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What Size Rash Guard Should You Get and How Should It Fit?

what size rash guard should i get

Rash guards are an essential piece of clothing to wear if you are training Brazilian jiu-jitsu but you may be wondering, how should they fit? In this article, we go over some of the basics of how a rash guard should fit to your body, the types of rash guards, and why quality matters.

what size rash guard should i get

What size rash guard should I get?

The best-sized rash guard is close to what you wear for any regular t-shirt. At the end of the day, a rash guard is just a tight-fitting athletic shirt that is wrong while training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Rash guards have a tighter fit to them, the best way to think about it is that it is basically like a body glove that helps with moisture wicking for the sweat produced while training and helps prevent skin-to-skin contact so skin infections are minimized.

Rash guards typically come in short and long sleeves but it is not uncommon to see people either cut off the sleeves or train in a sleeveless shirt. Sleeve length is typically a personal preference thing.

Why Are Rash Guards So Tight?

Rash guards come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer a loose fit but we will always side on tighter fitting rash guards. There is not really an explanation as to why they are so tight but athletic clothing that goes under your main gear typically is this way.

How Should a Rash Guard Fit?

Rash guards should fit snugly to the body and give your body a little more shape. The looser fitting options are always available but at Grapplers Graveyard, our rash guard is more of a tighter fitting piece of clothing. Rash guards sometimes have a sticky elastic at the bottom of the shirt to help prevent the shirt from rising up while training, not our preference but some people do like this aspect of the training gear.

Finding the Guard That Fits

If you choose the right size, the rash guard should fit comfortably and feel good on your body. Choosing the right size just comes from knowing your body well enough to find the clothing that will suit you. Lucky for you, rash guards really are not that expensive of a piece of clothing so getting a size too small or big is not necessarily a huge deal.

Comfort And Feel

You should not feel like the rash guard you have is making you uncomfortable. The Rash guard should fit a little tighter but at the end of the day feel comfortable when worn on or off the mats.

Loose Fit or Clingy Fit?

This is a personal preference and I believe that tighter more clingy-fitting rash guards are superior to something that is loose fit. Certain body types fo call (or are more comfortable) in looser fitting rash guards but that is not the reality I personally live in so I do not think I am best to speak on that specific term.

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Skin Protection

Rash guards are best used to help protect you from skin infections that could occur by direct contact with someone else’s skin. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a sweaty rough way to get exercise, the fact of the matter is that you open yourself up to a couple of risks when you decide to train. One of those being a skin infection.

The best way to protect yourself and others is always by being hygienic. That means consistently washing your BJJ gear after every training session that you used it in. under no circumstances should you be coming to class with unwashed gear, you will be sent home if this is the case. Your BJJ rash guard should not have any foul odors to it coming into class.

The Perks of the BJJ Rash Guard

Here are some perks of BJJ Rash guards:

  • They make you look ripped

  • They have cool designs

  • Feel great on the body

  • Comfortable and light feel to them

When To Wear a Rashguard?

You can really wear a rash guard wherever and whenever you please, just look at John Danaher if you want proof.

what size rash guard should i get, rash guard fit, body shape

But let’s say you have a sense of fashion and don’t want to go out in public wearing rashguards only, the best time to wear a rashguard is anytime you are training. You have the option to train BJJ with or without the rash guard on when you train in the gi but if you are at nogi classes, wearing a rash guard will be mandatory. For the sake of keeping everyone who trains comfortable, please wear your rash guard at all times when training.

What are Rash Guards Made Of?

Typically, rash guards are made of elastic material known as polyester or spandex. Check the label of your rash guard to see its mix of materials and to see if you have any allergies to the material that it is made of.

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