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Rash Guard vs Tee Shirt: What Should You Wear Under Your Gi?

what to wear under your gi

What should you be wearing underneath your gi? Simple, you should be wearing rash guards while you train inside your gym or you have the option of not wearing one. While competing you may find yourself having to not wear a rash guard under your gi (for men) but many new tournament styles allow for rash guards in competition.

what to wear under your gi

What to Wear Under Your Gi

For both men and women inside the gym, you should be wearing a rash guard under your gi. Again, for guys, you have the option of not wearing one but you may increase your risk of getting skin infections or cuts by not doing so. For the safety of everyone inside the gym, we advise you to wear rashguards.

For the women who are picking up the martial art, wearing sports bras underneath a clean rashguard is acceptable and highly recommended.

Rash Guards & Sports Bra (For Women)

Rashguards are tight-fitting athletic clothing that rests on the skin to help prevent cuts and skin-on-skin contact. Women are recommended to wear sports bras underneath their rash guards for added protection. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, if it is uncomfortable for you do not wear it.

Don’t Wear Tee Shirts

It is suggested to not wear loose-fitted cotton tee shirts while training BJJ. Jiu-Jitsu is a physical sport that calls for lots of grabbing and pulling, the shirt may rip to pieces if you decide to go with wearing one while training. We are not liable if your favorite band’s shirt becomes stretched out or rips because you decided to wear it while training.

Spats or Leggings

Spats and leggings are the best things to wear underneath your gi pants for a number of reasons. I personally do not like having my gi pants on without my spats on, it just feels weird on my skin. Your gi pants generally fit on your body pretty well so you do not have to fear them riding up on you but in the case that someone reaches for your belt you may accidentally pull your buttock out. Having spats or leggings underneath can save the embarrassment.

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Rules about what to wear under BJJ gi

There are no “rules” in place that tell you have to wear rashguards underneath your gi. Sometimes people enjoy training without a shirt on and that is totally fine, it is more of a personal preference for me to wear rashguards versus going shirtless. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is rough and gets you sweaty, the idea of someone else’s sweat potentially going on my skin where I may have a cut grosses me out so I always wear spats and a rash guard.

What to Wear Under Gi (When Training)

When you are causally training you can get away with training with or without a rash guard under your gi. Under your gi pants, it is suggested to wear spats, leggings, compression shorts, or tighter-fitting (athletic) underwear.

What to Wear Under Gi (When Competing)

Depending on the tournament format, you may have to compete without a rash guard under your gi in tournaments. Female competitors will wear rashguards and more than likely have sports bras underneath. Under your gi pants, you may be forced to roll your spats higher, if this causes any kind of discomfort you always have the option of just wearing compression shorts underneath your gi pants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear under my gi pants?

We recommend that you wear spats underneath your gi pants while training to help keep away from getting any type of skin infections. If you train jiu jitsu long enough you will more than likely get a pair of spats but in the beginning, it is fine to just wear athletic underwear, shorts, or leggings underneath your gi pants.

Can I go commando?

Please do not go commando while training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This is not something that is sanitary and there may be children that are around. Please wear underwear underneath your gi pants and do not go commando for class.

What’s the rule on wearing only spats in the gym?

Every gym is different in its policy. Our policy is that you must be wearing grappling shorts over your spats while training at our gym. Again it is just a courtesy thing for your teammates and training partners.