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It’s Time to Catch These Hands!!

catch these hands

You never want to be in a situation where someone is yelling at you that you’re about to “catch these hands”. If you do find yourself in this predicament you should at least be prepared in some way, shape, or form.

catch these hands

Catch These Hands

The term “catching these hands” is a common term in today’s world. Basically, it means to fight or initiate an ass-whooping on someone else. It is essentially a verbal assault you use before you and another person are about to throw down and things get physical. 

While we never advise you to go out and seek these types of encounters, being able to “throw hands” is a very important skill that every man and every woman needs to possess. It is no secret that as the years have gone on, the world has grown increasingly more violent. The number of crimes and physical attacks we are seeing today is something any responsible human being should not just throw under the rug. But where do you start?

You cannot (and should not) go running around fighting random people to learn how to protect yourself. We believe that there are three aspects to defending yourself and that every person should be well-equipped to perform these tasks. Those three components are striking, grappling, and basic firearm use.

catch these hands - self defense triangle

Mental Benefits of Training Self-Defense 

Many people do not understand that learning how to protect yourself has a huge impact on your mental health. Walking around feeling anxious about your surrounding is not a way you should live your life. Constantly having to look over your should in fear will drive you insane and creates an environment of distrust.

When you learn how to fight you become much more aware of your surroundings. Since we started taking jiu-jitsu classes our social awareness has skyrocketed. We used to be the individual that was always walking around anxious of the environment we were in. After constantly being scared of the world and what was being thrown in our faces by the news, we decided to take action into our own hands and take up the self-defense trio!

When you learn how to grapple, throw punches, and the basics of shooting you have a better idea of what danger is like. Constantly training with someone trying to attack you is a great way to harden your fight-or-flight muscles and become ready if you were forced to throw hands with a stranger!

Handling the stress and pressure of a situation like this is something no one is ever prepared for but I would rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war!


Learning how to throw proper punches must be at your mind’s front. One of the biggest rebuttal points of training jiu-jitsu is that you do not have a great way to take people to the ground (which is arguable at best) and that most people who train jiu-jitsu cannot throw a proper punch (which is another debatable point).

To avoid this criticism, take on some boxing classes. When you are training jiu-jitsu takedowns are an essential part of the game, that’s why most gyms these days offer some wrestling curriculum throughout the week. Really, the only thing you have to go out of your way to learn is the striking aspect.

Fire Arms Training

The unfortunate truth of the world is that most people will never fight fair, today, it does not seem like people have any kind of morals when it comes to these situations. Get some time under your belt at a local range and learn to practice responsible firearm training!

Avoid Conflict at All Costs 

Avoiding conflict is a must. The world is rapidly experiencing a ton of change and it is leaving a lot of people in bad places. It is unwise to pick fights with people.

We always believe in being good to those around us. Don’t pick fights, don’t bully, be kind, and be generous to those that may be struggling right now.

krav maga choosing a martial art

The Power of Self-Defense Training

Self-defense training is going to be a big component in people’s personal lives in the coming years. We predict that as people continue to carry about their mental and physical health they will stumble across martial arts as the fun, new, and exciting way to become more physically and mentally fit!

We see a world where the majority of people are training in some kind of martial art, preferably the two we mentioned earlier; some kind of striking and jiu-jitsu!

We believe you should mix the two to be more well-rounded. This is what we plan on doing as we get more mat time under our belt. Right now, we train jiu-jitsu about 6 days a week and have extensive firearm practice so once we hit our purple belt or maybe in the later stages of our blue belt, we will pick up some striking at an MMA or boxing gym!

Choosing the best martial art to pick up is a pretty personal question but we believe the best ones to train are either boxing/kickboxing or jiu-jitsu. The only issue with boxing is that you will get hit in the face and getting live sparring matches can be on the dangerous side.

Training jiu-jitsu has been a game-changer for us personally. We get live matches every night when we attained the advanced classes. 

Throwing hands with random people is something 95% of people will never experience but in the odd case, you find yourself in these situations you should be prepared. The best way to prepare yourself for these types of situations is to actively seek the discomfort of training the way we outlined in this article. At the Grapplers Graveyard, we firmly believe that the world would be a better place is people took on grappling sports and striking practice. More respect to your neighbor would be given when people realize another person is trained!

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