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Elite Sports Gear Review

elite sports gi - elite sports gear review

The holiday season is past us at this point and everyone has been wearing their latest gear that they got for Christmas. We were sent over a Gi from Elite Sports and were happy to review the product. We have been training in the Gi for about a week now and got to spend some time rolling around in it before writing this up.  

elite sports gi - elite sports gear review

Elite Sports Gear Review: Camo Gray Gi

We recently connected with the team over at Elite Sports and reached out to review some of their products. In this article, we will be discussing their newest style of Gi, the gray camo Adult BJJ Gi valued at $100. Is the Gi worth its price, how does it feel in training, and its look will all be discussed.

Who is Elite Sports?

Elite Sports is one of the biggest brands in the Brazilian Jiu-JItsu community. They offer rash guards, Gi’s, equipment, and other gear for combat sports athletes. I personally like their Gi-related gear more than I like their no-gi gear, but that is just personal preference. Elite Sports is one of the most easily accessible and beginner-friendly brands in the BJJ space. When you start training, you will notice that you could easily run up a good bag on just buying gear, Elite Sports makes it so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Buying gear with Elite SPorts no longer has to cost an arm and a leg with the majority of their gear being priced between $20 to at most $80.

Elite Sports Jiu-Jitsu Gi


First things first, in the look department for the gray camo adult Gi. The Gi itself looks very nice and does meet our criteria as a fashionable article of clothing to compete in.

The gray camo does not only look good but has gotten us many compliments on the attire while we were training in it this last week. This time of year is when people love to show off all the new things they received for Christmas and it felt good knowing that people were giving nice compliments on the gear we have gotten.

Elite Sports did a great job with this style of Gi. 

elite sports gi - elite sports gear review

Feel & Fit

The Gi’s we have trained in the past have gotten a little stiff on us but we really did like the feel and fit of the Gi we got from Elite Sports.

We normally where an A1L. Finding something that fits our body is always a challenge. Elite sports did not have that specific size so we went with the A2 and it fits our body perfectly. We were a bit nervous about sending in the order for this reason but were happy to find out the sizing chart matched what would exactly fit us.

The gi is IBJJF-approved and is stated to be suitable for all martial arts tournaments. The gi itself is pre-shrunk, lightweight, and feels great to move around in. The Elite sports BJJ Gi is made from a 400gsm pearl weave fabric and the pants have a drawstring for tightening. 

It is always smart to wash any Gi before breaking it in to loosen it up a bit and this is not different. Be sure to hand dry this gi or it may end up shrinking on you!


  • Cheap for a nice-looking Gi
  • Gets a lot of compliments 
  • Great all around to train with
  • Amazing Design and light


  • A little stiff when wearing it for the first couple of times
  • Sized a little big

Elite Sports No-Gi Gear

Elite Sports has everything to offer anyone who is training in any kind of combat sports. Whether you are boxing, doing Muay Thia, or training jiu-jitsu, they have something for you hear… and it is alllllllll cheap!! Like way cheaper than anything else on the market but as you may know, cheap does not always mean the best quality.


I was very disappointed in the shorts I bought from Elite Sports and would have been better saving the $20 I spent to just go buy a meal or two. The shorts were longer than I though, they looked unappealing when i wore them, there was not much breathability and they just flat out had no cool design feel to it. Not my cup of tea to say the least.

Rash Guard

The rash guards from Elite Sports also did not really do it for me. They had a stiff liner at the bottom that made it easier for the rash guard to stay snug to the body when training but other than that there was not much I could say about the rash guard. While I love the Gi equipment from Elite Sports, the no-gi stuff was not my personal favorite and you are best going with another brand like xMartial, Future Kimonos, Gold BJJ, or some of the other brands we have reviewed on our site.


  • Cheap
  • Budget-friendly
  • Appeals to beginners and children (since they will grow out of their gear over time)


  • Stiff & not our favorite gear 
  • Cheaply made

Overall Opinion of Elite Sports Gear

For the $100 price tag of the Elite Sports Gray Camo BJJ Gi, we think it is worth it. Personally, we love the look of the camo and it truly does feel good to roll around in. The looks of the Gi are unique and we have not seen anyone at our gym wearing the same Gi so we do stand out when training which is always a plus.

We have a couple of Gi’s now and are happy to have picked this one up. The gray camo looks cool online but even better in person!

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