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Basic Wrestling Moves

basic wrestling moves

The art of wrestling is vast. Whether you are a beginner wishing to get a feel of the mat, or an amateur wanting to brush on the basics, this article is for you. Read below to learn all about basic wrestling moves and much more.

basic wrestling moves

Basic Wrestling Moves

  1. Single Leg Takedown: This move involves grabbing your opponent’s leg and pushing forward to take them down to the mat.

  2. Double Leg Takedown: Similar to the previous movement, however, this time you grab both your opponent’s legs and drive forward to bring them down.

  3. Sprawl: This is when your opponent tries to perform a takedown; you sprawl by pushing your hips back, dropping your weight back to deflect and counter their attack.

  4. Stand-Up: This is usually used when you’re in the bottom position. You push off the mat with your hands like a pushup and explode up to get back on your heels.

  5. Ankle Pick: This move is a slightly more technical takedown. It involves you grabbing and pulling your opponent’s ankle to off-balance them and take them down.

Fundamental Wrestling Moves

  1. High Crotch: This move involves shooting in on one of your opponent’s leg. However, instead of grabbing it like in a single leg takedown, you wrap your arm around their thigh and drive through with your weight to secure the takedown.

  2. Switch: When you’re on your back, a switch allows you to reverse your opponent’s control. This is when you quickly change your position, turning from your back to your stomach facing your opponent.

  3. Granby Roll: Although not a technique, this move is used when your opponent is on top and you want to escape. Performing this by rolling back and forth, and using momentum to create space and get out from under your opponent.

  4. Headlock: A headlock essentially involves wrapping your arm around your opponent’s head and using the leverage of their neck to control them. Headlock variations can be used to set up throws or takedowns.

  5. Arm Drag: An arm drag is basically grabbing and pulling your opponent’s arm to create an opening for a takedown attempt or a finishing move like an arm bar.

Best Wrestling Finishing Moves

  1. Power Half-Nelson: This involves getting your opponent on their back and securing a half-Nelson grip which is holding their arm behind their back. Your arm is used to control their head and apply pressure, forcing them to the mat for a pin.

  2. Cradle: This is a classic move to secure a pin in amateur wrestling. You begin by gaining control over your opponent’s head and arm, then roll them onto their back with their leg trapped. This move applies immense upper-body pressure, making it difficult for your opponent’s body to escape.

  3. High Crotch Takedown: This is a powerful takedown move where you drive through your opponent’s leg, usually the high crotch area. By driving through and lifting their leg, you can easily take them down to the mat and pin them.

Famous Wrestling Moves

German Suplex: The German suplex is an effective variation of the suplex move where you lift your opponent and bridge your own body, driving their shoulders back and onto the mat allowing for a pin.

Crossface: This involves you applying pressure to your opponent’s face and neck, forcing them to turn and exposing their back for points or an attempt for a takedown.

Fireman’s Carry: This is an exciting move that involves you lifting your opponent onto your shoulders as if you’re carrying them, and then bringing them down to the mat, back first for a pin.

Cradle: The cradle is another world-famous pinning move in amateur wrestling. In this move you attempt to gain control of your opponent’s head and one of their legs, then rolling them onto their back to secure a pin.

New Wrestling Moves

Peterson Roll: This is a move where a wrestler, while on top, uses their opponent’s momentum and weight to roll them onto their back and secure a pinning position.

Spladle: This is a unique move where a wrestler, while on top, traps their opponent’s legs and turns them onto their back, often resulting in a pin.

Front Headlock: The front headlock is a highly effective move where you gain control of your opponent’s neck while standing, this allows you to gain control of your opponent’s legs as well.

double leg, basic wrestling moves

Youth Wrestling

Getting today’s youth into martial arts like wrestling and jiu-jitsu is an excellent way to keep them active. Nowadays, children are glued to their screens and suffer from a lack of confidence. Learning a sport like wrestling will allow them to gain some and help them achieve success in other fields of life.

Learning and mastering the wrestling game is a long journey that takes years of dedication. The earlier someone begins, the sooner they will become good at wrestling moves. Children should be enrolled into wrestling gyms or taught by an experienced wrestler or coach.

A good coach will help them learn basic wrestling moves and basic wrestling techniques, and prevent beginners from getting injured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get better at wrestling?

If you’re planning on leveling up your wrestling skills, there are a few key tips. Firstly, understand that practice and hard work will take you farther than talent ever will.

The more hours you put in on the mat, the better you will get. You should focus on improving your technique, like mastering takedowns and escaping from uncomfortable positions.

Make sure to work on your strength and conditioning too, as wrestling requires both explosive power and endurance. Your strength and cardio will hold huge importance in any wrestling match.

Find an experienced coach or join a wrestling club with good equipment, where you can get proper guidance and training. A good coach will help you fine-tune your skills, give you valuable feedback, and fix your shortcomings.

Another excellent way to progress is to sit out and watch and observe the training and match styles of professional wrestlers. Study their techniques, takedowns, escapes, and footwork.

How do you shoot in wrestling?

In wrestling ‘To Shoot’ usually means to perform a takedown by aggressively moving toward your opponent’s legs to pull or push them down to the mat.

Shooting is an essential skill in wrestling and requires speed, technique, and timing.

The basics of learning your first takedown are as follows:

Begin by getting into a good stance with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and hands up to defend.

Next, you must explosively drive forward with one leg while bending your knees to lower your level and keeping your back straight. You should aim your knee to penetrate between your opponent’s legs, grabbing their thighs or hips.

As you shoot and make contact, pull your opponent, by either grabbing their legs or wrapping your arms around them.

The last step is to use your momentum to drive through, bringing your opponent to the mat.

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