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Joe Rogan’s Ice Bath: BlueCube & Morozko Forge

joe rogan ice bath

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Joe Rogan is a huge advocate for cold plunging and taking ice baths as are we. There is scientific evidence that backs up the fact that just a couple of minutes submerged in cold water a day can significantly boost things like mood and recovery time (source). In this article, we discuss the two cold plunges that Joe Rogan owns in a little more in-depth since they are two of the best cold plunges on the market right now.

What is the Best Cold Plunge?

The best cold plunge on the markets by far are the ones Crafted by these three companies: BlueCube, Odin Plunge, and Morozko. The state-of-the-art craftsmanship is on display with these devices and you can not only see it with the design but also with the specs that are important to cold plunging devices.

To date, we have written and reviewed almost all the top cold plunge devices and have looked to see which is the best for commercial use and residential use. The top cold plunges have the following things listed and stated on their descriptions (things to know before buying):

After reviewing the majority of the cold plunging devices on the market, here is how we would rank the cold plunges from top to bottom in order:

cold therapy, cold exposure, and cold water immersion with a cold plunge device, best ways to get cold exposure

List of Top Cold Plunges (In Oder):

  1. BlueCube (Review)

  2. Odin Ice Baths (Review)

  3. Plunge (Review)

  4. Morozko

  5. Inergize Health (Review)

  6. Polar Monkeys (Review)

  7. The Ice Barrel (Review)

  8. Redwood Outdoors

  9. All “Affordable Options”

This will be an ever-evolving list. As we review more cold plunges and more companies start coming up with new things this will change!

Joe Rogan Ice Bath: BlueCube

Currently, Joe Ragan has two ice baths, one at his studio and one at home. The two cold plunge devices that he owns on some of the best (and higher priced) cold plunges on the market. The practice has gotten increasingly popular due to the influence that Joe Rogan has from being a podcast host and having multiple guests on, like Andrew Hubman, to back up the claims for the benefits of cold exposure.

If you are looking for a way to push yourself mentally, get uncomfortable, boost energy levels, and improve overall health cold plunging is something that should be considered.

joe rogan ice bath, morozko forge vs blue cube

BlueCube Vs. Morozko

The main difference between the two cold plunging devices is that BlueCube Ice baths (review) are commercially capable while Morozoko is not.

Morozko prides itself on the fact that its cold plunges can get so cold that it can create ice. This is unsanitary, as ice cannot circulate through filtration systems and zonation. You can not cold plunge back to back in Morozoko’s tub due to the low amount of circulation of the water. The water will heat up from one person plunging into the tub.

If you own a wellness spa or gym, this means you need a 15-minute cool-down period between guests.

Both cold plunges pretty much sit within the same price range and have great warranties.

Why ice baths are good for you

Cold plunges and ice baths are extremely good for your mental and physical well-being. The benefits of just plunging in the cold temperatures you get from these tubs have scientific evidence that states that it boosts things like recovery time, mental clarity, and other physiological processes in the body.

Extremely cold water puts our bodies in a state of shock that almost forces us into deep breathing exercises. This helps athletes and health enthusiasts around the world get the most out of their minds and bodies.

Can Help Improve Recovery Time

One thing that ice baths and cold plunges help with is improving the time it takes to recover from strenuous exercise. Athletes have been taking ice baths in training facilities for decades now, we even started doing it ourselves back when we were still playing high school sports.

Intense workouts take a lot out of your body especially as you age. Cold plunges immediately after working out or the following day can help in reducing inflammation and reducing muscle soreness.

How long should my first cold plunge be?

Cold plunges should not be too long. you do not have to sit in the cold water for more than a couple minutes especially if you are a beginner to the practice. Even experienced plungers can reap the benefits of a cold plunge by just spending 2 minutes submerged neck deep in the water.

Joe Rogan is a bit of a maniac and has stated that he will sometimes stay in the tub for as long as 13 minutes. Now in a tub like the one created by BlueCube that is a serious accomplishment. The reason we say this is because BlueCubes cold plunge is the best on the market at breaking up the thermal layer that builds up under our skin in an attempt to keep us warm through the high flow rate systems that they create.

Cold plunges that break the thermal layer make the experience of cold plunging much more challenging. The practice is more intense and you reap more benefits the better the flow of the water. If you are looking to add a cold plunge routine to your life, you should seriously consider getting a tub that has a high flow rate.

There are only a few that really state the speed at which their pumps circulate the water within the tub so be sure to read through product descriptions before making a purchase.

joe rogan ice bath

What Cold Plunge Tub Does Joe Rogan Use?

Joe Rogan has two cold plunges. He has the Cold Plunge from Morozko Forge and BlueCube. You can find the cold plunge device from BlueCube below and snag a $250 discount on your purchase when using the code ‘GrapplersGraveyard’. if you are a martial artist or health enthusiast like Joe, the benefits of cold plunging can massively help you in a number of ways. Finance the best cold plunge tub on the market today!

Blue Cube Cold PLunge

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