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bjj meaning

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The meaning of the term ‘BJJ’ is an acronym for ‘Brazilian JiuJitsu’ a increasingly popular grappling based martial art that most MMA fighters have as a background. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is truly just a solution to a problem. You are looking for a change in your life, a way to become a better human, and go on a journey of self-mastery when you decide to train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Are you tired of boring weight-lighting sessions at the gym and want to spice up your routine? Or maybe you are looking for something to help turn your life around for the better! If you are this article will introduce something you may enjoy!


Many of you may have run across the term ‘BJJ’ and wondered,”what does BJJ stand for?” BJJ is an abbreviation of ‘Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu‘, many people in the community will use the words BJJ interchangeably with just jiu-jitsu, jits, jit, or call it its full name ‘Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that focuses on ground techniques, and joint manipulations to get your opponent to submit. The popularity of the martial art took off due to the rise in prominence of the UFC and other forms of mixed martial arts. Most people do not have the desire to get punched in the face so sticking to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu offers an alternative route.

Jiu-jitsu was designed for a smaller person to take on and defeat much larger opponents. Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners are trained to successfully defend against a resisting opponent who is fighting and applying techniques that were taught in class.

Jiu-Jitsu shows progress for its students in the form of belts just like most other martial arts in today’s world. Unlike other martial arts that focus on hand-to-hand combat, jiu-jitsu’s main focus is on close-contact grappling positions or techniques, emphasizing chokes and joint manipulation.

About Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that emphasizes control over an opponent’s body in a way that forces them to tap out or submit. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the backbone of the martial arts community, with almost all high-level athletes in mixed martial arts being well-rounded grapplers with a firm understanding of BJJ techniques.

The grappling-based martial art is built off the back of being able to give an advantage to a smaller person by being able to take on much larger opponents. Many people around the world train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The community of people that train in this martial art continues to grow while the knowledge about how the martial art can affect you mentally is still widely unknown.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has ancient roots and has been practiced for a greater part of a century. With its origin coming from Japan, the Gracie family took the martial art to the next level by introducing it to the mainstream through the UFC.



The Physical Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ is more than just a great workout, jiu-jitsu will stimulate your mind in ways that you never knew were possible. Often, jiu-jitsu is referred to as “human chess” in that it exercises both the body and the mind.

BJJ employs other students to take a journey of self-knowledge and embrace the struggles of self-mastery. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners all around the world will tell you that BJJ is an excellent way to get yourself in the best shape of your life. This sport pushes us mentally and physically and truly guides us toward a better version of ourselves.

Usually, the first sign of expertise of the grappling art is signified by the purple belt you receive after about 5-6 years of training. Reaching the pinnacle of the martial art is signified by a BJJ practitioner receiving their black belt.

The physical benefits of the sport are well-documented throughout the community. Jiu-jitsu is a dynamic way to get exercise in and keep your body explosive with pressure-based pulling, pushing, and holding.

Jiu-jitsu promotes physical strength and cardio and is an excellent way to improve muscle tonnage or weight loss

All the while you are learning how to defend yourself in a situation where someone is actively trying to choke you or submit you with some other submissions.

The self-defense aspect of the sport is mainly why people get into the sport in the first place but all other benefits keep people there!

The Mental Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is an incredible mental workout. The challenge of learning a new activity, how to think on the fly when an endless number of combinations get presented to you, and how to handle stressful situations are learned through training in this martial art. 

Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters will develop reasoning skills that will make them better thinkers. You are constantly learning and planning your next move based on another person’s response.

Seeking new knowledge on the mats is something that separates people in the sport.

The Social Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu community is something not to take lightly. The people that come in a train on a regular basis are savages and have great qualities. These are people that we want to be around. Girls and boys all across the world take on the sport and they all range from young to old!

If you are looking for a community of people who push each other and does their best to become better versions of themselves, jiu-jitsu may be a good place to start! A person that chooses jiu-jitsu as their form of exercise is leaps and bounds ahead of those that choose another form.

bjj meaning


Training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is transformative. We firmly believe that the sport is for everyone and can impact the life of anyone who takes training the martial art seriously. No matter the individual’s age or size, you can benefit from picking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Jiu-jitsu was designed so that a smaller, weaker person can defend himself or herself against, or defeat, a larger and stronger opponent. Regardless of age size, gender, or physical limitation, any person can use the techniques from Jiu-jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu does something mentally to you that many other things will not. The mindset that to will receive from martial arts far outweighs any benefit any other kind of physical activity can give you.

We live in a world that makes people weak and docile, when you choose to train it this type of way you are choosing to be part of the solution to this growing problem.

Wake up and take action today.

How Do I Know I am Too Old to Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has no age limit by which you could start training. We have seen elderly able-bodied people in our gyms multiple times a week and as young as 7 years of age. Any kind of practitioner is welcome and accepted as long as your show that you’re willing to learn, have fun, and keep your partners safe.

The average age of someone who starts doing jiu-jitsu is about 28/29. It is never too late to start no matter your age or physical abilities! If you are able-bodied chances are grappling is something you can take on and ground fighting will be extremely beneficial to you! Almost all BJJ black belts we know are well into their 30s, 40s, or possibly creeping up to their 50s. You are not too old to start.

BJJ Is A Way To Self-Improvement

Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners around the world always end up saying the same thing, “Jiu-jitsu changed my life”.

BJJ is not just a martial art that gets you into great shape or have you making weird noises breaking small pieces of wood. Jiu-jitsu is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. The lessons you learned on the mats are hard to put into practice in any other setting than in that gym.

There is a real sense of progression that you take on when you decide to start training. Chances are what the world is truly missing is a greater sense of discipline from a general standpoint. Because BJJ will take a lot of mental and physical effort, it will in part teach you how to become a more disciplined individual who takes care of your health and will continue to show up even on days you may not feel like it.

We are living proof of how BJJ can change a life and have interviewed others who are in the same camp. From self-defense to having a stronger mind, jiu-jitsu taught me things I never would have imagined I learned while training.

What Does Jiu-Jitsu Mean to the Community?

People train jiu-jitsu for a number of reasons but an overwhelming number of people say that it has completely changed their life in a positive way. Some people have suffered from mental diseases, addictions, or found themselves around the wrong crowds of people and jiu-jitsu gave them the opportunity to escape.

Changing your life and turning it around is hard. It takes a lot of character to accomplish and to stay the course.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an outlet for many people that train the sport regularly and continues to be proven to be a great way to escape tough situations! Jiu-Jitsu means a lot to those that actively embrace the sport.

martial arts - gentle art of jiu jitsu

Why Everyone Should Try out a Martial Art

We always encourage people to try out new things and think jiu-jitsu is a great thing for everyone. There is no harm in trying something new, who knows you may end up staying and being addicted to the sport like me.

If you are able-bodied and somewhat healthy or even if you are not, chances are you will enjoy the martial art and make some good friends along the way. The community surrounding Brazilian jiu-jitsu is special. We have personally never done a hobby where everyone is on the same page and wants to accomplish the same goal of just becoming a better person.

Self-Defense in Today’s World

It is no surprise at this point if you are relatively up to date with what is going on in the world that self-defense is starting to be a real focus for people. The world is becoming increasingly unstable based on what we see on social media. Just the other day a teacher was beaten up for taking a kid’s Nintendo Switch.

The right choice is taking personal responsibility for this aspect of your life and at least being competent enough to handle a bad situation to a degree. We can understand that this leap may be scary for some or you may not know where to start to even begin with, this is okay.

We want to be your guide through the journey and be known for helping people on the fence to just take the leap.


This may be the missing puzzle piece for a better life.

The ability to stay disciplined in today’s world may be the number one skill anyone can possess. In a world where everyone is fighting for your attention, attention spans have gone to shit because of apps like Tik Tok. Staying focused on the tasks that need to be done and making sure they get done is a skill everyone can benefit from.

Fitness, overall health, and life, in general, require high levels of discipline to stand a fighting chance of living a happy and successful life (whatever that looks like to you but here is how it looks like to us). Become more disciplined in the actions you take and watch yourself morph into a completely new human being. One that is truly on a journey of empowerment.

Final Thoughts

Training jiu-jitsu is a unique way to push yourself mentally and physically. This sport is exploding in popularity in the United States and offers many opportunities to compete and put your skills to the test when you get some time under your belt. The gentle art found in the grappling sport has completely changed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. With little over 3 million people training worldwide, we have to give our thanks to the jiu-jitsu masters in the Gracie family.

You can completely change your physical appearance and level up mentally when you decide to get on the mats. Finding the meaning of jiu-jitsu is a personal journey. This sport will take you for a wild ride if you let it!


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