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Cold Plunge Alternatives

There are so many cold plunge alternatives it is hard to keep track at this point! Below you can find the devices that we have reviewed! Just click on the name and you will jump right to the information!

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Odin Cold Plunge

Pros of Odin Plunge

  • Easily the nicest design of the cold plunges we have reviewed
  • High-quality product
  • Plug and Plunge capabilities
  • Insulated and comes with a lockable lid
  • Set up and installation is easy

Cons of Odin PLunge

  • The cheapest model is $6,900 and requires a 50% downpayment 
  • 12-week lead time

Specs for the Odin Plunge

Original Lite External – 51.2 L × 50.4 W × 29.1 H approx.
Original Pro External – 51.2 L × 53.9 W × 29.1 H approx.
XL Lite Exterior – 63.0 L x 51.6 W × 29.1 H approx.
XL Pro Exterior – 63.0 L × 55.5 W × 29.1 H approx.

IMPORTANT: An additional 12in (minimum) of clearance is needed in front of the housing step to allow sufficient room to access the filter within for maintenance. Please add an additional 12in to the EXTERNAL WIDTH (W) measurements below when considering the total area required to house the Odin.

  • Comes with a cooling compressor that is connected to copper coils wrapped around the inner stainless steel tub walls. 
  • Insulated lockable spa lid
  • Comes in three different sizes with a lite and pro version for each size. the difference between the lite vs pro is in the compressor and filtration system.
  • Made with stainless steel and 100% clear western cedar.

Fun Fact: If left at a cold enough temperature the Odin will make its own ice!


Odin Plunge

Blue Cube

alternative cold plunges, best cold plunges for commercial use

Pros of Blue Cube

Cons of Blue Cube

  • No accessible by your everyday person, these cold plunges are at minimum $15,000
  • Lead time is long for these devices but not longer than some of the others on this page


For the specs it is hard to break down since there are many options to choose from. Every device has the capability of cooling to as low as 36°, and runs 24/7, but has different amounts of horsepower on their motors. For each model breakdown head over to our review where we provide all the details on the models.

Again there a lot of options here for Blue Cube tubs so breaking down which one has what features is better suited for the review we have written already. All tubs come with a spa cover, and washable filters, and fit people up to 6’6 and 275 lbs (excluding the mini-me).


Ice Barrel

Pros of Ice Barrel

  • The best beginner-friendly option for those that want to upgrade from a budget option to a legitimate device
  • Easy-to-clean drainage system
  • Get in and out for quick submersions easy
  • Best option for consumers
  • For all body types

Cons of Ice Barrel

  • You have to fill with ice every time
  • Low Flow Rate (what that means and why it matters)
  • Some people do not like plunging practically standing up
  • Essentially useless in the summers for hot climate areas


  • (HW) : 42″ x 31″  with a 25″ opening
  • 55lbs empty and 750 lbs with 80 Gallons of water 

Holds up to 105 gallons of water and has an easy-to-use drainage system


Polar Monkeys

polar monkey

Pros of Polar Monkeys

  • Still relatively affordable with the option to finance
  • Have four options to choose from with their most popular model being The Portal, a steel tub that sits in-between the price of. acold plunge and ice barrel
  • High-quality product with the ability to control temperature with an app

Cons of polar Monkeys

  • No mention of flow rates which tells us that most of its systems are low flow rate 
  • Long lead time (around 6 weeks)
  • If you are in a hotter climate, plan on putting outside, or have more than 2 users daily you will need to upgrade the chiller


Chiller Specs: 

0.6HP (Standard)

    • Input Power: 110-127V
    • Cooling Capacity: 1520W
    • Total Power: 640W

0.8 HP (Pro)

  • Input Power: 110-127V
  • Cooling Capacity: 1790W
  • Total Power: 725W


4ft Portal: Dimensions: L 48 x W 24 x H 24 (4 ft tubs are recommended for people up to 5’8”)

5ft Portal: Dimensions: L 60 x W 24 x H 24 (5 ft tubs are recommended for people up to 6’4”)

Please note that the dimensions of the tubs may vary up to 4 inches.

Comes with a 1-year warrenty


Inergize Health

cold plunge alternatives

Pros of Inergize Health

  • High-powered cooling system

  • Portable and easy to move around (if needed)

  • Water can cool down to 37°

  • No need to get ice

  • Controllable through your phone

  • Low maintenance

  • The cooling system is quiet

Cons of Inergize health

  • Having to refill the tub every time you take it down to move

  • Shorter than we would like to see with no option for a larger size

  • $5,000 is the starting point with no other options to choose from


  • Tub Outer Dimensions LWH: 48” x 27” x 30”
  • Tub Interior Dimensions LWH: 42” x 20.5” x 30”

  • Tub Weight: 25 lbs. empty and 600-700 lbs. full of water

  • Chiller Weight: 60 lbs

  • Noise Level: 50dB

  • Volume 60-70 gallons

  • Cools to 37F

  • Clean water 24/7 with filtration

  • 15-min inflatable setup

  • App controlled

  • Tub rolls into a duffle bag

  • Super comfortable

  • Deep 30″ Design

  • Indoor or outdoor use