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Is Jake Paul Fighting MMA?

is jake paul fighting mma

It is not a surprise that we are sitting here writing an article on known other than Jake Paul. He has proven to be a master at ruffling feathers and keeping the public’s attention. Recently, Paul signed a massive contract with the PFL to help promote professional fighters to new heights. Whether Jake is in a boxing ring or now an MMA cage, he will bring a massive crowd of people who want to see the spectacles that he always seems to put on. But is Jake Paul really fighting MMA?

The Problem Child was spotted recently training BJJ with some big names in the jiu-jitsu community… does this mean his MMA debut is right around the corner?

Professional Fighters League

Paul and the PFL CEO Peter Murray have created a pay-per-view division called “PFL PPVC Super Fight”, which it guarantees the fighters will receive 50% of the revenue generated from its events. This is huge for the fighting community as it has been a notorious fact that they, repeatedly, get left out of the money-making equation when it comes to putting on these events.

Fighters all around the world are going to get a great chance to showcase their skills and get paid the way they deserve to be paid in the new league known as the PFL. The PFL is a league that fights for fighter advocacy and equal fighter pay. PFL fighters have a bright future ahead of them with the likes of Paul joining their force.

We are excited to watch some fights from the PFL. Male and female fighters around the world are going to get the opportunity of a lifetime to get the eyeballs they have been looking for all their career. Imagine the talent that arises down the road. This is an exciting time to be a PFL fighter and the show has yet to even begin.

boxing career - is jake paul doing mma

Is Jake Paul Doing MMA?

It is not a secret at this point, Jake Paul does a fantastic job at keeping our attention time and time again. Just recently Jake Paul, the youtube gone undefeated boxer, broke the internet with his groundbreaking deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

From the looks of it, it seems like Jake is on his way to fighting in the cage against some top-tier talent. MMA fighters looking to make a name for themselves will be clawing for the opportunity to step into the ring with the likes of Jake Paul.

Paul has already been taking the fight community by defeating multiple mixed martial artists in the boxing ring. Now he is taking his talents elsewhere, and his MMA debut is right around the corner.

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