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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt: The Ninja in Disguise

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt: The Ninja in Disguise

We want to start this off by saying congratulations for getting to this point in jiu-jitsu. It is not every day that you run into someone who can accomplish what you have. The dedication it takes to make it to this point in the sport is serious, having this belt around your waist should feel like a massive W. You can essentially smell your black belt at this point! Let’s dive into the jiu-jitsu brown belt, talk about what it means, and how this ninja in disguise operates!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt

The brown belt is the stage right before the final one that you will achieve through your journey through the sport of BJJ. This stage in the game is all about refining your ‘A game’ and learning to perfect the style that you embraced back when you were a purple belt. 

It is always important to remember that the belt philosophy is always different from academy to academy and from professor to professor. At the end of the day, your coach will be the one promoting you so always be sure to check back with them on their thoughts!

The Ninja in Disguise

You are a legit badass, and you can smell your black belt. At this point, you may experience some kind of pressure within your academy. You will most likely be looked up to by all the younger belts. Blood, sweat, and tears went into this; whether you like it or not, you have to embrace this pressure. Watch out for the purple belts, they will want to come after you. Prove to your coach and yourself that the decision they made to promote you was right.

brown beltHow Long Does it Take?

First, you will have to be a purple belt for at least a year and a half. You will have to be a brown belt for at least a year before being considered for ranking up to a black belt. Typically it takes up to 7-8 years to achieve this. If the purple belt takes 400 – 700 hours of mat time to achieve you’re looking at close to 800-900 hours of mat time needed to get here.

Requirements & Skill Set

  • Fundamentals are perfect or near perfection.
  • You have a refined go-to game that you like to play. At this stage, you will be perfecting this and getting it to an expert level.
  • Introduction to leg attacks like knee bars and toe holds. You are protected until this point by the ruleset in BJJ from these types of moves. Once hitting this stage it is all fair game.
  • This is the expert stage – at this stage, you will be able to teach others and possibly run your gym if that is what you desire
  • String together at least 5 systems – your baiting needs to be on point. Learn how to be 5 moves ahead of your opponent.

What Should I Focus On?

There is probably nothing I can tell brown belts that they do not already know. You are a certified badass at this point and probably know what needs to improve in your game. But in the lucky chance that this adds value or if you wanted to refresh what is important to you at this point here are some things that you should focus on to improve your game to the next level:

  • Master your style on higher belts
  • Continue to perfect the basics
  • Embrace the pressure that comes with this belt

Again making it here is a surefire sign that you are right around the corner of making it to the ultimate goal. Please continue to stay steadfast in your training, we will see you at the top!


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