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You vs You: Life is a Single-Player Game

Jiu-Jitsu vs Wrestling

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Are you ready player one? Your life is passing you by each day. Everyone and everything around is you fighting for your attention but are you really paying attention to what’s going on in your life? Really. Life is a single-player game, it is vital thing to know that it has and always will be a ‘you vs you’ game. Taking personal responsibility for the things in your life and doing your absolute best to craft the life you want is the only thing that should be on your mind. 

Whatever that looks like or feels like is a completely personal topic but just know the first opponent in the mirror that you have to face is yourself. Our insecurities, limiting beliefs, or perceived shortcomings are all lies that our brain tricks us into believing. It is on us to defeat and squash the little voice in our head that tells us we are not “good enough”.

Here are 5 ways to gain more confidence and overcome any self-limiting beliefs that you may have:

  1. Do things that scare you 
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things
  3. Learn to handle and process stress
  4. Get into the best physical shape of your life
  5. Learn valuable skills


We live by the philosophy that life is like a video game. We are all born as blank slates and get to craft our own avatars over time. Who we are, what we enjoy doing, who we hang around with, and many more facets are all controllable factors that we can tinker with and explore. 

We realized that everything started to become more fun and enjoyable when we looked at life through this lens. People love to play video games and just like that well-known fact, we love to play the game of life. It is truly a blessing to wake up every day and choose a path that is beneficial to our well-being, but how do you get to this point? 

You vs You: Life is a Single-Player Game

We understand that not everyone subscribes to the notion that life is still a single-player game. While there are obviously other people in or around you that are important in the grand scheme, you have to take personal responsibility for the things that matter to you. Developing yourself into a person that holds yourself accountable and to a high standard is important because we only get one shot at this thing called life.

Nothing will work unless you do. When personal responsibility is a priority in your life you start to realize how single-player things truly are. 

Usually, people run into the issue of second-guessing themselves or doubting their abilities to accomplish something. One must understand that the first opponent you have to overcome in this life is yourself. 

You will be the only one stopping you from going somewhere.

You may struggle with mental health issues like anxiety or depression. You may have an issue with laziness. Maybe self-doubt, eating issues, or stress has you crippled in the moment. Whatever it is, it is real and it will be challenging to overcome, but we know that if we can overcome these types of issues so can other people. It all starts with overcoming the little voice in your head, it is you vs you!

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You vs You: Life is a Single-Player Game


The world is shaping up to go through some massive changes over the next decade. Things seem to just keep picking up in pace and it can be overwhelming at times to experience. Are you going to be prepared?

The time is going to pass no matter what. The changes ae going to come. That is inevitable. How you react to the world around you and how you overcome the things in your daily life will determine the outcome of your future and we want that to be a positive experience!


We believe that the best way to tackle all struggles in your personal life is to get into the best physical shape of your life. When you are physically in the best shape of your life you think more clearly and are able to be more decisive with the improvement of your mental, physical, and emotional self.

In today’s world, the gym is just too boring. It is way too easy to just coast and go through the motions when you start to work out.

We went a different route when it came to taking charge of our physical fitness and that was through the sport of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu is a grappling martial art that has real-world lessons and applications engraved into the sport. The benefits of doing jiu-jitsu go way beyond getting into great physical condition. It is a sport that is truly transformative by nature and will have you feeling like a completely new human being after allowing yourself to be changed.

Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent way to hone in on this ‘you vs you’ mentality.

Our Journey

Our journey have been a long time coming and we are happy to be where we are today. Adopting this mindset and realizing that this game of life is only one that is internal is something that has been truly profound to us. You have to face those important battles that go on internally and it is imperative that you win if you want to make the most out of the gift you have been given.

We firmly believe that everyone is unique and has a gift that they can bring to the table, the only thing stopping people from getting there in the first place is the unwavering confidence and delusion that you are far greater than what life may be telling you.

Since we were kids we have dreamed of having more income, having a better body, and seeing massive progress in the endeavors we decide to take on and only now are we starting to act out on those desires? Success to us is freedom in all aspects of life. Time freedom and Financial freedom are only attained by building businesses that can scale. For freedom we will do anything, sacrifices do not matter when we know where we are headed.

We want to empower those that stumble across our content to do just the same. This world is full of negativity and from almost every angle it seems that the younger generations are just going to run into walls and more obstacles.

The poor choices of previous generations and selfish desires have led to where we are today. But little do they know that real leaders are rising up and will be the light that this world desperately needs.

Choose to go the harder route, I promise it leads to better outcomes.

Setting Goals

People strive in today’s world to reach their personal goals. Setting out on a rewarding quest in life starts with going down the path less traveled. You need to set personal goals that will stretch you in ways to revive more abundance from the universe. Challenges make us better and more equipped, do not be afraid to put your nose in the dirt. To achieve what you want you will have to get a bit dirty.

Final Thoughts on Grappling

When you are grappling against someone there is a definitive winner and loser in the encounter. There are no workarounds in this situation. This teaches you how to be self-reliant on your skills and trust the training that you have put into the process. These are not easy things to learn on your own and they will harden you as a human. 

you vs you

Confidence is built by being competent at something

There is no better way to beat the idea of competence into your system than to do something that is physically demanding. Life felt freer to us when we realized that it was all a game. Jiu-jitsu is something that we have leaned into and realized almost from day one that it was going to be a tool for us to completely change how we viewed ourselves and the problems that would arise in our lives. Because of jiu-jitsu we have gotten into the best shape of our life, gained massive amounts of confidence, and started to look at life from a whole different perspective.