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Improve Quicker With A BJJ Notebook

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We recently had the pleasure of connecting with the founder of Vanilla Gorilla Company. Little did he know that we were actually REALLY struggling with remembering what techniques were being taught and what minor details needed to be accounted for. Adding this BJJ notebook to our training routine has been a game-changer for us and we have only been using it for a couple of weeks.

Our friends IRL love to make fun of us because we are a bit forgetful (a true understatement). This notebook not only makes remembering the techniques easy but also gives us the power to go over lessons from weeks prior.

We compete often so remembering techniques and notating the details is what we need to do in order to have an edge. If you have been training for a little while you know the real magic is in the details. Vanilla Gorilla makes all that possible AND some.

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A BJJ Notebook Is Not Just For Moves

When we first thought of the idea of getting a BJJ notebook we were overwhelmed with the though of what to even write in that thing. Like, for real, how do you even take notes on moves? Well, come to find out, it’s pretty easy.

This BJJ notebook does not just hold a list of moves but gives you space to write down those details you were drilling on, key takeaways that you want to highlight, the name of the technique that you went over that day, and highlights that you have while rolling.

Imagine yourself 5 years from now, when you complete a couple of journals and you are able to see exactly what you were learning, what you got stuck on, and how you overcame it! It is a very powerful thing to track progress over time and getting a BJJ notebook like the Vanilla Gorilla makes that possible.

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With a Jiu-Jitsu Log, You Can Better Track Your Progress

Whatever is happening in your training sessions you can track in your BJJ notebook from Vanilla Gorilla. Your BJJ journey is going to be filled with a large amount of information so keeping track of it all in one place is not only important but an integral part in your progress. Taking notes, on something physical, makes sense because it really solidifies the information you are learning.

When we are writing in our book we are writing as if we are talking to a fifth grader. We try to make it so easy to understand that we can connect things together while we are in a live roll. It is hard to remember things in the moment at times for us so having to write it down in a journal after we train is extremely helpful.

As mentioned before, we want to look back at this journal when we are a purple belt, brown belt, or even a black belt and beable to tell you exactly what we were working on and how we executed the moves.

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Benefits of Journaling and Keeping BJJ Notes

There are many benefits fo journaling and keeping notes while training BJJ. Here is a list of some of those benefits:

  • Review lessons easier

  • Easier to find drills you worked on

  • Master technique and build a game much easier

  • Remember new techniques with ease

BJJ Notebook
Take your jiu-jitsu to the next level and remember all the new techniques you learn!


How do I organize my BJJ notebook?

There is no need to figure out how to organize a BJJ notebook when Vanilla Gorilla literally has you covered with all you need. Anyone that uses our code ‘GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD’ gets 10% off their order!

How to write BJJ notes?

Write them so a fifth grader can read them and understand what is being said. There is no need to complicate what is already not easy to understand.

Is BJJ good for girls?

BJJ is for everyone! we firmly believe that anyone who has the courage to step on the mats will find out that BJJ is an amazing thing to get into. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is for girls, adults, children, and even the elderly!

Is BJJ a tough sport?

Yes, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is tough. That’s mainly why it is so rewarding to get good at. As you climb the ranks and get better you. confidence sores!

How many days a week should I train BJJ?

We have an entire article dedicated to this question! The answer depends on your goals for the sport, are you a hobbyist or do you want to take it a bit more seriously?