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How to Get Better at Wrestling

how to get better at wrestling

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Wrestling has been getting more and more attention, with more aspiring wrestlers than ever. However, there is also just as much complicated advice available that disheartens these beginner wrestlers.

But the reality is that progressing in wrestling is quite simple. You just have to do the following:

Read below to learn all about how to become better at wrestling.

How to Get Better at Wrestling

Like most sports, wrestling also has specific ways to progress quickly. There are many different tips and tricks to help you become the best wrestler in your weight class this wrestling season. Below listed are the most efficient ways to progress at wrestling.

Technique and Mastering the Basics

For starters, you should build perfect technique and aim to master the basics. It is very important to focus on learning and perfecting the fundamental wrestling moves and techniques, such as takedowns, escapes, and pins.

Practicing these exercises, moves, and techniques countless times will allow you to build speed, strength, and agility, it will also build muscle memory and help you improve your execution. Make sure to pay attention to the little details like leverage and body position, these can and will make a big difference in how you perform in competition.

Developing a Wrestler’s Mindset

When it comes to building a wrestler’s mindset, it should be unshakable with unmatched confidence. The reason for this is that wrestling is not just about strength. Mental toughness, resilience, discipline, and work ethic are just as important, if not more.

As a wrestler, you should train your mind to stay focused, determined, and confident in your abilities. Remember to visualize and manifest the success you desire and set realistic goals for yourself.

Do not take challenges and setbacks to your heart, approach and embrace them as opportunities for growth and maintain a positive attitude throughout your journey.

Weight room and Strength Building

After you’ve mastered your discipline and built perfect wrestling skills, then come the weights. Explosive strength has a big role in wrestling, which is why building your strength should be a priority.

You should incorporate strength training exercises into your weekly training routine in a variety of intensities and rep ranges.

Focus on building a powerful core, legs, and upper body. These are all essential in wrestling, remember, when two opponents with the same skill level brawl, the stronger one will usually walk out victorious.

Compound movements like the squat, deadlift, bench press, and power-cleans are all beneficial exercises. If you do not have access to a full gym, burpees, pull-ups, and push-ups can also help in becoming a better wrestler.

These movements will help you build explosive power, strength, and endurance in your wrestling matches.

Overcoming Challenges and Staying Resilient

In the end, building patience and resilience is the final virtue of a good wrestler. Wrestling, like other mixed martial arts, is by no means easy. You will often find yourself losing and cornered in a wrestling season or match, and you will also find yourself winning and feeling on top of the world.

A true wrestler and athlete will always display good sportsmanship in both of these scenarios. They do not let the wins get to their head, nor do they let their losses determine their future. As a wrestler, you must embrace failure, accept it as a learning experience, and bounce back stronger in the future.

When you find yourself against obstacles, make sure to ask for a helping hand from your fellow wrestlers, or ask for guidance from your coach. Make sure to give your body adequate rest periods as overtraining can also lead to injuries and weak performances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to improve my wrestling?

If you’re looking to improve your wrestling skills in the off-season, there are several key things you should make your priority.

For starters, learn the importance of firmly established skills. You must master the basic wrestling moves like takedowns, escapes, and pins, and practice these movements regularly to build muscle memory. A huge part of wrestling training is to pay attention to details like positioning and leverage.

Secondly, you must develop a wrestler’s mindset. Stay focused, and determined, and build unshakable confidence. Manifest success and set achievable goals for yourself.

After this, focus on hitting the weights and work on building explosive strength and the maximum mobility possible in your core, legs, and upper body.

Lastly, embrace challenges, and accept that you will face failures and setbacks as opportunities for growth. Remember to stay resilient and patient, and seek guidance from coaches and fellow teammates.

Being consistent with your training and following these tips will help you make progress in no time.

How important is nutrition in wrestling?

Nutrition plays an essential role in wrestling. It’s not just about what happens during training, but also what you put into your body in the kitchen. Eating a healthy and nutritious high-protein diet will help fuel your body and allow it to give the best performance possible.

A balanced diet helps with muscle recovery, energy levels, and building overall strength. You should aim for a high-protein(1 gram of protein per Lb of body weight) diet that includes lean proteins like chicken breast, complex carbohydrates like pasta, and healthy fats like avocados and nuts.

Hydration also holds huge importance, so make sure to drink plenty of water(at least 8 glasses or 2 liters), adding electrolytes is also an excellent way to be hydrated better.

Wrestling is a highly demanding combat sport which is why fueling your body with nutritious, unprocessed, and high-protein food will give you the energy to perform at your best. Make sure to pay attention to your diet and what goes into your body and you will notice a positive difference in your endurance and strength.

How can I build strength for wrestling?

To build strength for wrestling, there are a few key strategies you can focus on.

Start by incorporating resistance training in your weekly training routine through compound exercises. This can include multiple muscle group-targeting exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and power cleans. All of these are great movements for building strength in the whole body.

Secondly, make sure to emphasize core training. Planks, Russian twists, and hanging leg raises are all amazing exercises to build a strong core. A strong and stable core not only looks aesthetic but it is very versatile and helps in being a better wrestler.

Lastly, make sure to train your endurance to condition your body. In a wrestling match, big and strong muscles are useless if you get gassed out within minutes. Make sure to do your cardio regularly after strength training sessions to strengthen your cardiovascular endurance.

Can I do wrestling drills at home to improve? What are some drills I can do alone?

There are many wrestling drills that you can do at home to improve your skills, even without a training partner.

One interesting technique you can try is shadow wrestling. Perform this by mimicking different moves and techniques like a double leg takedown, a half Nelson, or a single leg takedown, focusing on your footwork, stance, and positioning, this will help you understand movements better and build a better mind-muscle connection.

Another excellent option is practicing your shots and takedowns on a wrestling dummy or even a stuffed pillow or backpack. This will help you work on your penetration steps and explosiveness. Solo drills like sprawls, sit-outs, and hand-fighting groundwork exercises to improve your speed and reaction time are also beneficial.

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