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Starting BJJ in Your 30s (Complete Guide)

starting jiu jitsu at 30

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So you finally decided to sign up for Jiu-Jitsu? Congratulations on taking the leap that most people won’t even attempt, you should be proud of yourself. But, when you look at the clock you look down and see that you’re not 30… no need to panic, here are things to know about starting jiu-jitsu at 30!

starting jiu jitsu at 30

Is It Too Late To Start BJJ At 30?

It is never too late to start training BJJ! BJJ gyms are filled with people from all walks of life at all different ages. Female. Male. Old. Young. Big or small. It does not matter . When you really think about it, even being 30 you still have your whole life ahead of you for training. Once you start, just allow yourself to find something to fall in love with.

As a society I think we failed at painting this picture that the age of 30 is ‘old’. You old really get old when you stop moving, stop playing, and start to see a decline in overall well-being. Until that point comes you are not old. When you look at the best athletes in the world, most of them are peaking well into their 30s, not before.

Starting Jiu Jitsu At 30 (What You Should Know)

If you have been lifting weights and keeping up with your cardio you will have a massive advantage over someone wo hasn’t at your age. You will be able to train more and train for longer periods. Now, the first thing you want to establish as you get onto the mats for the first time is the goals that you set for yourself. You have to be realistic here.

If you plan to become one of the top BJJ practitioners in the world and compete at ADCC or large IBJJF tournaments you may have to consider your commitment level. It is not impossible to get to this level even at the age of 30 but you really have to have a high level of talent and a dedicated system for training, for most of us that is not really all to possible.

Can You Get Good At BJJ After 30+ Years Old?

Yes, a lot of the black belts that you see teaching schools now started well into their 30s and some even later in their 30s. How good you get at Brazilian jiu-jitsu is completely dependent on you no matter what age you are at. How often you study moves, train, and compete are all ways that you can increase the likelihood that you are really good at BJJ well into your 30s.


Your goals are going to be personal to you. You should not feel as though you have to go out and be some champion because younger people are chasing those ideals, whatever it is you want, you should pursue and give it your best effort to accomplish it. if competing is not your cup of tea, you have a great way to stay in shape and risk minimal injuries along the way.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Start BJJ At 30

In my opinion, there are millions of reasons to start training BJJ even at the age of 30 but I respect your time and need to narrow down the options. Here is a complied list of 6 reasons why you should consider training jiu-jitsu:

  1. Learn a New Skill

  2. Enjoyable Exercise

  3. Improve Self Confidence

  4. Get out of your Comfort Zone

  5. Create a New Social Circle

  6. Regret for Not Starting

Let’s examine this further.

Learn A New Skill

One thing that happens as adults (and we are all victims of this) is that we lose the sense of education after all our schooling is done. We forget how fun it is to be a student and start to fall into a mundane routine. Avoid this at all costs. This is how we wake up in places we never intended to be feeling ways we never thought we would.

What makes jiu-jitsu so addictive and enjoyable is the fact that you are learning a new skill. One that is both useful and extremely practical. there is measurable progress that is obtained through the belt ranking system and just through the moves that you learn while training. Measurable results is something that public education failed to provide for most of us but the jiu-jitsu academy will not fall short of this.

Improve Self Confidence

Knowing you have the ability to defend yourself and your family will carryover into your everyday life and how you walk around. Many people starting BJJ may have not experienced this feeling before, personally, I know I never had until I started training. There is no feeling like it, you (and your family) deserve to see you in this way.

Take You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Taking this journey into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will teach you things you never knew that you needed to learn. Learning and skill acquisition is only accomplished when you are outside of your comfort zone and being pushed to catch up. Life takes it easy in not having to do these types of things, don’t fall into the trap!

It’s A Great Way To Make New Friends

This is my favorite thing about training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the people I have met along the way. Everyone is on the mats for the same reasons, we are all trying to get just a little bit better at a hobby that clearly has benefited our lives for the better. Everyone is there for the right reasons and involving yourself with these types of people (who strive for progress) is good for your soul.

It is hard to make friends in your 30s but if you are looking to make them quickly with people who share similar values, BJJ is a great way to create those bonds. Eventually, you will be talking about work, watching fights, and maybe even hanging out!

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starting jiu jitsu at 30


Start Slow

If you have not been active before you started training, slowly progress into training multiple times a week. There is no need to jump in and go to classes 5-6x a week, maybe it is best to go with 2-3x. Once you know you have adapted to training on a regular basis, you should start coming more frequently.

Make It A Lifestyle

Be consistent with the amount of time that you spend training. Unfortunately, the turnover rate for people who train can be pretty high for this reason. Making a training session a mandatory part of your life can increase the quality of your life. Once you start training, start eating right, spending less time watching TV, and start reading more books.

Be Aware Of Your Recovery

You are not 20 anymore. I am sure your body tells you this more quickly than you like to admit. You need to start taking recovery more seriously if you are starting bjj at 30. Getting into practices like cold plunging, yoga, active stretching, and buying items like CBD or massage guns can be a massive help in this. Older jiu-jitsu players require different things than their younger counterparts.

How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Injury

Staying healthy and avoiding injuries should be priority number one for people who are starting to train BJJ at an age over 30. Consistent training requires the entire body to function properly or at least in a manageable manner. Martial arts can help boost your overall physical health levels but training sessions are not something that come with little to no risk.

Look After Your Neck & Knees

Even if you have stayed active over the years, the neck and knees are two things that have probably not been looked after in your training. BJJ is a physical sport and it would be irresponsible to not know that you open yourself to more risk when you are on the mats. Knowing how and when to tap will save you in 99% of situations but always side on being preventative rather than reactionary.

Buying items like the iron neck and knee braces have made us feel safer on the mats and have a bi more control over how our body functions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How late can you start BJJ?

Starting BJJ can happen at any age. When you hit the mats and start to train a martial art you will notice people from all different walks of life. Some people get in at a really young age and some people get into it way later in life. Some people started BJJ at the age of 60. Starting BJJ at 30 is just the beginning to a great decade!