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Why You Should Try Cold Plunge Therapy

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Hey you, yeah you!! Are you considering taking the plunge? At this point, everyone and their mom has seen something about the practice of cold plunging. Maybe you have read a few articles on the benefits and started to even carefully assess the risks. Wherever you are in the process, we encourage you to give cold plunging a try!

Grapplers Graveyard may be a site mainly for grappling athletes but nonetheless, we have something in common with you, we love exercising and pushing our body’s limits! Anything that can help us get fit, stay healthy, and increase our happiness we are always open to trying! In this post, we will tell you why you should consider cold plunging for yourself!

Why You Should Try Cold Plunge Therapy

Cold plunging and cold water immersion are not new things. The practice of submerging the body in cold water has actually been around for a very long time and it is just now touching the mainstream! But is cold plunging really for you? 

Maybe you are on the fence about trying out cold plunging or maybe you have heard it floating around the fitness community and are a bit skeptical about the trend, we get it and are here to help.

We are always giving things that are stated to help our bodies a shot and are open-minded enough to go into these things. We started cold plunging over 5 years ago, so when the practice hit the broader market we were not really surprised.

Typically, these kinds of practices hit small pockets of the market first before they blow up and are accessible to the masses. Cold plunging, better known as ice baths, has been in training facilities for some of the best sports teams in the world for decades now. The practice has been studied to help boost a number of physiological and psychological mechanisms in the body.

If top-tier athletes have been doing it for a long time you should at least give it a try if you have not done so already. Most of the time, cold plunges are found at local wellness centers or other businesses forced on helping people optimize their bodily functions!

Why You Should Not Try Cold Plunges

You should not try cold plunging if you are not looking to put yourself outside of your comfort zone or are too stubborn to realize the benefits that it could have on you and your body. Look we get it, if you want to stay the way you are and do not like putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, that is fine, but this website and working out in general is probably not for you!

For those, that love a good challenge and want to see what they are truly capable of, we welcome you with open arms! Day by day we are working to get ourselves (and others) to realize their potential. Whether that is through exercising, training jiu-jitsu, or even cold plunging, the impact of these seemingly small actions has huge long-term positive effects on both the mind and body! 

Who Should Avoid Cold Plunging?

If you have serious health conditions you should consult your doctor before cold plunging. It should be without saying that you are going to put yourself under a good amount of stress if you decide to plunge so making sure you and your body can handle it is probably step one.

Read this article on the risk of cold plunging to make sure you are okay!


There is nothing wrong with trying a cold plunge. We encourage that you take the leap.

Now in our personal life, we are not the type to just “try” something, we commit. “Trying” gives too much room to make excuses on why you should or should not do something. We are committed to the goal of building our bodies to the best of its capabilities and constantly want to find new ways to push our limits! If this is you, maybe it would be a good idea to consider bringing the cold plunge experience right to your home!

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