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Welcome to the Graveyard

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Welcome to Grapplers Graveyard.

Grapplers Graveyard is a premier combat sports media brand that focuses on helping practitioners become all around better version of themselves through the sport. If you follow us on various social media platforms you will find a little bit of everything depending on the platform. Some of you may have come through our doors and trained with us, some of you discovered us through our news articles on Twitter, or maybe you saw one of our product reviews on YouTube.

Wherever you find us, welcome! We are happy to have you.

At first glance, the site might be a little bit overwhelming to navigate so I will break it down here. We are covering topics ranging from the following:

  • Nutrition and Supplements to help you on your health and wellness journey
  • BJJ Technique Breakdowns and Belt Rankings
  • Weight and Strength Training
  • Product Reviews on Exercise Equipment, Recovery Tools (sauna, cold plunge, etc.) Supplements, and much more
  • Recovery and Sports Injuries
  • News and Latest Happenings in the Combat Sports World

We love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it has completely shifted the way that we live our lives. My goal as the founder to help be the change in the world and make jiu-jitsu more accessible to everyday people. The internet allows me and you to connect in new ways that were never possible and frankly, a lot of the BJJ gym owners suck at getting you through the door.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a fresh white belt, we want to welcome you to an environment that is productive and uplifting. From the outside, combat sports can be intimidating and all the horror stories behind bad gym owners within the martial arts space do not help.

We see a massive opportunity in sport that is growing exponentially and believe we have the drive, vision, and tenacity it takes to accomplish what we intend to do. We plan on eventually having state-of-the-art training facilities where people can find exercise, BJJ training, and recovery all under one roof. Until we reach the goal of black belt and having the ability to open a gym (where we can own the Real Estate), we will continue working on this website and build out a massive web presence.

What We Stand For

If you are here already I can make some positive assumptions about the type of person you are. This blog is for the hustlers, the people who want to be in the best shape possible and strive to live a better life. BJJ is not a hobby that is by any means “easy”. It challenges you every day. The easier route is through quitting. Training BJJ calls for you, the reader to step outside your comfort zone and morph yourself into a new person.

Bury your Ego

the graveyard is the mats where egos are laid to rest

The Graveyard, as I will refer to it, are the Mats. This is where our egos get laid to rest as the reapers (black belts) watch over the new souls. The reapers are most dominant force in the graveyard, as new souls we must stay vigilant to how the reapers guide us. Respect in the graveyard is an unspoken rule that we all adhere to. 🥋🪦

the dojo is the graveyard, be ready to bury your ego

Souls are bonded in the Graveyard through this spiritual endeavor. Blood, sweat, and tears are the currencies of choice.

We all have, and continue too, put our bodies on the line in order to see progress within our game. Deep down, each one of us want to be able to bury our opponents. There is an obligation that we uphold to our gym and coaches to continue to bury our egos, be good teammates, and challenge ourselves to accomplish the personal quests we each venture out on.

Never underestimate an opponent.

jiu jitsu monkey. respect is earn and taken

Everyone you go against can be a threat.

Respect will be earned or taken.

We look forward to growing with each one of you here at the Grapplers Graveyard.

Jiu Jitsu and other forms of martial arts have changed the lives of millions.

Our goal here at the Grappplers Graveyard is to build a world-class community of practitioners around the world and make it easier to connect with other people who share the same passion. We write about all things that the sport has to offer, from moves, and belt progression, to gear recommendations, you name it we talk about it.

We have a lofty vision of how this website and business will morph over time and it will not be accomplished without the support of those that buy into our mission.

If you are on the fence about doing martial arts, we will always tell you to try it out! You never know what could be on the other side of this and what martial arts has in store for your life.