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what is open mat bjj

What is BJJ Open Mat?

Table of Contents Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Have you heard the term ‘open mat’ and wondered what is an open mat? In this article, we

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red belt bjj

List of BJJ Red Belts

Table of Contents Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit The red belt is an extremely rare and prestigious rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and only a select few

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how to tie bjj belt

How To Tie A BJJ Belt

Table of Contents Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Many white belts struggle with tying their belt in their first couple weeks of practice. It takes a

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best wrestling headgear

Best Wrestling Headgear

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Getting good fitting wrestling headgear will be one of the biggest favors you will make for your wrestling journey. Wrestling headgear

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bjj belt timeline

BJJ Belt Timeline

Navigate This Post Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit The BJJ belt system takes years of hard work and effort to advance through. Many athletes struggle to

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