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Can You Train BJJ With Braces? – Tips To Help You Train Better

bjj and braces

Can you train BJJ and have Braces? The simple answer to this is yes.

I am currently training Brazilian jiu-jitsu with metal braces in my mouth and have firsthand experience to what you are going through. At first, I was very nervous about how this would impact my rolling but after a couple of months with them on I am back to rolling like normal, with a caveat.

The likelihood of experiencing a bleeding mouth while training BJJ will go up for you. Mentally, you should prepare for getting a couple of cuts, bruises, or swollen lips if you are training BJJ with braces on.

bjj and braces

How Does Having Braces Affect Training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

Okay, so this one is currently hitting home for me. I recently got braces and have been training on them for about 3-4 months now. At first it was a major concern of mine to get hit in the mouth, especially when my teeth were sore.

it is not a fun thing to get bloody lips, cuts on our tongue, or end up getting an elbow to the brace, but I have said I am willing to risk it.

Having braces while training jiu-jitsu affects you mentally and physically. At first, you may be hesitant to do a move because you risk an elbow to the mouth. Or you may get put in a position where you are trying to block a rear naked choke and your opponent cross-faces you right across the mouth… painful!

Most people will never have to experience the pain of having braces while rolling around so expect little to no sympathy from people, well, other than me, because I know the pain very well. There are a couple of ways to take away the risk of biting your tongue or protecting your lips while training BJJ with braces, mainly through buying a mouthguard.

if you decide to go with a guard, do not get something cheap and plastic from the store or Amazon. The only guards we would recommend for people with braces (if you even decide to wear one in the first place) would be the guards from Impact Mouthguard.

They were kind enough to give us a sample, custom mouth guard and we love it! I don’t want to come off too salsey here but the material fits really well in my mouth and is not bulky like there options I have tried in the past.

Risks Of Doing BJJ With Braces

It should be obvious at this point that you do run into a handle of risks when you decide to train BJJ with braces. Most of the risks that are associated with it are oral cuts that may sting or swell for a couple of days.

1. Oral Cuts

Oral cuts are most common. We are currently writing this post with one. Rolling and biting down on your tongue is easier to cause a bit of damage to the mouth when you have metal in your mouth. Be sure to wear a mouthguard when you can which can keep you away from oral cuts.

2. Tooth Fractures

We have yet to see this happen for ourselves in my 1.5 years of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. While there are many horror stories that you can find on Reddit, we have yet to experience anyone we are close to having fractured a tooth, in or out of braces.


Again, if this is something you are unwilling to risk, wear a mouthguard that is suitable for combat sports.

Can Wearing Braces Cause Injuries In BJJ?

Yes, wearing braces can cause oral injuries while you are training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. At the end of the day you have metal in your mouth. When you get impacted in the area, the chances of you getting a cut or a swollen lip in the process is higher.


How To Prevent Oral Injuries In BJJ With Braces

The best way to prevent any kind of oral injury from occurring while training jiu-jitsu is it to wear a mouth guard that is fit well in your mouth.

Again, we love our guard from Impact Mouthguards, they have high-quality material that makes it very breathable when training. Now, if you do not want to spend $20 – $40 on a mouthguard that covers your $8,000 investment into your teeth (price of braces) be our guest and go check out Walmart for a great selection of plastic guards!

I’m sure they work great, but I would not know.

bjj and braces



In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu the likelihood that you can experience some damage to your mouth is pretty high. Going with a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth is a much safer option than going with the regular plastic you can find at your local Walmart!

This guard has been a game-changer for us to feel protected on the mats!

Picking the Right Type of Mouthguard for BJJ Training With Braces

Most people do their shopping online and will go with the first option that pops into their mind, but those who are serious about jiu-jitsu know that they will need more time to cut it. Like we have stated in this article, Impact Mouthguard is our go-to option.

They have the highest quality product on the market and if you are in braces it would not hurt to invest in a quality guard.

Impact Mouthguard – QuickFit

QuickFit mouthguards are the traditional mouthguards you are used to but at Impact, they do things a bit differently!

Custom mouthguards do not give that much space for teeth to shift while wearing braces or having Invisalign so they took the best quality materials and made it more friendly for those that need that perfect fit over their braces.

Heat & Bite

The process of molding your Impact QuickFit mouthguard is super simple. Just warm up some water on the stove (make sure it’s not too hot) drop the guard in the water and let it get soft!

Once soft, just bite down! You know are ready to take on all matches without any worries!

How to Train BJJ Safely with Braces

What I have learned most is that I have to be a little more careful with who I train and just do my best to keep my face out of the line of fire from anyone’s knees, elbows, or the back of someone’s hands.

Unfortunately, no amount of precautions you take will result in not getting a cut or time while in your time in braces but you can always try to minimize as much as possible. Lucky for us, the mouth is an area in our bodies that heals very quickly, so even when a cut occurs, it will go away in a couple of days!

Pros and Cons of Training BJJ with Braces

Now that we think about it, there many more cons associated with training BJJ while having braces. The cuts in my mouth suck to deal with but I guess when you love doing something like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the pain is kind of worth it. At the end of the day it is such a privilege to have them in the first place and being in a place to be able to fix my teeth is a true blessing.


  • You will have straight teeth


  • You will get cuts in your mouth

  • The risk of getting elbowed and bleeding are high