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Can I Cold Plunge When Sick?

can I cold plunge while sick

Cold plunging is growing in popularity all around the world. Cold plunging has been found to have many health benefits including boosting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting our overall well-being. However, when it comes to taking on the practice while you are sick you may want to be cautious.

When sick, your body is already working hard to fight off the illness that is in your body. By adding more stress to an already stressed system you may cause the healing process to slow down. But you have to define what sick is before you can really make the assumption on what to do and what not to do.

What happens when you Cold Plunge While sick?

When the feeling of a cold or fever starts to arise our core body temperature tends to be higher than normal. Plunging into cold water may cause a sudden drop in our body temperature and is not really something that should be advised. It is recommended by us to not practice cold plunging while you are not getting the symptoms of a cold.

On the other hand, if you are just congested and maybe a little stuffy, you can still cold plunge. There is a difference between the way your body feels in those two scenarios and it is advised to really be in tune with that before taking a plunge while feeling ill.

Cold Plunging with Fever

If you have a fever, you should not cold plunge.

The best thing you can do in this situation is rest, maybe take a relaxing bath or shower but it is not advised to cold plunge. Let the fever run its course through your body and recover.

Your body is telling you it needs rest and recovery while it fights off the illness you may have. Just focus on that.

Cold Plunging with a Sore Throat or Runny Nose

In this situation, we would say it is okay to still cold plunge but based on how you feel in the moment that should be a decision you should ultimately make for yourself. There are many people that highlight the benefits of cold plunging specifically for building your immune system. Some even sya that cold plunging while feeling a little under the weather can temporarily lift the symptoms of feeling sick but it should be noted that these are just anecdotal remarks and not backed by research.

Everyone’s experience and reaction to cold plunging is going to be different. What works for one person may not work for you specifically.

If you are experiencing extreme symptoms it is generally best to rest and not push yourself too much. 

Let your body recover and do not over-exert yourself.

It is important to understand and know your body in this situation. When sick, we would always side on not cold plunging over cold plunging. We are not medical professionals and if you have any more in-depth questions you should ask a trusted doctor.

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