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How Often to Wash a Sauna Suit?

how often to wash sauna suit

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When it comes to ensuring longevity in your fitness journey, hygiene must be prioritized. Practicing good hygiene by showering every day and using clean gear will allow you to avoid getting sick and make the most out of your training sessions.

Read below to learn all about how often and how to wash a sauna suit.

how often to wash sauna suit

How often do you wash sauna suits?

It is recommended to wash sauna suits regularly to keep them clean and hygienic for the next use. The frequency of washing will depend on how often you use the sauna suit and how vigorously you train in it.

As a general guideline for most people, it is recommended that you wash your sauna suit after each use to remove sweat, bacteria, and odors. This will help maintain its freshness and extend its lifespan.

Remember, a dirty sauna suit is a dangerous breeding ground for a variety of bacteria, using it can cause skin infections like ringworm.

You should always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance to make sure you do not damage the sweat suit.

How to wash a sauna suit

  1. Check the care instructions: Read the care label beforehand to ensure you follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Pre-treat stains: If you see any visible stains, pre-treat them by gently applying a mild stain remover or detergent directly over the affected areas.
  3. Hand wash or machine wash: For hand washing, fill a basin or bucket with lukewarm water and mix in a mild detergent. Gently submerge the suit in the soapy water, paying attention to any stained areas.For machine washing, put the sauna suit in a mesh laundry bag to protect it and use a gentle cycle and cold water with a mild detergent.
  4. Rinse thoroughly: After washing, make sure to rinse the sauna suit thoroughly to remove any excess soap residue.
  5. Air dry: Hang the suit in a well-ventilated area or lay it flat to air dry. Avoid using direct heat like a blowdryer or sunlight, as it can degrade the fabric.

Different Sauna Suit Materials

Sauna suits are commonly crafted from different synthetic materials each, each with its distinct properties.

The most common material is polyvinyl chloride, renowned for its waterproof nature and ability to retain heat effectively.

Neoprene is also popular, it is a synthetic rubber known for its exceptional insulation and flexibility. Neoprene sauna suits are often favored for their long-lasting durability and comfort.

Although not as common, some sauna suits are also composed of a blend of polyester and spandex, allowing for a lightweight and stretchable alternative.

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Pre-Washing Preparations

When it comes to pre-washing preparations for sauna suits, there isn’t much for you to worry about. One simple precaution you can take is to look at the care label by the manufacturer. This will tell you all the wash instructions you need to know to ensure proper care of your suit when washing.

It can tell you if you can use a washing machine, or if you need to hand wash the suit, it can also tell you the type and strength of detergent you can use per wash cycle, and the recommended water temperature for an efficient cleaning process.

Also, if you see any visible stains, apply some detergent or soap to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes before you wash it.

Things to consider before handwashing your sauna suit

When hand washing your sauna suit, there are a few things you should consider, they are:

  1. Carefully read the manufacturer’s washing instructions
  2. Don’t use fabric softeners
  3. Use a consistent temperature of water like cold or warm water
  4. Use a gentle laundry detergent or soap
  5. Gently agitate the suit inside and out

Hand Washing Instructions

  1. Start by addressing any visible stains on the garment, treat them with a mild detergent, and let them sit for a few minutes before washing
  2. Submerge the suit inside luke warm water mixed with a gentle detergent
  3. Gently knead and agitate the whole suit and visible stains
  4. Rinse completely making sure to remove any excess soap or detergent
  5. Air drying is recommended, spread the suit out in an open area
Pros and cons of handwashing a sauna suit
  1. Increases the lifespan of your suit
  1. Can take longer depending on how dirty your suit is
  2. Hand washing can be tedious if you need to do it everyday

Machine Washing Instructions

  1. If there are any visible stains, pre-treat them with a gentle detergent and let them soak for a few minutes
  2. Place the sauna suit in a mesh laundry bag and put it in the washing machine
  3. Set a gentle cycle with lukewarm water and add a detergent to the water
  4. Rinse off any excess residue and leave it to air dry, do not use direct sunlight or a blow dryer
  5. Do not use tumble drying and wash other garments separately
Pros and cons of  machine washing a sauna suit
  1. Machine washing is much easier
  2. It saves you time
  1. The quality of your suit might be compromised as washing machines can damage the garment

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Preventing Odors From Building Up in Your Sauna Suit

There are several tips to prevent odors from building up in your sauna suit. The most important is that you shower before wearing it. This will prevent you from bringing any dirt or bacteria into the suit.

Another good tip is to regularly wipe clean your suit and wash it when needed.

Drying Instructions

When it comes to drying any kind of sports gear, you should not speed up the drying process by using direct sunlight or a blow dryer, especially line drying, for delicate gear like sauna suits.

Instead, you should let them air dry completely in the open. You can hang dry inside in a well-ventilated place or spread your sauna suit inside in on a table.

Direct heat can cause significant damage to the quality of natural fabrics in your gear. It can weaken the fabric and even shrink it, reducing its efficiency and effectiveness for the next use.

Why You Need to Clean a Sauna Suit Regularly

A dirty sauna suit is a dangerous breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, when you leave the suit full of dirt, sweat, body oils and grime, bacteria growth will be promoted.

The next time you wear the dirty suit, you will be prone to skin infections and diseases like ringworm. So make sure to wash your sauna suit regularly on a low heat setting or cool water if you are hand washing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to wash the sauna suit after every use?

This depends on how much you sweat or how vigorously you exercise. If you did not sweat too much, it is likely you don’t need to wash it, especially if you do not see any visible stains.

Should a Sauna Suit Be Disinfected After Each Use?

It is highly recommended that you wipe your sauna suit clean after every use to keep it fresh for the next use. You can use a cloth with some disinfectant liquid and wipe the inside of the sauna suit properly.

Can I wash my sauna suit with other clothes?

Sauna suits are much more delicate than normal clothes, you should wash them separately on a delicate cycle to reduce the risk of damage or wear and tear.

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