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Escaping Triangle Chokes

how to escape a triangle
  • Cameron Allen

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Escaping triangle chokes is a very important part of getting good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu. at the end of the day, you will more than likely learn this very early on in your journey but we thought it would be helpful to have something written out for those that learn this way. We have video demonstrations of this attached to this article as well as on our YouTube Channel, Grapplers Graveyard.

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Triangle Choke Escape

First things first, there are principles to adhere by when it comes to getting caught in triangle chokes to begin with. Getting caught in one, when it is really sunk in, is extremely difficult. When you are in someone’s guard, the first thing to be mindful of is your hand placement. You will not get stuck in this position if you are aware of where your hands are or how you position them in the first place.

Anytime you are in a defensive position like you are when you are in someone’s guard, side control, or mount, your hand placement is crucial for you not to end up getting submitted. Your hands need to become buddies and stick together, the moment you separate the two opponents notice and can take advantage of your mishap.

Here is an excellent breakdown from Chew Jitsu on how to escape a triangle choke:

We have two of our own methods on how we escape triangles on our YouTube Channel found here:

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