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Improving Mental Clarity and Focus with Cold Plunging

Improving Mental Clarity and Focus with Cold Plunging

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Cold water immersion is just the process of taking your body and submerging it in cold water. There have been studies done over the past couple of years that states that this practice has a number of health benefits, some of those benefits being things like a decrease in inflammation, boosts of energy, and an increased sense of mental clarity (source). Cold plunging itself can be done at home or at a local wellness center but if you decide to bring it home, just be aware the practice is not cheap!

If you are inclined to do so, it may be best to just buy the budget options that are available on the market or just go the DIY route!

Relief from Short-term Stress with Cold Plunging

To our audience, it is typical for someone to turn to jiu-jitsu or a form of martial arts to relieve stress in everyday life but there may be another way we can do that just by simply dunking in cold water. Whether you choose exercise or cold plunging to relieve your stress, it is important to find an outlet.

We all experience some form of stress, it is a reality of the life that we live as humans on this earth. Instead of reaching for some mind-numbing tv show, the doom scroll on TikTok, or stress eating, give cold exposure a shot at helping relieve the stress!

You will initially doubt every aspect of cold diving (trust us, we did too), but after the initial shock of the water wears off, you might start to feel something else—a sense of calm. 

Improving Mental Clarity and Focus with Cold Plunging

Cold water exposure, better known as cold plunging, is something that can help improve your cognitive function, focus, and discipline. Many people will argue that there is no evidence behind the actual benefits of cold plunging (there is) but you cannot argue that it can help you mentally.

Doing things that are hard and not easy, like exercise or martial arts, builds discipline because it is not every day that we “feel” like doing the task that we know we should be doing. This is no different from cold plunging. It is one of those things that pushes you mentally each time you decide to partake in building the habit.

I know that when we first started plunging it took a huge amount of focus to not focus on how cold the water was and to just focus on taking deep breaths. This alone left us with a greater sense of accomplishment, resolve, and built up our resilience as a result.

Boost Energy Levels with Cold Plunges

Have you ever felt like you were having a hard time getting through the day and needed a second or third cup of coffee? 

You might be able to just skip the coffee altogether and replace it with a morning cold plunge! The cold water from the cold plunge itself will shock your system and give you that extra jolt of energy you need to go and conquer your day!

Start the Day off With A Win: The Morning Routine of Champions

Life is a game of building momentum. If you keep stacking up small wins each day, each week, and each month, you will eventually look back and see exponential results! Who doesn’t want that? 

It is common for people to try to sell you on this idea that things happen overnight… but in case this is news to you… it NEVER happens overnight. Building a life that is truly extraordinary takes years of getting small wins, over and over again. When they keep stacking the pile just looks very large.

I know cold plunging is not going to earn you millions of dollars or get you that fancy car or big home but the point Im trying to make is that this *seemingly* small task is just a way for you you build momentum before you actually have to go and tackle the things in your life. It is an *easy (no really easy)* way to build that momentum first thing in the morning!

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