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How to Clean Wrestling Shoes

how to clean wrestling shoes, wash wrestling shoes, never machine wash

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Maintain your wrestling shoes with these essential steps when it comes to cleaning your wrestling shoes. The process is not hard and it takes about 10 minutes tops. Cleaning your wrestling shoes ensures good hygiene and longevity on the mat!

how to clean wrestling shoes, wash wrestling shoes, never machine wash

How to Clean Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is already an intense sport and it will demand a lot out of those who decide to take it on. One of the most essential pieces of equipment you will have is a pair of wrestling shoes. The soles of your shoes play a pivotal role in providing you the grip you need to the mat to stay explosive and ensure that athletes don’t slip.

The intensity of the sport comes with the inevitable accumulation of dirt and sweat that may cause your athlete’s shoes to pick up an odor. Proper care of your wrestling shoes is pivotal, here is how you should go about cleaning your wrestling shoes.

Remove laces

Before diving into the first step, gather all the items you will need in the process:

  • Get a soft brush

  • Warm Water

  • Shoe cleaning solution

  • A cloth and Sponge

  • Baking soda (optional)

Warning: Do not throw wrestling shoes in the washing machine, it is not the best method for the sole of the shoes. In the process of getting washed in the washing machine, the grip on the sole may cause wear and tear not only that but also the material of the shoe.

Once all items are gathered, go ahead and remove the laces.

Brush Off Excess Dirt

Using your soft brush, gently scrub off the shoes’ loose dirt. At this point, the brush should be damp and the cleaning solution should not be on it quite yet.


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Cleaning Solution

Mix your cleaning solution with the warm water in a bowl.

Clean the Shoes

Dip a cloth or sponge in the water/solution and gently scrub your shoes clean. Focus on the areas with stains and the areas that are particularly dirty. The goal here is to get the shoes clean without damaging the fabric on the outside of the shoe. Scrub until you think the shoes are thoroughly cleaned.

how to clean wrestling shoes to prevent athlete's foot and avoid putting in direct sunlight

Air Dry Your Shoes Completely

The best method to dry your wrestling shoes is to let them air dry. Try to avoid direct heat and sunlight on the shoe because that may cause fading or the weakening of the material. Try not to place shoes near a dryer or heater because that will cause the shoes to reshape and compromise the structure of the shoe.

Do not rush the process of drying, even if you have a match coming up. Let your shoes dry completely to ensure that the odor or dirt is completely off the shoe.

Use Absorbant Material

A few ways to get the shoes to dry a little bit quicker is to use absorbent material like paper towels or newspaper. Stuffing your wrestling shoes when they are air drying with this material will decrease the time it takes for your shoes to dry up and help keep the shape. try to replace the newspaper every couple of hours because it may get soggy.

Maintain The Shape

While your shoes are drying, you can also use tree shoes to help maintain the shape of the shoe if you are really worried about losing the fit you have. Ballig up socks and stuffing the shoe with them will also help.

Prevent Foul Odor

Preventing the odor from coming back to your shoes is a pretty easy process. You can either buy shoe deodorizer from Amazon and place the packet inside the shoe or you can sprinkle baking soda inside the shoe to help neutralize the smell. If you use the baking soda method, be sure to let sit overnight. When you take them up in the morning, be sure to just shake out of the excess baking soda before wearing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash your wrestling shoes in the washing machine?

It is not advised to wash your wrestling shoes inside te washing machine. Washing your wrestling shoes in the washing machine will damage the material on the outside of your shoe as well as affect the grip on the sole. Excessive washing of your wrestling shoes will result in you having to buy another pair sooner than you may want to.

Do you wear socks in your wrestling shoes?

Wearing socks with wrestling shoes is a common practice. When choosing socks to wear, consider wearing lightweight, moisture-wicking options. Ultimately, whether or not to wear socks with wrestling shoes is a personal preference, and some individuals may choose to go without socks.

Are wrestling shoes good for the gym?

Wrestling shoes are good for the mats. It is not advised to wear wrestling shoes outside or at the gym. When you are off the mat or get done training it is best to walk around in a pair of tennis shoes.

Is it okay to dry wrestling shoes in direct sunlight?

It is not advised to dry your wrestling shoes directly in the sun. Sunlight may damage the material on the outside of the shoe and make it easier to tear in your bouts.

How often should I wash my wrestling shoes?

Wrestling shoes can accumulate dirt, sweat, and bacteria over time, especially considering the intense physical activity involved in wrestling. Cleaning them regularly is essential to maintain hygiene and prolong their lifespan. It would be a good idea to clean them when they get excessively wet, when they start to small, or they just look gross.