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Welcome to the Grapplers Graveyard – a website dedicated to helping you Get Smarter, Level Up Your Jiu Jitsu, and Gain a Better Mindset. We discover timeless lessons from grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and then apply them to the real world. We want to connect practitioners around the world and build a global online community of strong-minded individuals.

My name online is BowTiedGrappler.

bowtied grappler

I am on a mission to get my black belt and want to build a massive online community 

I believe that everyone can be happy, wealthy, and healthy.

Discovering Brazilian jiu-jitsu has changed our life for the better. We are personally on a quest to encourage you to consider doing it yourself or help enhance the game of those who have already leaped.

Our mission here at the Grapplers Graveyard is to be a catalyst to help individuals transform their worldview through the application of lessons found in practicing jiu-jitsu.

In real life, I sell software working for one of the top Tech Companies in the world. I am responsible for selling over $3 million of products and am in my early twenties.

I write about Jiu Jitsu, Mindset, Self-improvement, and Health.

You came here because you are thinking of or currently are practicing jiu-jitsu and want more out of yourself – here you will find the information and motivation to get started on your journey and achieve everything you’re capable of.

I review products and write up lists to help you find the most useful items!

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The Grapplers Graveyard

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