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Venum Boxing Headgear Review

venum boxing headgear review

I am sitting down at my desk rocking this headgear writing this post for you as we speak. I bought the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear with high hopes that it would live up to the quality standard of some of the other Venum gear that I have reviewed and I was pleasantly surprised. Because of the shape of my face and the fact that I am wearing braces right now, I do not find the chin pad to be the most comfortable because it presses the braces again and the cushion on the inside seems a bit crowed but overall the quality of the product is incredible.

Let’s dive into our review of this boxing headgear!

On the Graveyard Scale, Venum Boxing Headgear is being given an 8.4. This headgear sits at the price of $69.99 as of writing this post. While I think an 8.4 is a solid rating I do think if I was new I would go with one of the other options available only because the padding on the inside just feels a bit crowded and it hurts my mouth with the braces I have on right now. Otherwise, the leather on the outside of this headgear is super high quality and the protection from the padding is up there with some of the best.

venum boxing headgear review

Venum: Best Boxing Headgear for Beginners

While I do think this headgear is a great add-on to my collection, I do think it would be best to be purchased by a beginner. Venum is already a well-established brand with a massive product line ranging from boxing gloves to apparel.

Protection (6.2/7)

Overall the protection is solid on this headgear, I think it is a little more on the firm side compared to the other boxing headgear that I have reviewed at this point. My favorite part about this headgear was the ear protection, many of the other ones I have tried out have very little ear protection. Being that I have cauliflower ear and sometimes any kind of hit to the ear causes tenderness, I thought this add-on was awesome.

The inside padding is pretty protective as well. Not the best at making my face feel spacious but the padding at least works and does what it was intended to do!

Quality/Feel (2.2/3)

When I first got this boxing headgear I loved the feeling on the outside. The leather is as high quality as it gets. Venum usually does a really good job on the quality control of their products so the brand continues to build a good reputation in my head.

One thing to be noted is that the field of vision was a concern. With the chin padding added on to the head guard, it makes the field of vision a bit more narrow than other guards that I have tried out.

venum boxing headgear  review

Price and Personal Preference

For the price of this headguard, I think you could find better options but if you are the type that wants to match the gear you have (because you own some gloves) I don’t think this headgear is a bad purchase. At the end of the day, Venum is always going to be quality stuff that will last you a long time.

If you are not in the market to spend $100 on boxing headgear but want to avoid going cheap, then this Venum Headgear is for you.

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How to find the right size

This Venum headgear comes in a one-size-fits-all so sizing should not be an issue.

Video Breakdown

Places to Buy Venum Boxing Headgear

Buying Venum Headgear is easy. Most of their product line can be purchased right through Amazon or you can go directly to their website (with a longer delivery time).

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