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How Do You Do Cold Plunges?

how do you do cold plunges

How do you do cold plunges? Cold plunges are the deliberate act of submerging yourself in water ranging from temperatures of 38℉ – 60℉. This practice can be done in a tub or a cold source of water (if you have one near you) so it can be done inside or outside. There are many products on the market ranging from tubs to barrels that help those that want to bring the practice to their home.

What is a Cold Plunge?

Cold plunging is the deliberate act of submerging ourselves in water that ranges from 38 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The practice of cold plunging is not new, it has been practiced for a very long time and is said to have many health benefits for those that get the exposure.

If you are cold plunging for the first time be sure to understand the risks associated with the practice. Cold plunging does not physically hurt, but it is something that will be uncomfortable and give you a fight-or-flight-like response. 

How Do You Do Cold Plunges?

Doing a cold plunge is easy. Whether you have your own cold plunge tub at home or a natural stream of water at your disposal all you have to do is find a cold source of water and submerge yourself.

Find a Tub or Cold Water

Cold water immersion can be done in a tub or a cold stream of water. Best practices are to submerge your body to the shoulders and stay under the water for a couple of minutes to start reaping the benefits associated with cold plunging.

If it is your first time experiencing cold plunging don’t try to stay under for too long under too cold of temperature (anything below 55 ℉) for too long. The first could time should be no longer than 3 minutes. Gradually work yourself up to longer times if you desire but always side on inching yourself forward rather than diving in on the deep end.

Submerge Yourself

Submerge yourself in the cold water for around 3 minutes at shoulder depth to start. When we cold plunge it is always nice to put our head underwater to provide a quick jolt. When you cold plunge focus on taking deep and controlled breaths, cold plunging is just as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one.

Reap the benefits

Seeing the benefits of cold plunging is not something that will happen after 1 or 2 sessions. Consistent and deliberate practice is needed to reap all the health benefits that are associated with cold plunging. 

The only benefit we have experienced almost instantaneously is the focus and mental clarity that comes with practicing. Our days are always starting out on the right foot when we take a quick plunge!

Although cold plunging is popular, it does not mean that the practice is for everyone and that everyone should be doing it. We have a blog directly written for people who train martial arts, the practice of cold plunging is something that helps us with our focus and mental fortitude while training and we have no underlying health conditions that need attention from a doctor or medical professional. Taking a cold shower in the morning could be just as good as a practice for those who cannot cold plunge due to health-related issues.

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