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Ryan Garcia’s Response to PED Allegations: “I Would Quit Boxing”

ryan garcia ped alligations

In combat sports, maintaining a good reputation is as crucial as showcasing your ability in the ring. Ryan Garcia recently found himself in a whirlwind of controversy. His victory over Devin Haney was overshadowed by allegations of performance-enhancing drug use. Garcia, an otherwise stellar athlete whose career has been punctuated by knockout wins and charismatic showmanship, faced a brutal setback not just physically but in perception.

During an Instagram Live session with renowned boxer and social media influencer Jake Paul, Garcia addressed the allegations. He expressed denial and even went so far as to assert a drastic measure. “If I did it, which I know damn well I didn’t, I would quit boxing,” Garcia declared. This bold statement highlights Garcia’s commitment to integrity in the sport he loves, as well as his confidence in his innocence.

The entire saga began when Garcia’s victory over Devin Haney, a fight ending with Haney suffering his first professional loss, was tainted by Ryan’s failure to make weight and subsequent rumors of a failed drug test. On May 1st, reports surfaced that Garcia tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine. This development has sparked intense debate within the boxing community and among fans globally, especially considering Garcia’s previous clean record and outspoken views against cheating in sports.

ryan garcia ped alligations

The Legacy and the Controversy

Ryan Garcia’s journey in boxing has been nothing short of theatrical. With a comeback story following his defeat to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and his sensational knockout of Oscar Duarte, Garcia seemed primed for his first world title — a dream derailed momentarily by missing weight and now these allegations. This sequence of events doesn’t just challenge Garcia’s physical capabilities but also his mental fortitude.

In his discussion with Jake Paul, Garcia didn’t hold back words. He highlighted his previous clean tests, insinuating the possibility of a conspiracy to discredit his successful return. “At the end of the day, I know I didn’t [use steroids],” he stated passionately. “I could have hurt him. I could have killed him. Why the hell would I do that?”

Analyzing the Testing Process

Critical to the discourse on performance-enhancing drugs is the role of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), which oversees drug testing. Garcia has raised questions regarding the timing and results of his VADA tests. According to him, his test results were consistently clean, up to and immediately after the fight. “If all my tests came out clean all the way up to the day before my fight and the day after, obviously they’re setting me up,” he argued.

For Garcia, this situation is a burdensome diversion from his true passion — boxing. He conveyed a sense of injustice and frustration, a sentiment likely shared by many athletes who find themselves in similar predicaments regardless of their innocence. Going forward, Garcia’s career, marketability, and legacy will be significantly influenced by how this controversy is resolved.

Garcia’s confrontation with these serious accusations places him in the difficult position of defending his honor while continuing to pursue his championship aspirations. As this situation unfolds, it holds ramifications not only for Garcia’s personal life and career but also for the integrity of boxing.


The Ryan Garcia drama provides multiple layers of learning opportunities for many fighters. It’s a reminder of the pressures athletes face, the implications of regulatory processes, and the ongoing battle against performance-enhancing drugs in sports. As Garcia pledges to leave boxing if proven guilty, the sports world watches and waits, understanding the stakes are much more than the loss of a title, but potentially the loss of a bright career in its prime.

Regardless of the outcome, Garcia’s ordeal will likely prompt deeper reflections on fairness, performance, and the spirit of competition among boxing and martial arts communities worldwide.