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How Much is a Cold Plunge Tub?

how much is a cold plunge tub

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How much is a cold plunge tub? Kind of a lot of money, not going to lie. We personally do not think the “affordable options” are even worth the $100 price point that most of them sit at so not including those, cold plunges will range from $1,200 – $15,000. Almost all the tubs on the market can be financed so you can break down those payments over time if you are wanting to do so. Let’s look a little deeper at the art of cold plunging.

how much is a cold plunge tub

How Much is a Cold Plunge Tub

Cold plunge tubs are an investment. Most cold plunges can be financed so the price tag can be broken down to monthly payments as low as $100/month depending on which device you end up going with. The price of a cold plunge tub ranges from as low as \$100 to \$15,000.

This is a massive range and we would generally not recommend any cold plunge device under the $500 price range because you are not really getting the full effects of cold plunging with a device like that. In experience, real cold plunge devices (ones that actually get you the intended benefits of cold therapy) start at $1,200 (Ice Barrel).

At this point, we have reviewed every major cold plunge device on the market. The best cold plunges are ones that are a bit more on the pricey side. The best overall cold plunge device based on price and specs would be the device from Plunge but if you are looking for top-tier specs and the most luxurious device on the market, there is no question that Blue Cube (review) takes the crown there.

If you are going to buy a cold plunge device for commercial purposes, you really should only be considering the cold plunges with high flow rates and higher horsepower chillers. These two items are going to separate the good from the best.

What Am I Paying For?

The more expensive the cold plunge the better the specs are on the device. What you are paying for in higher-priced cold plunges is going to most likely be the design, chiller power, and flow rate of the water system. Most of the top-tier cold plunges on the market only have differences based on these things.

They will keep the water cooler as more people come in and out of the water, they will chill the water faster, and they will make the water move much like a natural stream would. We have a best-of list on the best cold plunge tub in 2023, there you can find our analysis for finding the best recovery tool for health enthusiasts or potential business owners.

Most Affordable Cold Plunges

We do not like writing about the affordable options on the market because after analyzing and reviewing what makes the top-tier devices what they are, we realized that those affordable options are just a waste of money. Seriously, if you want to cold plunge and want the practice to be more affordable just go find a local business that has a cold plunge device and sign up with them. You are both helping a local business and saving yourself a trip to go get ice.

Now, let’s say you are in a situation where there really is no local wellness center, and REALLY wanted to cold plunge, we would recommend going with Nurecover. Again, there is really nothing that operates the cheap cold plunges from one another, you will have to go buy ice every time you do the practice and it most definitely will not be breaking the thermal layer build up but if you forced us to name one, that would be the one.

Things to Be Aware Of

We laid it out above. The affordable options for cold plunge devices are not our favorite because you have to continuously make trips to buy ice, there is no flow to the water so you will not break the thermal layer (why this matters) and if multiple people are cold plunging you will have to throw more ice into the tub since there is no chiller working to keep the water cold.

Not to mention that there is no filtration system on these affordable options so you may be plunging in dirty water.

Best Bargain Cold Plunges

There are some cold plunge devices that hit the sweet spot in our opinion. If you are someone with a little bit more to spend and are serious about adding the practice to your routine but don’t want to spend a fortune the best bargain cold plunge on the market is by far the ones offered by Polar Monkeys (review).

Polar Monkey cold plunges are perfect for those consumers that fit the category above, seriously. They have a good enough horsepower that keeps the water cool for 2 – 3 people to plunge within an hour time frame and have a good filtration system in place to both keep the water clean and somewhat flowing.

ice baths, polar plunge by polar monkeys

Best Luxury Cold Plunges

If you want the “Ritz Carlton” or “Rolex” of cold plunge tubs look no further than BlueCube (review) or Odin Ice Baths (review).

There is no doubt in our mind that these two sit at the top for the best cold plunge tubs. When it comes to design, power, and flow rates they are leaps and bounds ahead of the other options out there.

Odin cold plune, cold plunge tub features, cold water exposure


If you are going down the route of buying your own cold plunge device you need to know what to look for before you go off and make the purchase. Now, if you are in the small group that wants to do your own research when it comes to buying the right device for you, we have a list of 7 things you should look for.

best cold water tub, how much is a cold plunge tub

For those that trust the research that we have down here is a list in order of what we think the best cold plunge devices on the market are:

List of Top Cold Plunges (In Order):

  1. BlueCube (Review)

  2. Odin Ice Baths (Review)

  3. Plunge (Review)

  4. Morozko

  5. Inergize Health (Review)

  6. Polar Monkeys (Review)

  7. The Ice Barrel (Review)

  8. Redwood Outdoors

  9. All “Affordable Options”

Is a Cold Plunge Worth the Money?

In our opinion, yes, cold plunge devices are absolutely worth the cost. We love the mental aspect of cold plunging, it is something that is not an easy practice and we love to challenge ourselves to see how much our bodies can handle. being that this is a website mainly about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and bettering our lives through the martial art, we actually gravitate towards pushing our bodies limits and seeing what we are capable of.

The other day we went for a walk with a friend and the topic of cold plunging got brought up and you know what she said? She loved it for the same reasons too! If you are someone who runs away from discomfort and is not wanting to push yourself mentally and physically, cold plunges are probably not worth it but so will a lot of health-related things if you fit this camp!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, cold plunges are a bit more expensive but they are worth it. if you want to build your own cold plunge device there is nothing stopping you there but you will end up paying the same price along the way. Most freezers are about \$800 – \$1,000 and then the chillers are about the same price, just those two things alone equate to more than what it would cost you to get the Ice barrel.

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