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How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Your Peers

The journey is everything - Russ

It’s promotion season in our gym and we thought it would be important to bring up a reminder to an issue that always arises: stop comparing yourself to other people in the gym. We are big on this and want to instill the confidence in others to be big on this as well. You are robbing yourself of the beauty in the journey when comparing yourself to others. All that matters at the end of the day is your journey and how you show up to the world around you. If can say that you got 1% better today, then your day was a success.

Jiu-jitsu gyms all across the world have this issue arise when promotions happen. Stripes and belts do not matter.

The journey is everything - RussThe Journey is Everything

Coined by our favorite Rap Artist, Russ. The Journey is the only thing that matters. Russ has been someone we have admired because he truly emulates the qualities it takes to become world-class. In the moment, where you are may not be the best but when you get to where you want to be in life you will look back and reminisce on the early days. Along the way to becoming the best version of yourself you collect experiences and meet amazing people, you do not want to miss those moments being focused on things out of your control.

Instead, cherish the moments of being a beginner because you only get to experience them once. As you stick around you will gain competence and no longer be the new guy/girl in the gym.

Learning to be Present

One thing Jiu Jitsu will teach you is how to be present if all else fails. You may not be aware of it but it does. It is not like yoga circles, we do not sit in a circle and go “everyone is present now. You learn this through rolling. If you are not present and aware of what is going on you will get smashed, choked out, or possibly get yourself hurt.

This is an aspect, just like many others, we have covered in our blog, of the sport that will carry into everyday life. Better relationships, more focused on getting the process down, and an overall increase in happiness are all side effects of being present in the moment.

stop comparingPatience and Stay the Course

Anything worthwhile takes time to accomplish. Everyone is going to have a different experience getting to the desired destination. A good estimate of the time it takes to get to mastery of any skill in any realm of the world is 10 years. This is why you see so few people at the top of any respective field, people do not have the persistence it takes to get to the finish line. A personality trait that can be developed and etched into who you are.

Staying the course is no easy feat, but that is why the ones that see things through obtain massive rewards. 100 people out of 1,000 people become millionaires in their lifetime, 80% of them will be completely self-made. All those people did differently was see what they started through the end. There are people dumber than you that will make it because they were too hard-headed to stop.

Comparison is self-sabotage to anyone on the way to living a happy, successful life. Define for yourself what is important to you and stick to it. Everyone’s route to living the life they imagine is completely different. Own your version of what that looks like and stay the course to see it all the way through.

Never compare yourself to others, there is only one of you.

Happy Rolling!

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