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Sanabul Highlight Pro Gi Review

Welcome back to another review from Grapplers Graveyard. We told you a couple of weeks ago that the team over at Sanabul reached out to us to send us a haul of combat sports gear consisting of a handful of sparring gloves, some rash guards, and two gis. In a previous review, we looked closely at the Sanabul Core Series Gi but this week we have been testing out the Highlights Pro Gi which seems to be the model right above the Core Series in price.

As a reminder, Grapplers Graveyard is an unbiased review site. We will not sacrifice our thoughts on a product just for the sake of making money.

We rate this Gi a 9 out of 10 on the Graveyard Scale. This Gi combines a lot of things that we like from some of our top-rated Gi’s. It is lightweight, has a cool liner on the inside that does not create a warm environment (for overheating), feels great on the body, and is at a great price for what it offers.

BJJ Gi Review – Sanabul Highlight Pro Gi

After a week of trying out this Gi, I do have to say that I enjoy this Gi more than the other Sanabul Gi’s that I have tested out (Essential Gi Review & Core Series Gi Review). The main reason I liked this one more is because 1) it has the cool sleek liner on the inside that added a bit of flavor to the Gi 2) it combines the best aspects of the Essential and Core Series into one product.

This Gi is on the light side, breathable, does not constrict movement, and overall an objectively good product.

Looks (1.7/2)

I rated the Core Series BJJ Gi a 1.6 in this category and gave the Highlight Pro a 1.7 strictly because of the liner on the inside. The two gi’s are basically the same in the looks department besides that one simple difference.

Mobility/Feel/Sturdiness (2/2)

Throughout the week of training in this Gi, I felt really good moving around. In the crotch area, there is a lot of flexibility and space so you are not being constricted in movement in the sensitive areas. I noticed that the Gi pants on that come with this Gi have more leeway than other products I have tested to around those sensitive areas.

The Gi itself is again more on the lightweight side (still not the lightest) and will give you full range of motion to roll around in.

Shrinking (1/1)

Obviously, this is a ll or nothing category for me. After washing and using this Gi multiple times throughout the week, the Gi did not shrink. I advise anyone who is a spectrum size like me (A1L, A2L, etc) to just go up to the nearest size. So if you are an A1L just get the A2 since Sanabul does not offer an A1L.

Weight (3.3/4)

This Gi is sitting at 425 gsm (grams per square meter). It is not the lightest Gi that we own but again is not something that feels too heavy on the body. If you are looking for the lightest Gi possible we suggest going to Gold BJJ.

Again we like the style and fit of this Gi and gave it a fair rating in this category.

Breathability (1/1)

The Highlights Pro BJJ Gi is easy to move around in and fits well with the body. Overall it is a very free and forgiving product that allows for seamless movement on the mats.

Price and Personal Preference

The highlights pro BJJ Gi from Sanabul is priced at $125 for the all-black and all-white model but the colored models are all $100. I am not sure why they went this route but for the product you are getting, I think it is well worth it.

On the Graveyard Scale this scored high and there are products on the market that are objectively worse than this priced higher. If you are looking for a good quality product for your kid or yourself, I do think that the Gi’s from Sanabul are a great choice.

We have reviewed and tested three of their models at this point. Please be sure to check out those reviews if you are shopping around:


  • Cool design elements with the liner on the inside

  • Movement is easy, especially in the pants

  • Relatively lightweight

  • Perfect fit and high-quality product


  • $100 product (I think it is a fair price for what you get)