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Can I Dry My Jiu-Jitsu Belt in the Dryer?

can i dry my jiu jitsu belt in the dryer

Oops, you did it again, didn’t you? You left your gi, pants, and belt all in the washing machine right before you were about to head off to class. No worries, we got you covered. We have been there many times because well, we are just as forgetful. In this article, we will cover whether or not you can dry for jiu-jitsu gear in the dryer or not.

Can I Dry My Jiu-Jitsu Belt in the Dryer? (You Can)

Yes, you can dry your jiu-jitsu belt in the dryer if you need to speed up the process of drying your gear in time for training. Just like you, I hate training in wet clothing. It is actually the worst and highly recommend you do not do it. Your jiu-jitsu belt is completely safe from shrinking in the dryer if you dry it for 30 minutes on delicate/low heat. We advise you not to put on high heat because that may lead to shrinking.

Do not dry your gi or gi pants in the dryer unless you want them to shrink. Your jiu-jitsu gi and pants are not safe from the grips of shrinking clothing if you end up putting them in there. It is advised to have multiple gi’s so that if you find yourself in this situation you have a clean one for backup.

Your Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi, gi pants, rash guards, and spats should all be left outside to hang dry for the best drying results. Direct sunlight on the clothing will not cause shrinkage but it may lead to color fading so keep that in mind.

How to wash and shrink your BJJ Gi

Washing your Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi is easy.

Please for the love of all things, wash your gi after every training session. Your teammates are judging you if you come to class smelling like last week’s dirty laundry. It is gross, do not be that person. Washing your jiu-jitsu gi and all other related gear consists of the following steps:

  1. Take off gi immediately after training (and all no-gi gear)

  2. Place all my gear in the washing machine

  3. Add detergent and do not add fabric softener

  4. Put the washer on normal temperature and wash

  5. After the gear is washed, take the clothing out to air-dry

A five-step process but it almost comes naturally after doing it for so long.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Belt and BJJ GI?

Washing your jiu-jitsu belt can be done less frequently than the actual gi or gear that you have. I wash my belt about once every couple of months or when I notice that it is getting discolored. I personally just don’t want my stripes to fall off so I do not wash it as often as some people may. I know others who do not wash their belt so it’s a personal preference with this to be completely honest.

Now, washing your BJJ gis, rash guards, spats, and gi pants are way different. Wash your gi and all other gear after every training session that you complete. If you plan on training twice in a day, wash your clothing in between sessions.

It is completely unacceptable to not wash your gi or other gear that you have sweated in. Not only is it gross but it leaves a terrible smell. Your teammates will not appreciate you showing up to class smelling like that and then trying to roll with them.

Other Personal Hygiene Pet Peeves

Personal hygiene is a must. It is completely unacceptable to go to training and not take care of simple things like washing your clothing. There are other pet peeves that many people do not voice due to the uncomfortable nature of these types of conversations, so let me be the bad guy.

  1. Clip your fingernails and toenails

  2. Do not walk off the mat barefoot and step back on without wiping your feet

  3. Do not pick the skin on your feet while on the mat

  4. Put on deodorant

  5. Wash your body, clothes, and hair

It is crazy that we have to tell people this but it always seems to slip people’s minds.

Having Multiple Sets of Gear

We get it, sometimes you forget your Gi is in the ash machine or you simply just forget to wash it, and that is totally fine. It is one thing to forget but a completely different thing to decide to go on a train in that gear. It is important to have a rotation of Gis, rash guards, spats, and other BJJ-related gear so that in the case that you do forget, you still have the ability to train.

It is recommended to have 2 or 3 different sets of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clothing. I have more like four gi’s that I rotate through at a time, 6 rash guards, and a couple of pairs of spats. We can save you some time here, check out other articles on our site.

How To Dry a Gi

Drying your BJJ Gi is super easy. Once you are done with the washing of your gear, you should air-dry all of it. Try not to put gear i the direct sunlight to avoid colors from fading and do not put your gear in the dryer.

The only material that can be put in the dryer with no harm done to it is your BJJ belt.

Do not use fabric softener or bleach

Fabric softener and bleach will ruin your BJJ clothing, do not use either of them when you are washing your gear. When washing your gi, shorts, spats, and gi pants, wash in cold water with a light amount of laundry detergent.

Bad Odors Start From Bacteria

Bad odors on your BJJ gear come from sweat-collecting on the clothes, our excessive amount of moisture without a proper wash. Bad odors can occur even after you have washed your BJJ gear if you have not taken the proper steps to dry the gear after. So right after you are done washing your gear, be sure to take the time to put it out for air drying.

Washing your BJJ gear is a must. This is a non-negotiable for our gym and pretty much all gyms across the board. Not washing your gear will result in the infection of you and other people along the way. Let’s work together to keep the gym clean and sanitized so no one has to sit on the sideline for preventable skin infections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wash My BJJ Belt?

Yes, you should wash your BJJ Belt. You do not have to wash it as frequently as you would the Gi, rash guards, or spats that you may own but it is always good to run your belt through the wash from time to time.

How Do I Remove Odors From My Gi?

Remove odors and stains on your BJJ by washing your Gi with laundry detergent inside the washing machine on cool/cold water settings. The stink will go away after a wash inside there on these settings. Be sure to take the gi (and other gear) out when the wash is complete and leave it out for an air dry.

How Do I Get My Gi White Again?

White gi’s will stay white if you are top of washing them and keeping them out of the washing machine when there are colored clothes also being washed. Do not mix your colors and whites is sound advice at the end of the day.

How Do You Wash and Dry Rash Guards and Spats?

Wash your rash guards and spats the same way you would wash your gear or any other pair of athletic/athleisure wear that you own. Wash in cool water with detergent and do not add fabric softener. After washing them, you should leave outside to air dry.