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Fuji Home Roll-Out Mats Review

Fuji Home Roll-Out Mats Review

About a year ago at this point, I went out and bought myself a Home Roll Out Mat from Fuji Mats. After doing some research myself, there were really only three companies that I would have bought something like this for my apartment and Fuji ended up getting the green light for me.

From my knowledge, Fuji has been around forever. At this point they are one of the largest mat suppliers in the world and have massive partnerships with large Jiu Jitsu Academies across the United States and large competition circuits like ADCC. For the everyday person or the potential gym owner that stumbles across this post, I want to give you the in’s and out’s around mat selection.

Fuji Home Roll-Out Mats Review

My time with my Fuji Home Roll Out Mat has been awesome and in the short time that I have had it I have used it in various ways. Mainly my mat is used to film videos that you may have seen on our YouTube channel and for workouts that I do at home when I am in the mood. I live in Arizona and during the Summer time I have to move my mats inside because it is just too hot during the day to have this outside in the sun like that.

I have nothing bad to say about the Fuji Home rollout mats that I purchased. The mats are clearly high quality, withstand wear and tear very well, and even weathered being outside for months at time without any kind of discoloration. I will have to purchase other brands home roll out mats to give a fair comparison but finding the space for that right now is the issue.

Fuji Mat Options

Going through their site, Fuji has many options for both practitioners who want mat space in their homes or prospective gym owners looking to fill their space.

Fuji Mats come in two styles:

  1. Tatami Mats

  2. Smooth Mats

Tatami Series Mats

These are the style of mats that I currently train on inside the gym that I am at. Personally, it is not my favorite. Tatami mats are deliberately textured to add a bit of grip when you are rolling around on the mats.

If you are more keen on a home rollout mat being more textured to get more grip under your feet when drilling they do offer home rollout tatami series mats in multiple sizes:

  • Home Roll-Out Mats: Tatami Series (Fuji Mats)

The last gym I was at had Zebra Athletic (smooth series) mats that honestly were incredible as well (best jiu-jitsu mats) and I would honestly prefer those mats over the Tatami any day. Tatami Series mats are a little bit on the cheaper side though so that is why you typically see them in gyms.

Smooth Series Mats

When I open my own gym in the future this is 100% be the series of mats that I end up going with. At the end of the day, smooth mats just feel better, create a cleaner (more sleek) training environment, and just look cooler. If you all have been following along, you will know I do not mind spending more money on things if the quality is better and the experience I can get is better than a cheaper version. The last gym I trained at (as a home base) and the home rollout mats that I bought from Fuji for my apartment were smooth series mats.

If you are more keen on a home rollout mat being more smooth under your feet they do offer the smooth series home rollout mats:

  • Home Roll-Out Mats: Smooth Series (Fuji Mats) *this is what I have

Other Products Offered by Fuji Mats

  • Wall Pads

  • Sping Boards to go under the mats of choice

  • Frame Kits

  • Striking Essentials for Cross-Training Gyms (Punching Bags)

  • Cages and Rings

  • Cleaning products to maintain your gym

If you are looking for a professional-looking gym and want to show paying customers that you offer a premium experience, we highly suggest giving FUJI a call for a customized package.


There are really three options these days to choose from when it comes to mat suppliers on the market:

In that order, it ranks from least expensive to most expensive. FUJI products is by no means cheap and you are preparing to pay a steeper price to get their products over competitors whether you are buying just a single 5’x10′ home roll-out mat or getting an entire gym filled.

The thickness of most of the home rollout mats is about 1.25″. This is pretty standard and if you are filling your gym with mats I would suggest getting thicker mats to prevent more injuries from happening.


My FUJI Home Rollout Mats spent the greater part of a year outside in the Arizona sun without any kind of damage. From a durability standpoint, these mats will last you a very long time and wear and tear for does not come easy.

Fun Fact: Sleeping on These Things Suck

Sleeping on the home rollout mat from FUJI is the worst. I tried doing this a little while back and found myself giving up the challenge because it was just that uncomfortable. Maybe I am just bouji at this point because my bed is extremely soft.


  • Reputable brand name with years of experience

  • Serviced hundreds of gyms across the United States

  • Home Rollout Mats are perfect for those who want to work technique at home with grappling dummies or those who have young siblings who train BJJ


  • Price

  • Have to clean and maintain the mats or dirt/dust collects on it pretty quickly

Shipping Your Order

It should be noted that when I bought my FUJI home Roll out mat it came in a huge box. The mats themself are not that heavy to be honest, if you are fit enough to train BJJ you can carry this box. I do not remember how much I paid for shipping at the time but now it looks like shipping is baked into the price you pay.

FUJI Mats offers free standard shipping.

Are Fuji Home Mats Worth it?

Overall, I would say having these mats at my home has been worth it. Again, if you watch any of my content you will see me doing technique breakdowns with Jerry (my grappling dummy) and most of the product reviews we do here on those mats. I find myself on them daily.

At the moment, my mats are inside my apartment but a majority of the year they are outside eon my balcony. It does take up quite a bit of space so if you are looking to have these mats at home be sure to find a dedicated spot to have them first.

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