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cold plunge business

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This is not generic advice given to you by AI. The other articles on this search term cannot say the same thing. Starting a business is hard work that a robot will never be able to replicate, so why should you listen to it or those that us AI to give you advice? The quick answer is that you shouldn’t.

We have done tons of research on Cold plunging and have the most in-depth cold plunge information on our website to answer all questions about the practice. Cold plunging has been a vital part to our training routine for years now and we love sharing what we know.

We have been running a business that has seen massive amounts of growth just in the last year and we want to share some things for those who are looking to venture into the business of health and wellness by investing in a cold plunge. Let’s dive in!

cold plunge business

6 Steps To Starting A Cold Plunge Business

  1. Location, Location, Location!!!!
  2. Invest in the right equipment (Best for commercial use)
  3. Know the Benefits like the back of your hand
  4. Become a Marketing Guru
  5. Stay Organized
  6. Hire and Outsource


You need to be in an area that has a little more money. Your services may not be on the cheap side so making the business accessible and visible to those ideal customers is going to be a huge component to the success of your cold plunge business.

The Right Equipment

Staring a cold plunge business is not the cheapest thing in the world. There are plenty of other businesses that you can create other than going down this route but that kind of creates your competitive edge. With the barrier of entry being higher than what most people are willing to do, the profits can start pouring in because you have room to be the best in your market.

cold plunge business with bluecube cold plunge

We will flat out say it, the best cold plunge devices that you should be looking into as a business are the following (in order):

After reviewing just about every cold plunge on the market, these are our top 5. They are there because of the quality, flowrate of the water, the chilling units are beasts of devices, and they are beautifully designed. All of the cold plunges listed above of of the utmost quality to legitimize the business you plan on building.

We have a post about everything you should know before buying a cold plunge that can be found (here) on our website. Be sure to check that out before making any purchases.


Knowledge is power, we all know this. but what most won’t tell you, is that knowledge is also credibility. Knowing more than the average person about any topic makes them think that you are an authority on the topic. When you can coach someone to live a better, happier, healthier way of living they will eat up the services you provide.

Strive to be the most knowledgeable about everything related to your business.

cold plunge business with great marketing


This is where most people go wrong. Later in this article we briefly breakdown platforms that you should be building an audience on. Where most people make a mistake is that they are not using the platforms that are out there for their intended purposes. if you want a more pointed conversation with us here, we are happy to help.

Email grapper @ grapplersgraveyard dot com.


This should go without saying, make sure you have some form of accounting and a way to keep all your finances organized. Come tax season you will thank us for saying this. The more organized you are with the financial side of things the easier your life will be. We personally use QuickBooks for our accounting and separate spreadsheets to track income and expenses so when tax season rolls around we have two sources of information to work with.

Outsource and Hire

The quality of people you have working with you to build ut your dream is a huge component of being able to make this whole thing work. Give up the idea of doing everything yourself, in the beginning, it is okay but long term you need to be thinking about getting quality people to help you with tasks that take too much time off your hands!

Diversify Traffic

Diversifying where people hear about your business is a great way to separate you from the competition that you may be competing with on a local level. Now, if you sell specific products that can be shipped, this will also help you get more eyeballs to your business.

Posting on various social media platforms all results in different things that help your business build up its brand. There are so many platforms out there that can be utilized for business purposes. All of them have a different use case. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin, try stick with a couple of platforms and create content that brings more people through the doors and makes them excited to try out the experience!

cold plunge business

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and More


Personally, I look at social media as a video-based search engine that just answers people’s questions. Educating is a great way to grow a following but you have to cater the way you teach an audience to the way they will receive it best and in a way that the algorithms reward. It’s simple really. Give the people what they want (even when they don’t know what they want) in the way they like to consume.

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas I will give you a million-dollar hack: Use AnswerThePublic.

AsnerThePublic lets you type in keywords for any niche and spits out at least 100 questions that people are already asking on the internet. Use this to come up with new ideas if you are stuck. This has been a game changer for our blog on Grapplers Graveyard and gave us over 700 ideas to write posts or emails about. You can get lifetime access to the tool for only $100.

Start A Blog

All that a blog does is answer people’s questions about a particular topic. If you want free traffic from Google start a blog that answers people’s questions in-depth. The average blog post is about 2,000 words and most that rank on page one of Google follow a specific formula. be sure to do your research on what is needed for you to reap the rewards of having a blog on your business website.


This is an obvious platform that you should be on. This is where you should be a little more aesthetically pleasing with the content that you put out. Be sure to use reels that showcase what cold plunges are, how they work, and other frequently asked questions that you know you get as a cold plunge business owner.

If you want to make still graphics, you should 100% be using Canva. Canva makes it so easy to make content that can really be utilized across different platforms. From videos to infographic posts to logos, Canva has you covered with the majority of your content needs.


To best use these social media platforms you need to understand the audience that is there in the first place. Ask yourself this, who uses TikTok? Typically, it is a younger crowd that wants to be entertained in some way shape, or form, create content with this in mind. Lighten up the mood on your TikToks, use trending sounds, and find a way to educate along the way.

Yes, this is vague because you will have to find the cord to stick for your audience. What works for us won’t work for everyone!


We LOVE Pinterest. We think it is probably the most under utilized platform of all social medias. The reason we love it so much is because the traffic you get from this platform is much like the traffic you get from Google, it comes back ever month and continues to grow over time (as you post).

All the videos and graphics you create on the other platforms should go right here, no questions asked. Point all the content back to a specific page on your website and just let the views roll in! In just two months, we grew our Pinterest to over 100,000 monthly views so it is possible to see massive growth here!

Local Events

This was a strategy we say Renu Therapy used at a tough mudder event. The majority of people who will take on cold plunging are into some form of health and fitness. This marketing strategy will probably be easier if you have a portable (or inflatable) cold plunge devices in your business but showing up to events like this and giving people an opportunity to cold plunge will be a great way to share the benefits and have people experience it first hand.

Research local fitness events in your town and plan to make a trip there!

cold plunge business

What Cold Plunges Are Worth the Investment?

A cold plunge is well worth the investment. The biggest factor in saying that it was not worth it is if you are not aware of the benefits of cold exposure in the first place or if you are not willing to invest in your health, our guess is that you are not here, reading this, if you fall into these categories.

Starting a new business venture is both exciting and liberating. People who go the entrepreneurial route are those who don’t want to keep clocking into a regular job, they want to create something and share their gifts or interests with the world.

Even if you end up not starting a business around your cold plunge, you are investing into your health and well-being which is never a bad thing.

Can a Cold Plunge Business be Profitable?

Yes, most businesses can eventually be profitable. Running a wellness center or a cold plunge business may have a large upfront cost associated before you actually turn a profit but with the proper planning and execution, you can turn a profit.

Social media and leveraging the internet is a great way to get more people to learn about your business.

Best Cold Plunge

Find the best cold plunge devices and exclusive discounts on them here!

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