

    • Reliable and durable 

    • Rogan’s seal of approval

    • 5-year warranty


    • Priciest option on this list

    • Better options for outdoor usage

Highest Quality Cold Plunge Device
Bluecube Cold Plunge

Looking for a premier cold plunging experience? Look no further than Bluecube! With the highest flowrate and most powerful chiller on the market, Bluecube completely separates itself from every cold plunge out. Use code 'GrapplersGraveyard' for a $250 discount on your purchase.

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Inflatable Cold Plunges

Inergize Health

inergize cold plunge

If you looking for a great option for an inflatable cold plunge look no further than what is offered at Inergize health. While their tub is not the big differentiator (because most inflatable tubs are made from the same stuff) what we really love about this cold plunge is the chilling unit that comes with it.

Both Inergize Health and Redwood Outdoors went above an beyond when it came to the chilling unit they put on their devices. If we had to recommend one over the other we would go with Inergize health because Redwood is mainly known for making saunas.


  • Best chilling unit of all the inflatable options out there
  • Great for communities and travelers
  • Great flowrate and top-notch quality product


  • It is portable, so if you do not like that then you won’t like this
  • Not the biggest tub on the list
  • Priced close to Polar Monkeys and Plunge tubs
Best Portable Cold Plunge
Inergize Health | The Ultra-Portable Cold Plunge

The tub is crafted with military-grade durability suited for the outdoors and sets up in just 15 minutes. Use code 'GRAPPLER' to save $150 on your purchase

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
best ice bath - cold water therapy

Best Cold Plunge for Small Spaces

High-end cold plunge pools are great but they do tend to take more space. So, if you’re low on room, you can opt for several options on the market. We’ve discussed the Ice Barrel above, but that might be unaffordable for many. 

In comes The Cold Pod, one of the most inexpensive and best portable ice baths available today. 

The Cold Pod – Best Budget Cold Plunge

This is a fun-sized portable ice bath that is a couple of times cheaper than some of the other tubs on this list. It is essentially a large insulated cool bag that you can get in two different configurations. 

The company says that it comes with five layers of thermally insulated cooling technology and  heating and that it provides 100% cold water immersion. You fill it up with cold water and get into it; there’s an inflatable cushion that you can sit on. 

This is easily the best portable cold plunge that you can buy on a budget. Of course, while you get goodies like a hand pump and a drain hose, the simplistic nature of the setup means that there’s no electric cooling or filtration offered. 

most cold plunges, best cold plunge tub, best ice bath

How to Take a Cold Plunge or Ice Bath

There are no complicated instructions when it comes to cold plunges. You just have to fill up the ice bath tub and get into it for a couple of minutes. You’ll have to take regular ice baths to build up your cold water immersion resilience. But what if you have no resilience to cold water at all?

Well, Renu Therapy gives a nice 30-day plan on getting used to the cold. It recommends that you take 60-second cold showers every day for ten days. Then you step up your game by taking 3-minute cold showers for the next ten days, alternating between cold and hot water if needed. 

5-minute cold showers are to be taken for the last ten days, which should get you ready for cold plunges. You can even take up to two days off in the last two 10-day phases. It is likely that you’ll be ready to handle proper ice baths now. 

To take a plunge, you just fill up the tub with water that’s at least 45F cold. Then you submerge yourself in the tub up to your neck, to experience complete cold immersion. For ice baths to take effect, you must take them for at least 2 minutes. Up to 10 minutes is generally preferred. 

You can also dip your face in the water from time to time for further activation of your nervous system. 

benefits of cold plunging

List of Benefits for Cold Plunging

Cold plunging has many mental and physical benefits. Ice baths help your muscles recover faster after you’ve gone through an intense workout. They help reduce inflammation and body pain while enhancing your body’s cardiovascular system. 

Ice baths also improve the resilience of the body to cold water immersion and low temperatures. Your metabolism is improved which in turn leads to you burning fat and losing weight. The immune system is also improved with the concentrations of blood and plasma. 

You’ll notice that you’re more focused and energetic when you need to be. Furthermore, those with sleeping troubles will have a better time going to bed. This is because cold plunges improve the way you handle stress and counter insomnia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions in regards to cold plunges:

Q: Is taking a cold plunge better than taking a cold shower?

Yes, it is. The advantages of cold immersion are related to low water temperatures. Because cold plunges offer lower temperatures, they provide more benefits than cold showers. They effectively lower your body’s temperature quicker than showers. 

Cold plunges improve your immunity in two ways. First, they improve your body’s immune system by improving the concentrations of blood and plasma. Secondly, they also improve the physical resilience of the body.  

Yes, you can cold plunge in your bathtub. You just have to plug the drain and fill up the tub with cold water. However, this can only be useful if your bathtub is deep enough to allow you to immerse in the water properly. 

Also, there will be a lack of circulation of cold water, and the ice will melt quickly. If you want to get the most out of cold plunging you need to have that flow in the water, the only way to really recreate this is by having a high-powered chiller.

Not only will you not be able to benefit as much, but you also won’t be able to plunge for long since the water will warm up quickly. So even though the process will be cheaper, it still won’t beat the experience of a purpose-built cold tub. 

Yes, cold plunge tubs are very useful in numerous ways. They enhance muscle recovery and hence reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. They improve the body’s immune and cardiovascular systems as well. 

The body’s metabolism is also improved so you experience fat loss. Cold plunges also help you manage stress better and fight insomnia as a result. They also enhance focus and make you more energetic when you need to be. 


No, cold showers aren’t as good as ice baths. They don’t lower the body’s temperature as quickly and as low as cold plunges. As a result, they don’t have the same benefits as their bathtub counterparts. Cold showers are a good way to prepare yourself for cold plunges though.


Cold plunges are great until you take the precautions necessary. You can experience hypothermia, drowning, or even heart attacks if you don’t. You therefore need to take it easy before getting exposed to such extreme temperatures. 

Most good cold plunges will start at a price point of over $1,200 to as high as $15,000. They are a large investment into your health or possibly a business. Almost all of the tubs can be financed with 0% APY if you have a good credit score so if the pricetag is too much, consider financing.

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