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How To Fill A Grappling Dummy

how to fill a grappling dummy

I finally got around to stuffing my grappling dummy for you guys and wanted to share it with you. Here at Grapplers Graveyard, we promise to always test the products and use them before we go off and write any kind. of reviews. Your support goes a long way and we appreciate the love you guys show on the platforms.

Here is how to fill a grappling dummy.

Filling Your Grappling Dummy

Filling my grappling dummy was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I sat out on my balcony and did it one afternoon after putting off the tasks for months. Basically, I could have gotten this post out to you a month ago but I was too lazy to do it… shame me in the comments.

I bought 20 lbs of Poly Filler that I bought directly from Amazon and only used about half of the filler. I do actually plan on going back and filling it some more though because the dummy itself is super soft. When I put weight on it there is little to no resistance so I am not necessarily the biggest fan of only using about 10lbs of filler. I bought 55lbs of rubber filler along with the poly filler I got, the rubber filler was not used on my dummy but in hindsight, I might have added a couple of pounds of it in there to create a layer of stiffness.

The sweet spot with a grappling dummy is to probably be around 40-50 lbs. At this weight, it is stiff enough to do work on but obviously much heavier.

If you are keen on just buying pre-filled dummies, there are some great options out there that range from $100-$300 depending on weight. You could also just get a punching bag to do some work on there as well. If you go with a punching bag it may be best to go with a long bag.

how to fill a grappling dummy

Your Ultimate Training Partner: Are They Worth It?

So far I would say the purchase of a grappling dummy is worth it. I do not regret the purchase at all. To be honest, it helps me create more videos for you guys on my YouTube and is a great way for me to get some extra work in when I am in the mood for it.

If I were to do it all over again, I would probably buy a pre-filled grappling dummy just because I feel as though the one am currently using is not heavy enough to get any serious work in. The poly filler just makes it feel like one big pillow.

What Is The Best Thing To Fill Grappling Dummy With?

I read a lot of content on the web before filling my dummy. Most of the time it was advised to use old clothing, poly filler, or old towels. But here at Grapplers Graveyard, we do things a little differently (lolz). Straight poly filler and rubber filler are around these parts.

I believe it is a personal preference. Part of me had anxiety about how I was going to go and find that many towels or old t-shirts to stuff a whole dummy with so I went with a simpler solution.

Options for Filling and What I Did

I used poly filler and a little bit of rubber filler. I bought 20 lbs of poly filler at Amazon and the Rubber filler from Rogue. If you have a bunch of old t-shirts or towels lying around that do not get used you could also through that inside the dummy to help add some weight to it. If you plan on going the DIY route, I suggest doing a mix of some filler material rather than going with just one.

If you end up going with old clothing, be sure to fill the hands, head, and feet with a softer material like poly filler.