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Elite Sports Boxing Headgear Review

Welcome back to Grapplers Graveyard, we are on a quest to help you find the best combat sports equipment and this week we looked at a handful of Boxing headgear. This Elite Sports Boxing Headgear is the last of the original four headgear that we bought. If you are trying to find some equipment and doing your best to stay on a budget, this is for you!

Let’s dive in!

elite sports boxing headgear

On the Graveyard Scale, Elite Sports Boxing Headgear is being given an 8 out of 10. Elite Sports is a super affordable brand meaning that you what you kind of pay for here. I won’t bash it but there is nothing really special about it. It is a piece of equipment that will get the job done and you’ll only have to spend $25 on it. So if you are super new and do not know if you are ready to commit and want something that gets the job done without massive investment, Elite Sports will be your brand.

Elite Sports: Best on Budget Boxing Headgear

I am wearing this headgear as I am writing this review and I almost want to say it is more comfy on my face than the Venum Boxing Headgear we reviewed earlier. I never really expect much out-of-budget brands in general but honestly, the Elite Sports product is not too bad. There are some things I don’t like but training in this headgear was relatively easy.

Good field of vision, breathable, and lightweight but the foam firmness concerns me and my nose sticks out pretty bad… and I don’t even have a big nose.

Protection (6/7)

The Elite Sports Boxing Headgear is protective but I felt as though not as protective as the other brands that are out there. I mean at the end of the day, you get what you pay for right? The foam around the headgear itself is a little more on the stiff side so the absorption of impact lands a little more firm to the face. This is headgear that will probably best be used for light sparring sessions or if you need a backup pair of head guards because the main one is in the wash.

I mentioned it earlier, my nose does stick out in the face guard. It is the first one where this happened. When I put an open palm towards the front of my face and rest all parts of my hand on it, my nose slightly touches my palm. This headgear does have a chin guard so bonus points there!

Quality/Feel (2/3)

The outside feeling of this Boxing headgear is pleasant. I swoon over some other ones way more than this but all around a well-made product. The interior is super breathable (way better than the Venum Headgear tbh) and is relatively soft on the inside.

The design of this product adds features from some of the larger brands we have already reviewed too which is a great touch. It has solid ear protection (like the Venum), a great field of vision (like RDX), and feels sleek on the outside (kind of like Hayabusa).

Price and Personal Preference

Personally, I don’t mind recommending this product for a purchase. I honestly would tell someone to buy this one over the Venum headgear if they were trying to stick to a budget. I like my face and brain a lot though so for headguards I don’t think I would personally go with the cheapest option. Again, this is probably a great guard to wear for light sparring, for kids, or super beginners to boxing.

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Places to Buy Elite Sports Boxing Headgear

Buying elite Sports products is easiest on Amazon. Usually, that is wear I get my stuff from them but they always have better pricing on their website:

  • Elite Sports Boxing Head Gear (Amazon)

  • Elite Sports Boxing Head Gear (Website)

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