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How to build strong habits and break bad ones


Building a great life is built on a foundation of strong habits. As humans, we are nothing more than creatures of our habits. Without even realizing it, you probably have the same routine every single morning. You probably brush your teeth in the same pattern as you did the previous day or have a specific foot hit the ground first in the morning. With none of these being inherently bad, how often are you checking in with what you do?

How you do one thing is how you do all things. This carries over to the way you train or how you take care of your well-being. You do not become what you want, you become what you do.

four stages of habits

How to Build Good Habits

Building good habits that will translate into results is a process. The first step of this process is to become aware of what you are doing and make a conscious decision to build out something positive.

    •  Understand the difference between a good and bad habit
    •  Choose what you want to change. Set a higher Standard of Living.
    •  Start small and build momentum
    • Reward & celebrate small wins

Set higher standards for yourself when it comes to what you partake in daily. As we raise our standards and expectations several positive things begin to happen. You will stop accepting less for yourself, you will begin to love yourself more, and you will be able to trust in your abilities to accomplish difficult tasks.

You putting in the work to build good habits is something that your future self will thank you for.

Motivation is overrated. Habits are the true determinant of whether you will accomplish something or not. You cannot control what your mind is going to tell you on a particular day, but you can choose to ignore a lack of motivation and take action. You do not need more motivational videos, you need more focused action-taking.

How to break a Bad Habit

Breaking bad habits can be challenging, especially when you are not raising personal standards for yourself and trying to cut a bad habit cold turkey. Having self-awareness is key here. When you find yourself doing something you do not want to be doing, how are you reacting? In extreme situations cutting something off, cold turkey may be the only option.

Make your bad habit unattractive in your head, make it harder for you to do, or flat-out make it unsatisfying. Your goal is to shoot for 21 days when building something good or breaking something bad. It takes twenty-one days for your brain to pick up a new way of operating.

Twenty-one days. Then twenty-one more.

The way you train every week will show up when you decide to compete. It is built on your habits. Doing anything great in this life will only happen when you have built up a strong foundation and stayed persistent. These are choices and habits.

Become the best version of yourself by creating habits that will lead you to the destination you want to arrive at.