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Sanabul Gi Review

sanabul gi review
  • Cameron Allen

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Welcome to Grapplers Graveyard, the hub for all things related to martial arts, recovery, and fitness. We recently purchased and tested out the BJJ Gi from Sanabul and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product. Out of all the Gi’s I own at this point (five) I would rank this at the number 2 spot of the Best BJJ Gi I currently own.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump into our review of Sanabul’s Essential BJJ Gi.

sanabul gi review

Competition: Sanabul BJJ Gi

The Sanabul Essential Gi is one of my favorite Gi’s that I have recently purchased. It is a simple colorway with it just being black and red but the simplicity adds a cool factor to it if you ask me. I think the best thing about the Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi is that it is true to size. Their sizing chart on their website was really accurate and for the first handful of wears of this gi, it fit perfectly!

See what I threw in there though? For the first handful of wears, this Sanabul Gi did fit perfectly but after some time it started to shrink a little bit making it only useable when I train. In order to compete in a Gi it needs to have a certain length out on your arms when you put them up in front of you, after some time the Gi started to ride up and ultimately shrink on me.

Outside of this, I really do love this Gi.

If you want to see a video review of me talking about this Gi we have it here:

Sanabul BJJ Gi Review


  • Affordable (only $70 on Amazon)

  • Simple yet stylish

  • Actually Lightweight

  • Comfortable to train in and easy to break in


  • Shrinks after some uses

  • The pants were a bit on the tighter side

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Sanabul Essential BJJ Men's Gi - Top Industry Choice

Just What You Need. We designed the Sanabul Essential Jiu-Jitsu Gi to set a high bar for what you can expect from a BJJ gi whether this is your first Jiu Jitsu gi or an addition to your current line up. Quality construction, clean design, and incredible value make this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi the #1 Best Seller in the industry 

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