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Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu-Jitsu Gi Review

hayabusa gi review
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Welcome to Grapplers Graveyard, the home for grapplers and martial artists around the world. If you are in the market to purchase a new Gi and have been combing the web to find the best BJJ Gi this post is for you. We bought and tested out Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu-Jitsu Gi for the past couple of months and wanted to share what we have experienced. Overall, it was not the best purchase we made and unfortunately makes it to the bottom of our top 5.

Let’s dive in.

hayabusa gi review

Competition: Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight BJJ Gi

Okay, so I had high hopes for this Gi when I first bought it. Hayabusa is a well-known fightwear brand that has some sick-looking gear. Naturally, when I bought the lightweight jiu-jitsu gi I was hoping to have the same kind of quality as some of their other Gi but I slowly realized it was not what I hoped for it to be.

Not to say this Gi is not high quality, I just felt as though it had some problems. The biggest were the sizing, the durability, and the weight. For a lightweight gi I felt as though that it was still on the heavier side compared to something like the Gold BJJ Gi I have. Also, with this Gi being $120, I was hoping that no issues would arise with the quality of the product but again was mistaken.

After a couple of uses and air dry sessions, the Gi did experience some sun bleaching. Sure, that may have been my fault to a degree but it has yet to happen to any of the other gi’s I own. Also, sizing was a bit off so that also adds to it.

In this video I go over some of the issues outlined in this article so check it out:

Hayabusa Lightweight Gi Review


  • Semi-Affordable

  • Easy to purchase right through Amazon

  • Breathable when you train in it


  • Heavier than other lightweight jiu-jitsu gis

  • Sizing chart is off

  • Sun-bleached after a handful of uses

Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight | Pearlweave Jiu Jitsu Gi

This gi’s ultra-lightweight construction allows you to move fluidly with no restriction as you roll. Its fabric is perfect for competition, and its durability makes it the perfect training gi as well. Dominate the mat in a Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Gi!

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