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Best MMA Gloves

best mma gloves

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There are several factors to pay attention to as you choose the perfect MMA gloves for combat. Your search must satisfy the requirements of the perfect mix of durability, protection, a secure fit, proper padding, and high-quality manufacturing of materials.

You are very likely to find all these qualities in the major MMA glove brands including Hayabusa, Venum, and Everlast. Make sure that your training requirements are being considered in your MMA glove selection.

Most pro-style MMA fighting gloves will do the job, but buying MMA gloves that fit you right will put you leagues above other MMA fighters. Here’s all you need to know about the top MMA gloves today

best mma gloves

Best MMA Gloves: Trainer’s Top Picks

best mma gloves

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

These gloves generally suit all category types from beginners to professionals in combat sports. They typically comprise of weight ranging from 4 to 16 ounces. With several layers of molded foam padding, one is prone to find a durable, comfortable, and fortified tool for training.

Moreover, the quality of synthetic leather reinforces the shield to wear and tear. Venum is a brand that does not compromise on the three major attributes in the department of premium quality leather, performance, and comfort.


  • With multiple high-quality coatings, the gloves ensure complete hand protection

  • High-quality synthetic leather makes these gloves extremely durable

  • The Velcro closure system is a major standard that ensures a tight fit, allowing for optimal wrist support


  • The quality and breathability of synthetic leather are lacking against genuine leather

  • The size might be that of a loose fit, therefore it is necessary to select the best gloves

Venum MMA Gloves
best mma gloves

RDX MMA Gloves

This is typically a recommended choice for anyone who plans to pursue mixed martial arts. The most considerably common weight taken up is 4 ounces for competing. However, these might range from 4 to 7 ounces.

These are the best gloves, known for their extreme shielding by cushioned padding, providing maximum protection even in a hard MMA training session. RDX MMA gloves are also manufactured from synthetic leather, resulting in longevity. Protection, optimum support, and comfort are all the second names for RDX MMA gloves.


  • Their dense padding is a great form of protection especially in extreme forms of sports

  • Synthetic leather provides durability in an inexpensive face

  • The Velcro closure system provides a tight and snug fit

  • RDX MMA gloves are a stylish and durable duo, offered by these gloves


  • Synthetic leather is used, so the quality might be lacking in some departments

  • The sizing and fitting may go loose or a bit tighter than required

  • These gloves come with a break-in period, so you cannot train with full intensity immediately

  • The stitching and padding may wear down before their optimized time frame

  • RDX gloves are often priced at a mid-range level, which may drive you to purchase according to your budget

RDX MMa Gloves
best mma gloves

Sanabul MMA Gloves

These are another type of gloves that are popular among fighters ranging from beginners and advanced athletes for good reasons. They are available in a wide range of 4 to 16 ounces, allowing you the option to choose at your own convenience.

Multi-layer foaming and the general construction of these gloves provide durability and protection. The Velcro closure system and the same synthetic leather, again make their appearance. Sanabul is known for its reliability as well as its affordability.


  • Highly durable, long-lasting, and great for heavy bag training

  • Very versatile and suitable for grappling exchanges

  • Adjustable wrist straps or Velcro strap closure system both provide a suitable fit and support to help prevent injuries


  • Stiffness can result in low breathability that results in sweaty hands and a slipping grip

  • Size can either be larger or smaller than expected

  • Durability may cease as the glove starts wearing out on stitches and padding as a result of usage

  • The gloves require a break-in period so that they fit the hand well in a period of time

Sanabul MMA Gloves
best mma gloves

Honorable Mention: Everlast MMA Gloves

Everlast MMA gloves are indeed worthy of a mention on this list. With their multi-layer foam padding, these gloves offer good protection during training and fighting reinforcing quality and durability.

Secure snug fit, featuring a full Velcro strap system and the same synthetic faux leather are again used for its affordability and longevity purpose.


  • Everlast MMA gloves include durability, quality construction, and good protection with multi-layer foam padding

  • They are made with synthetic leather, striking a balance between durability and affordability

  • The secure closure system ensures a snug fit

  • They offer reliable support to fighters from any level


  • Break-in periods are required to dissolve stiffness, just as any other pair of gloves

  • Users have complained that the stitching might go undone in an extended period of use, requiring maintenance

  • Sizing and fitting may also may also pose a problem if not fitted well on the hands

Everlast MMA Gloves
best mma gloves

Official UFC Gloves

The UFC official gloves are a designated must-have for mixed martial arts competition and training. They are generally found in the range of 4-6 ounces, striking a balance between protection and allowing for grappling techniques.

These gloves secure the knuckles with extreme padding and protection, reducing the risk of injuries. Wrist support, Velcro closures, and adjustable strap allow extreme sustainability. High-quality synthetic materials are durable and provide flexibility for striking and grappling movements. Wearing them will make you feel like a true UFC warrior!


  • They offer excellent wrist support and hand protection with their high-quality padding and design

  • The gloves are made with durable materials to withstand intense training and fights

  • They provide a comfortable and taut fit to the hands


  • Users have complained over its costly availability as compared to other brands

  • Due to their extreme mass, some users find that the gloves can feel a bit uncomfortable

Official UFC Gloves

Features To Look For When Buying The Best MMA Gloves

  • Size & Fitting

    When choosing the best MMA gloves, size and fit are crucial features to consider. You want gloves that provide a snug and secure fit to ensure proper hand and wrist support during training or fights.

    Make sure to opt for gloves that offer adjustable closures, like Velcro straps, to customize the fit to your preference. You should also look for gloves with padding that is evenly distributed to protect your hands and knuckles.

    It’s important to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your hand shape and size.

  • Type of Glove (Training, Competition, or Grappling)

    It’s important to consider the type of gloves that suit your needs. There are a few different types of gloves available, including training gloves, competition gloves, and grappling gloves. Each of these has its own important features to look for.

    Training gloves should provide ample padding and durability for intense training sessions and workouts. Competition gloves should meet all the regulations set by the governing bodies and provide a balance between protection and flexibility.

    Grappling gloves should always have open fingers and a secure grip to allow for grappling and submission holds. You should consider your specific training or fighting requirements to choose the type of gloves that best suits your needs.

  • Padding and Protection

    You’ll want gloves that provide enough padding to protect your hands and knuckles during strikes and punches. You should look for gloves with multi-layered foam padding that offers shock absorption and distributes impact evenly.

    Make sure the gloves have a secure closure system, like Velcro straps, to ensure a snug fit and prevent any accidental slips during training or fights. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and protection of your hands when choosing MMA gloves.

  • Closure System (How it wraps to your wrists)

    You should always look for gloves with a secure closure, like Velcro straps, that provide a customizable fit. This will allow you to adjust the tightness to your preference, ensuring a snug and supportive fit for your wrists.

    A good closure system will help keep the gloves in place during intense training or fights, reducing the risk of any slippage or discomfort. Make sure to choose MMA gloves with a reliable closure system that offers both comfort and stability for your wrists.

  • Material

    It is recommended to get gloves made from high-quality materials that are durable and provide maximum comfort. Common materials used for MMA grappling gloves include genuine leather and synthetic leather.

    Genuine leather gloves offer excellent durability and a premium feel, while synthetic leather gloves are often more affordable and easier to maintain.

    It is important to choose a material that suits your preferences and training needs. So, take into account the durability, comfort, and performance of the material when selecting the best MMA sparring gloves for you.

  • Finger Opening

    Always look for MMA grappling gloves with open fingers that provide dexterity and flexibility for grappling and submission holds. This will allow for better grip and control during training or fights.

    Additionally, you should ensure that the finger openings are reinforced and well-stitched to prevent any tearing or discomfort. Having open fingers in your MMA sparring gloves can greatly enhance your performance and overall experience in the sport.

  • Weight

    You should find MMA sparring gloves that have an appropriate weight for your training or fighting needs. Heavier gloves provide more padding and protection, making them suitable for sparring or heavy bag workouts and easier on your hands and wrists.

    Lighter MMA training gloves offer more speed and agility, making them ideal for quick strikes and combinations. Choose a weight that aligns with your skill level and training goals. Getting the right weight of the gloves will ensure optimal performance and comfort during your Mixed Martial Arts training sessions.

  • Brand and Reputation

    Gloves should always be bought from reputable brands that have a strong presence in the MMA community. MMA brands with a good reputation often prioritize quality, durability, and performance in their products. They have a track record and reputation for producing gloves that meet the needs of fighters and trainers.

    Additionally, reputable brands often have a wide range of options like colors and sizes to choose from, allowing you to find the gloves that best suit your preferences and requirements.

  • Compliance

    Compliance is an important feature to consider when buying MMA gloves. You should look for gloves that comply with the regulations and standards set by MMA governing bodies.

    These regulations are set to ensure that the gloves meet safety requirements and provide adequate protection for both fighters. Look for gloves that are approved by combat sports organizations such as the UFC or local MMA commissions.

Knockout Protection – What Makes MMA Gloves Essential For Hand Safety In The Cage?

Their specific design, including open palm design and their padding and protection, plays a vital role in safety and protection. All thanks to their unique opened finger and secured padded knuckles design-allowing for impact absorption and hand mobility.

So, when it comes to knockout protection, MMA gloves play an important role in keeping your hands safe while delivering powerful blows.

How MMA Gloves Promote Hygiene In The Ring

MMA gloves, apart from their safety purposes, are also known for their hygiene in the ring. One way they do this is by reducing any risk of infection from bodily fluids such as sweat and blood.

Moreover, synthetic materials are washable allowing a thorough sanitization of any harmful chemicals that may be found on the fighting gloves themselves, helping to reduce any potential harm of illness and promoting a clean ground of fight for the athletes.

How Top-Quality MMA Gloves Enhance Performance In The Ring?

Top-notch MMA gloves provide a striking balance between comfort, flexibility, and protection. These gloves are designed with quality raw materials, along with advanced technology to maximize performance size.

They allow for a secure and snug fit, improving hand and finger dexterity, which is important for movements such as grappling and striking. The extra padding used in top-quality gloves reduces the risk of hand injuries and fatigue during long fights by absorbing impact. Enhancing your performance through confidence can take your experience to another level.

How To Break In MMA Gloves

To break in your MMA gloves, you can start by wearing them during light training sessions. This allows the gloves to mold to the shape of your hand and become more comfortable over time. You can also try flexing and squeezing the gloves to help loosen up the material.

Remember to gradually increase the intensity of your training while wearing the new gloves to ensure they are fully broken in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use The Same MMA Gloves For Sparring, Training, And Competition?

It’s generally recommended to have separate pairs of MMA gloves for sparring, training, and competition. Sparring gloves tend to have more padding to ensure the safety of you and your training partners.

Training gloves can be used for heavy bag work and drills, while competition gloves are typically lighter and have less padding for better speed and precision. Having dedicated gloves for each purpose helps maintain their quality and longevity. Stay safe and ready for any challenge!

To determine the right size of MMA gloves for you, you can use a simple measurement method. Measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb. Then, refer to the sizing chart provided by the glove manufacturer to find the corresponding size.

It’s important to note that sizing may vary slightly between different brands, so always check the specific sizing guidelines for the gloves you’re interested in. Finding the right size ensures a comfortable and secure fit for optimal performance in the ring.

It’s generally better to size up in gloves if you’re in between sizes whether you choose lace-up MMA gloves or standard MMA gloves. This allows for a bit of extra room and ensures a more comfortable fit.

However, it’s always a good idea to refer to the sizing chart provided by the glove manufacturer to find the best fit for your specific hand measurements. Remember, a proper fit is essential for optimal performance and protection in the ring.

For grappling, open-fingered gloves are generally preferred as they provide more dexterity and flexibility for grabbing and controlling your opponent. They allow for a better grip and make it easier to execute grappling techniques.

However, the choice between open-fingered and closed-fingered grappling gloves ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific rules of the competition or training session. Give both styles a try and see which one feels more comfortable for your grappling style!

The ideal amount of padding for MMA gloves is typically around 4 to 6 ounces. This provides a good balance between protection for both the wearer and their training partners, while still allowing for effective striking and grappling techniques.

It’s important to find gloves with adequate padding to minimize the risk of injury during training or competition. Stay safe and enjoy your MMA journey!

Hand wraps provide additional support and protection to the wrists, knuckles, and bones of the hand. They help absorb impact and reduce the risk of injuries during training or competition.

Wrapping your hands properly can enhance the stability and comfort of your gloves, allowing you to perform at your best. Don’t forget to learn the proper hand-wrapping technique for maximum benefit.

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