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Are Boxing Gloves Supposed to Be Tight? | How Boxing Gloves Should Fit

are boxing gloves supposed to be tight

The right size boxing gloves can make all the difference. They should fit you snug to the hand and wrist, not too tight, not too loose. This article will cover all the fundamentals of how gloves fit, their types, and most importantly, how to choose the right size boxing glove for you.

Are Boxing Gloves Supposed to be Tight?

Boxing gloves should have a snug fit for optimal results. This is the best of both worlds where it is not too tight, such that your blood flow is restricted and not too loose such that they do not protect your hands or provide stability.

The should feel snug and secure and you should be able to comfortably make a fist and also move your fingers around inside the glove. Choosing the right size boxing gloves can improve your boxing significantly.

How to wrap your hand wraps Properly

Wrapping your hands is an easy skill. With more practice and experience, you will become faster and better at wrapping. Listed below is a step by step process on how to wrap your hands properly.

1. Finding the thumb loop on your hand wrap and place your thumb through the loop and hold the rest of the wrap in your palm.

2. Begin wrapping the wrap around your wrist a 2-3 times, making sure it’s snug but not too tight that it hurts. This will provide you with extra padding and a good amount of wrist support and stability.

3. After this, move towards your palm. Wrap it diagonally across the back of your hand, going from the base of your thumb to the other side of your wrist.

4. Continue wrapping around each of your fingers, and make sure to cover the knuckles and the back of your hand with each loop.

5. In the end, secure the end of the wrap by wrapping it around your wrist a few more times, and then use the Velcro closure.

6. After closing the wrap, make a fist and flex your hand a few times to ensure you have a snug and comfortable fit.

7. Repeat on your other hand.

How Many Ounces Should My Boxing Gloves Be?

Boxing glove weight is usually measured in ounces. The right glove weight for you depends on a few factors like experience and use for the gloves.

If you’re a beginner or doing light training, gloves in the range of 12 to 14 ounces are a good choice. This glove size provides a good balance of protection, absorption and speed.

If you’re more experienced or doing heavy bag work or sparring, you may want to consider heavier gloves, in the range of 16 to 18 ounces. A heavier boxing glove for this use is perfect as it is more padded and offers more protection for both you and your training partner than a lighter boxing glove.

Ultimately, the best boxing gloves weight for you depends on your personal preference and the type of training you plan on doing. It is recommended that you try on different glove weights and see which pair feels the most comfortable.

Different Types of Gloves

When it comes to boxing, different size boxing gloves, serve different purposes. The most common types are bag work gloves, sparring gloves and competition gloves.

Bag Work Gloves

Heavy bag work is very demanding on your hands and wrists. Bag training gloves allow you to strengthen punches in terms of power. To protect your wrists and hands from injury, you should always use a large and heavier glove on a heavy punching bag.

For optimal results, use a 16-18 oz glove size.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring is a big part of boxing training. It is where you develop precision, technique, and also endurance. Therefore, you and your training partner need to invest in sparring gloves.

Sparring gloves are typically heavier than your average pair of gloves. They have more padding so you can protect your partner while still punching hard, however, they are not so heavy that you compromise on speed.

Sparring gloves typically weigh around 12-14 ounces.

Competition Gloves

In competition, the goal is to hit and not get hit. Suppose your wear a lighter boxing glove, with this you will not be able to do any significant damage on your opponent. On the other hand, if you wear a heavier glove, although you will hit harder and will do more damage, you will be slowed down immensely, allowing your opponent to punch you hard.

This is why, competition gloves are the perfect size for power and speed. Most professional boxing matches feature 8-12 ounce gloves depending on the weight class. The heavyweights use 10oz glove sizes and the Welterweights and everyone below them use an 8oz glove size.

Boxing Gloves with Laces or Velcro?

Boxing gloves with laces are mainly used in competition where even the slightest advantage can make a big difference. Laces allow for a customized fit as you can adjust the laces to your liking. However, these gloves are hard to put on and take off, especially if you are alone.

On the other hand, velcro gloves are also quite comfortable if they fit correctly, they are also very convenient to put on and take off. These gloves are mostly common amongst beginners looking for ease wherever they can.

Best boxing gloves for beginners

When you are a beginner, you do not need to invest heavily in custom made boxing equipment. You can easily find a good pair of boxing gloves that will last you a few years, without breaking the bank. Two of the best boxing gloves brands are Everlast and Venom.

Read below to learn about what makes them unique and popular.

Everlast Boxing Gloves

Everlast boxing gloves are hugely popular amongst beginners for a variety of reasons, these gloves are durable, they protect your hands with high quality padding and offer excellent wrist stability and support.

These gloves come in a large variety of sizes, ranging from 8 to 20 ounces in many different colors to suit your style. They offer a comfortable fit which makes them perfect for beginners.

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast gloves are a great budget-friendly option. Everlast training gloves are great for both sparring and bag work.

Latest Pricing
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Venom Boxing Gloves

Venom is one of the best boxing gloves brands out there, they are famous for their high-quality and durable boxing gloves. These gloves come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 8 ounces up to 16 ounces, catering to every weight class and also training method.

Venom gloves provide excellent wrist support and stability alongside an excellent amount of padding that keeps your hands and wrists safe during training and competitions.

Best Seller
Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

The Venum Impact is one of their best sellers because of the triple-density foam used to enhance protection and shock absorption in your hands and wrists.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you break in tight boxing gloves?

There are a few ways you can break in tight boxing gloves.

The most straightforward way is to just wear them during your training session and eventually, they will loosen up and mold to the shape of your hands.

Secondly, you can wear them and try hitting a heavy bag or a hard surface to loosen up the tight padding.

Lastly, you can use a glove conditioner or leather balm. Apply a small amount of the product onto the gloves and kneed into the places where it feels stiff. After you are done massaging, leave the gloves to air-dry in a cool and open space.

Remember, breaking in gloves takes time, you will get the best results by being patient.

How do you know if boxing gloves fit right?

You can tell if your gloves fit right by taking a few factors into consideration.

For starters, the gloves should feel snug and secure on your hand, without being overly tight or restricting blood flow. You should be able to comfortably make a fist and move your fingers freely inside the glove. They should provide an adequate amount of support to your hand and wrist, ensuring stability and protection during training and matches.

Also, the gloves should not have excessive space or gaps inside, as this can affect the padding negatively.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all boxing glove, everyone’s hands are different and you can only find the right size boxing gloves by trying on multiple types and sizes.

How do I know my boxing gloves’ size?

To determine your boxing glove size, you need to know your hand circumference. Use a measuring tape, by wrapping it around your hand just below the knuckles, not the thumb. Take note of the measurements you get in inches or centimeters. Use this measurement to find your size boxing gloves by using a size chart provided by the glove manufacturer.

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