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Benefits of Charcoal Soap: Filthy Animal Soap

Benefits of Charcoal Soap

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There are many benefits to changing up the soap that you use in the shower. Clean soap with clean ingredients makes all the difference in the way your skin feels and the way it will glow. If you are part of the millions of people that are switching to products that are absent of toxic chemicals, this article is for you!

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What is Charcoal Soap and How Does it Work?

This soap is made from activated charcoal, which is a form of charcoal that has been heated at extremely high temperatures. Activated charcoal has been treated to achieve high porosity and adsorption properties which helps it be a valuable ingredient in skincare products. 

The soap is full of small particles and holes that give it its characteristics. When you use charcoal soap on your skin, the soap adsorbs and filters all the dirt and unwanted debris from your skin. Hence you’re left with clearer skin that you would get from a regular body wash.

Because the soap cleans out the skin, it ultimately prevents the breakout of acne. It is really popular as it absorbs excess oil or sebum from your skin to give it a matte finish. However, it doesn’t remove all the oil so the skin still retains some of its natural moisture. 

At the same time, it is full of minerals and other nutrients that help nourish your skin after usage to also prevent dryness. Charcoal soap is also known for its exfoliation properties as it gets rid of dead skin cells to give you a brighter skin tone that’s more even as well. 

Is Charcoal Soap Suitable for all Skin Types?

Activated charcoal soap is suitable for most types of skin. If you have oily skin, it helps remove the extra oil that results in clogged pores, acne, etc. It doesn’t matter if the oily skin is due to the climate of your region, because of your living habits, or your genetics – this fixes it.

Charcoal soap is also suitable for those with sensitive skin types. There are many who suffer from various types of allergies that can be a nuisance and very irritating. Because charcoal soap has anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents irritation and redness. 

If you have sensitive or dry skin and are afraid of any possible side effects of charcoal soap, you can consult a dermatologist to get their opinion on it. Otherwise, the best course of action would be to try out such a soap on a small part of your skin to see how it reacts to it.

Always remember that the quality of the charcoal soap matters a lot. Not every brand will work wonders for you which is true for any skincare product. Some charcoal soaps are made out of less fine materials, so they’re more abrasive in nature which can be really rough for your skin. 

Will charcoal soap dry out my skin?

Again, this depends on the quality of the soap. The best charcoal soaps will not only clear out your skin of any debris and dead skin cells, but they will also nourish it with nutrients so that it becomes moisturized. These are the soaps that can be used frequently in your skincare routine. 

However, there are some activated charcoal soaps that won’t be so generous. Sure, they’ll clean out the skin and tighten its pores, but their constant usage will lead to a process known as over-exfoliation.

Yes, these will dry out the skin but over-exfoliation will cause a lot more issues. 

It means that you’ll damage the skin barrier, aka the protective outer layer of the skin. It’ll lead to dryness along with a lot of irritation, redness, rashes, etc. Not only will it be irritating for you, but it will also give your skin a flaky and unattractive look.  

Charcoal soaps are great at cleaning out the skin but not all of them can keep your skin moisturized. This is why it is important to use only the best soaps, or look out for over-exfoliation and use moisturizing products and lotions if the need arises. 

Charcoal Soap for Acne and Breakouts

Acne is one of the worst things that can happen to your skin and many teenagers will certainly agree with this. Acne is caused by an excessive production of oil on your face. It gives off an unattractive look that many people just don’t know how to fix. 

Charcoal soap is your solution for this as it is known to be an excellent remedy for fighting overactive oil production. A good quality soap of this kind removes the excess oil without causing the skin to dry up, while also adding nutrients to improve its quality. 

You simply have to apply this soap for a minute or two regularly, applying it on the acne-prone areas. There’s a high chance that you’ll get rid of your existing acne while also protecting yourself from any future breakouts. Your skin will be super clear and clean as well.

Charcoal soap works effectively in removing acne and also leaving behind glowing skin, free from any sort of redness and irritation. One of the highlights of using charcoal soap is that it removes acne scars from the skin. It is hence better than every type of cleanser out there. 

How Often Can I Use a Charcoal Soap Bar?

There are differing opinions on how often you can and should use charcoal soap. Most will tell you that it can be used daily since it is quite gentle on your skin. This is true for high quality soaps that are fine in nature; in fact, they can even be used twice a day. 

However, there are some brands that recommend you only use their soaps every other day or just three days a week. It is not advised for you to use low quality charcoal soaps as they can be more abrasive for the skin due to the larger size of their particles. 

Using these badly made soaps everyday can result in over-exfoliation which has several adverse effects. It pretty much strips your face of its natural oils which dehydrates the skin. It also brings about irritation and redness, and there’s a likely chance of your skin itching.  

If you’d like to use this type of soap daily, it is better to invest in one that is of high quality. Also, if you struggle with dry or irritated skin, then it is better that you use it every other day. Try to consult your dermatologist as well and look out for any signs of irritation if you use a charcoal soap daily. 

Will charcoal soap stain my skin or bathroom surfaces?

Charcoal soap will not stain your skin; in fact, it has a reputation for getting rid of dark spots on it. The soap leaves you with clear, clean, and glowing skin, much better than it was before. However, the same cannot be said about its effect on bathroom surfaces. 

Because of the nature of activated charcoal as a powdery black substance, it is common knowledge that its usage can cause a mess. It can stain your bathroom surfaces whether it gets on the floor tiles or on the bathtub. This is true for all types of charcoal products.

The simple solution is to rinse the surface thoroughly without giving the charcoal too much time to settle and stain the surface. Remember, charcoal soap is also a menace when it comes to clothes. If it gets on a washcloth or towel, it can stain that as well. 

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What’s The Difference Between Regular and Activated Charcoal?

Regular charcoal is formed when you heat wood or other organic material in the absence of air (oxygen to be precise). Regular charcoal is best known for being a source of energy as it is considered a fossil fuel. It has been used to power industries and for cooking. 

In comparison, activated charcoal is formed when you heat carbon-containing material which includes wood and even coconut shells. This must be done in the presence of gasses that are indifferent to the carbon content of the material. 

This process is carried out in even higher temperatures than the forming process of regular charcoal. With the differences in the treatment, there are several variations observed in the nature of activated charcoal. 

The major one is the porosity that is much higher in activated charcoal. It has a lot more holes in it which increase its surface area for adsorption. The porous nature of this charcoal along with its overall negative charge helps make it a well-sought ingredient in skincare products. 

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Charcoal Bar Bath Soap Benefits for Skin

The advantages of activated charcoal soap cannot be understated. They’re pretty much the solution to most types of skin problems that people tend to have. To sum them up, charcoal soap penetrates deeply to clean the skin, make it look nicer, and protect it as well.

The following are some of the benefits of charcoal soap for skin:

Removes Excess Oil

Charcoal soap is amazing for treating oily skin, as its properties help it absorb excess oil. It removes the unwanted oil on your face without leaving it dehydrated. Also, it doesn’t just treat oily skin by absorbing excess oil, but it also moisturizes and nourishes it with nutrients. 

Helps in Treating Acne

Those with acne-prone skin need to try activated charcoal soap as its ability to absorb excess oil helps it fix acne and prevent any further breakouts. It fixes any blemishes that you may have and also helps remove acne scars. 

Tightens Pores

Charcoal soap is known to bring about smooth skin. It does this by cleaning the pores on your skin and tightening them. This brings about a more youthful look, hence the soap is often picked by many just for its anti-aging properties.  

Works on Sensitive Skin

Those who often deal with skin issues such as allergies, irritation, inflammation and more, need to try out charcoal soap, as it can fix them. 

Brightens Skin Tone

Charcoal soap has exfoliation properties which lead to the removal of dead skin cells that give you a dull look.

Removes Dandruff

That’s right, charcoal soap is more versatile than you think as it can be used as a shampoo as well. It is an underrated solution to issues like dandruff, scalp dryness, etc. 

Charcoal Soap Side Effects

With the many activated charcoal benefits, there are some side effects as well, which are mostly found in low quality soaps. As a result, not all soaps made from activated charcoal will give you the desired effects (that and/or maybe you’ve got a more sensitive skin type). More research will eventually fix these as well. 

You can experience issues such as dehydration, redness, irritation and itching. Over-exfoliation is one of the causes of this and it will also strip the skin away of its natural oil. Using the soap improperly can cause trouble as well. You can get it into your eyes, which could be infected. 

Hence it is important to opt for high-quality charcoal soap as your skin is supposed to be the most aesthetically appealing part of your body. There are many great brands of soap that you can go for, with Filthy Animal Soap Bars being one of the best, especially for athletes. 

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Natural Charcoal Soap – Filthy Animal Soap Bars | Grapplers Graveyard

Athletes experience more physicality than the average joe and are always advised to keep themselves clean in order to prevent skin issues. Filthy Animal Soap Bars are ideal for them as they’re made from all-natural ingredients.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you’re recommended to enjoy the benefits of charcoal soap, as it works on many skin types. It fixes skin blemishes, removes dark spots, nourishes dry skin, etc. It also sharpens your senses and mood so that you can train better. 

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